Anthrocon Receives Time Warner Community Service Grant For 2007 Charity Work

For the work with Animal Friends to organize, plan, and execute a charity auction in 2007, Anthrocon's Charity Auction team was awarded a Time Warner Community Service Grant in October of $1000 payable to Animal Friends. This brings the total convention-wide funds raised for Animal Friends to $7,600.

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Charity Suggestions - 2008 Edition

The Anthrocon Board will soon be deciding on the Charity to support for 2008. If you know of a charitable organization that you would like to recommend be added to the current candidate list, please suggest it here within the next few weeks.

Criteria for candidacy:
- Must be animal-related
- Must be 501(c)3
- Must be within approximately 60 miles of the Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan area
- Must be incorporated in Pennsylvania (can't be in Ohio or West Virginia)

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Street-view of Pittsburgh now on Google

Thanks to Krin for the heads-up! You can now see what the streets of Pittsburgh look like by visiting Google Maps

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Dealer registration to open November 10

No postmarks before November 10!

But the application and the packet are available at our Dealer Room Page.

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Anthrocon announces its 2008 "Guest of OK"

He helped to bring us Disney's Robin Hood, The Jungle Book, and 101 Dalmations. He was the first African American animator to work at Disney, and one of the few people to have worked under the direct supervision of Walt Disney himself. Even so, Floyd Norman is an almost painfully modest man, so modest that he was very reluctant to accept the title of Guest of Honor. Anthrocon, therefore, is pleased to welcome Floyd in 2008 as our first-ever "Guest of OK!"

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How hotel reservations will work

There will be a web page available within a few days that will let you make your reservations for the hotel. We need to wait until we're sure that the coding will work for our little special arrangement. Here's how it will work:

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Pre-registration for 2008 is open

You can now register online for Anthrocon 2008. We're still working on a few details with hotel registration and trying to find some nice pictures of our guests to show off, but we hope to have everything ship-shape in short order. Just click on "Registration" and you'll be taken directly to our secure page. If you do not wish to use a credit card, very soon we will have a downloadable registration form that you can send in to us with a check or money order.

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Website upgrade complete!

Hi folks,

I just finished upgrading the website to the latest and greatest version of Drupal. Many performance issues and bug fixes were addressed with this latest release of the software.

As always, if anything breaks or otherwise looks amiss, feel free to leave a comment on this post or contact us directly.


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Now accepting Anthrocon 2008 DJ auditions

Interested in DJing at Anthrocon 2008?

In order to DJ at Anthrocon, you must submit an audition mix. The best format is MP3, but almost anything will do. If you're not sure if your media is acceptable, e-mail the address below to find out. Most likely we'll be able to work with it.

Please be sure your mix is at least 30 minutes, and at most 90 minutes. When considering DJs, the following things are considered "plusses":

- Live mixing
- Phrase and beatmatching
- The use of mixing hardware. This isn't critical as some DJs do a great job with a PC alone, but an active DJ is visually more entertaining.

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2007 Charity Report

Hi, and welcome to the 2007 edition of the Anthrocon Charity Auction Followup! Smiling

We raised a total of $5,053 for Animal Friends, our charity this year. They also benefited from donations at their Dealers' Room table to the tune of $1,528.

I'd like to give my sincere thanks to my staff members who assisted me throughout the days the Charity items were displayed and during the Auction itself. These indispensable people who I rely on year after year to support the event are Jason "creature" Murdock, Mike "Mrianti" Pierce, Steven "Tora" Sears, Lincoln "JBadger" Kliman, Shaun "Stahi" Daugherty, Jesse "Tango" Stringer, and Matt "Danruk" Adey. Extra special thanks to Dr. Sam "Kagemushi" Conway and the Dorsai for auctioneering the full stretch.

Also, a big note of gratitude to Tim Susman and Redlynx for the wonderful art that graced the souvenir mugs that each donor received. Based on the demand for them after the convention, they're already collector's items.

Finally, in approximate order of sale, here's a tally of all the items sold during the Auction by Donor, Item (brief description), and Sale Price:

Charlie Groark - Totoro tinycar & keychain - $25
Smrgol - Furry Forever Cap - Smrgol - $70
Killjoy - Complete set of Zodiac Bears - $10
Kyle Sharpe - Redwall DVD Season 1 - $15
Mejeep - 3 antique padlocks; "Tiger On Board" car tag - $30
Amaruq - Oak Mountain Lion - $10
Tiger Torre Art - Russ "Spencer" bear plush - $5
Anonymous - Set of Lion King cub plush - $25
Ronin Otter - Fox cycling sign - $10
Killjoy - Dragon-handled sculpted hunting knife w/ sheath - $50
Bill Holbrook - Original "Kevin & Kell" art - $100
Farore Nightclaw - Two canine bookmarks - $21
Sylver Wolfe - Costume tail - $35
Killjoy - Set of Simpsoms plush - $40
Chillymouse - Happy Feet shoes (small) - $5
Chillymouse - Simba cub plush - $20
Pirate Row [Heather Bruton, Diana Harlan-Stein, Michele Light, Marci McAdam, 

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