Hotel reservations: What to expect, Part II

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Now that some staff members have put the Passkey system through its paces, they've reported a few things that made us re-think the badge number requirement:

1)  The system doesn't know how to ask for the badge number of just one person; it would require badge numbers for everyone on the reservation, and we know that would make things tough for someone who is putting multiple people in one room, and

2)  The chairman, having been certain that the announcement had been made months ago but being assured by his staff that it had not, and further that he is growing senile, neglecting to make the public aware of the requirement,

The badge number field will remain, but will be optional (at least for this year, until we can hammer on the system a little more).

The staff have also noted that attendees may be concerned when the requirement of a name for additional guests is required.  For the initial reservation you may put down "Pending" or "unknown" for the name; there will be ample time to update names on the reservation later.


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Hotel reservations open soon: What to expect

All Cheetahs Look Alike

On February 1, at 11:00 AM EST, we will publish the url for the Passkey site that will allow you to make your hotel reservations.  You will be asked for  your Anthrocon badge number (Optional, but appreciated) and a credit card in hand.  Please note the following very important tidbits of information:

1)  The page that you want to visit will be our hotel page,  There is some very important information that you really ought to read, and then a gigantic link that says you understand that selfsame information.  Click that, and it will take you to the Passkey site to make your hotel reservations.

2)  Anthrocon's web page has been reinforced against the onslaught, but we can't guarantee that it can withstand the strain of 5000 people repeatedly mashing on the F5 key (please don't do that, if you can avoid it at all).  We will also be posting the Passkey link in our Livejournal community, our Twitter account, and on Facebook just in case.

3)  There will also be a telephone number on the Passkey page that you can call, but the number of operators is limited!  The telephone is not really recommended for that reason.  We strongly recommend sticking to the online system.

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Call for Fursuit Track Panels - Anthrocon 2013!


Anthrocon 2013 is upon us!  This year, Sharky and I will be working again to coordinate the Fursuit Track!

I am looking for panelists to donate some time and skill to go over areas of fursuiting experience they are familiar with!  

Below are generic items covered by this track, but ANY idea would be helpful!  Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be attending the convention who would be interested!


To those individuals or companies who are in the business of creating designing or making fursuits, this could be a valuable way to not only reach an audience of like minded individuals who are interested in your craft, but potentially target your skills to a specific audience attentive of what you have to offer!  In the past, people have done construction panels, workshops on specific types of design (eg. Electronics), cleaning and maintenance, and even panels on basic sewing technique!  

This year, we will have a special surprise for those who assist us with construction, design, or fursuit craft panels!


For those costumers who either perform, mascot, or have talent in entertainment; showcasing your abilities will surely allow others the ability to understand the difficulties involved in the performance aspects of costuming.  You may be able to help others better hone there craft, and become better performers overall!  In prior years, we have had amazing talent showcased from major professional mascots, to independent contractors, to even general techniques on how to manage an audience!

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Hotel information for Anthrocon 2013 now available (but no reservations yet)!

We have posted the rate information and other details about our six (count'em, six!) hotels this year: the Marriott City Center, the Doubletree Downtown Pittsburgh, The Omni William Penn, the Hampton Inn, The Courtyard by Marriott, and our flagship hotel, the Westin Convention Center. The main hotel jump page can be accessed by clicking the "Hotels" link under "Information" on the bar at left, or simply by clicking here. Note that the big link to the Passkey system will not be active until February 1 at 11:00 AM EST. We will also be posting that information on Facebook, Twitter and on Livejournal just in case you aren't able to visit us here that day.

Please note that you cannot make individual hotel reservations by clicking any specific hotel links on this site.  Everything is being handled by the Passkey system this year, and if you try to navigate to any of the hotel pages on February 1 you will not find any information about reserving a room.

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When to begin reserving your hotel room


A lot of folks have been asking, so here is the official timetable for hotel reservations:

WESTIN SUITE reservations may be made starting Monday, January 7. Remember, that is suites only.  Those are the large rooms and multi-room setups.

SUPERSPONSORS will be invited to begin reserving their rooms at all hotels starting at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, January 30th.  Both an email and a snail-mail notice will be sent to all supersponsors with instructions for reserving their rooms on or about January 20th.

GENERAL HOTEL RESERVATIONS for all hotels for all attendees will commence at 11:00 AM on Friday, February 1.  Note that this is one day earlier than our usual opening on Groundhog Day, which falls this year on a Saturday.  Note too that we are choosing 11:00 AM due to pleas from our friends on the West Coast of the USA who had trouble waking up before dawn. 

Remember, we have added a full 100 rooms at the Marriott Hotel across the street from the Doubletree.  This brings our total room count to well over 1000, which is more hotel rooms than we could ever posfnglreer$44


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Charity Suggestions - 2013 Edition


The Anthrocon Board will soon be deciding on the Charity to support for 2013. If you know of a charitable organization that you would like to recommend be added to the current candidate list, please suggest it here or as a followup to this post in Anthrocon's other forums by December 31st.

Criteria for candidacy:
- Must be animal-related
- Must be 501(c)3
- Must be based within approximately 60 miles of the Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan area
- Must be incorporated in Pennsylvania (can't be in Ohio or West Virginia)
- Must not be a charity we have already supported.

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BIG CHANGE to Artists' Alley for 2013: Commission to be charged

Silent Ravyn

For years, Anthrocon has covered the bills for processing customer payments on behalf of the artists in the Alley.  We pay for registers, power for the registers, supplies, credit card processing fees, chairs, tables, labor and a host of other direct and indirect costs.

Those costs have been steadily rising, and as much as we have been trying to forestall it, the time has come for Artists' Alley to start covering its own costs, just as the Dealer Room and Art Show departments have been.  Beginning this year (2013), Artists' Alley will collect a modest 5% commission on sales from the Artists.  The amount to be paid will be deducted from money owed to the Artist at payout each day, rounded up to the nearest dollar amount.  There is no minimum or maximum for this fee.  Artists who expect to make over $800 in a weekend will be paying a fee over $40, and so should consider getting a Dealer Table instead, as it may be cheaper for you -- signups are open as of 10/15/2012, so if you want one, you may wish to go to our dealer information page now.

Further information is available at our Artists' Alley Info Page.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines..!

There's the green flag!


You can visit our Registration Page now to purchase your membership to the largest Furry convention in the world! Note that we are handling dealer registrations a little differently this time around: dealers will register using the standard online registration system, and then will be directed to a new page to reserve their dealer tables. It's all part of our ongoing efforts to streamline the registration process. More information can be found at our Dealer Info Page.

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The 2013 Website is Live!

Lucario The Husky
Lucario the Husky and others lining up for the AC 2012 fursuit parade.

Hey everyone,

I just made the theme for our 2013 website (theme: "The Fast and The Furrious") live. If you run into any issues or notice any UI elements that don't look right, please leave a comment on this thread.


-- Giza

[Ninja Edit: Don't give me credit for the design, please! I only implemented it. Credit for the design should go to Cuprohastes.

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Anthrocon 2012 T-shirts are once again available!

AC2012 T-shirtWe have a *very* limited stock of Anthrocon 2012 T-shirts available in our online con store!  Just click here to order yours.  Once these are gone there will be no more made.  All sizes from small through 5X-large are available (while supplies last).

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