Supersponsor Luncheon RSVP

For all of our pre-registered supersponors out there, the RSVP for the supersponsor luncheon is being handled differently this year.

In previous years, after pre-registration closed, supersponsors would receive an email with a link where they could RSVP if they were attending the supersponsor luncheon. This year the RSVP process is being handled through the registration system. 

When a supersponsor registers this year there was a check box to check if you wish to attend the luncheon and an option to buy tickets for one or two friends. 

For those supersponsors that wish to check on their RSVP status, wish to RSVP or buy extra tickets they may do so by clicking on the link that is provided in the confirmation email you received when you registered.

Please note that only pre-registered supersponsors who have RSVP'ed and guests that they have purchased tickets for will be able to attend the supersponsor luncheon. If you have RSVP'ed you will receive your tickets to the luncheon in your supersponsor packet. Make sure you bring your tickets to the luncheon to avoid any delays getting into the luncheon.

If there are any questions please email us at registration[at]anthrocon[dot]org.

See you at the con.

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Anthrocon 2016 Floor Wars Rules, FAQ, and Signups

Floor Wars

For all of our dance-event enthusiasts, both spectator and participants alike, we're excited to announce the return of Floor Wars, hosted by Last-Fur-One, to Anthrocon 2016 for its fifth edition! 

Floor Wars is an "all-styles dance battle" event, where furries are pitted head-to-head against each other in a round-robin style competition to see who can out-dance the other to a variety of different music. Floor Wars features both fursuit dancers and non-fursuits, allowing a glimpse of the amazing talent within the community that might be missed otherwise. With lots of energy, fun, and jaw-dropping moves to cheer for, you're guaranteed to have a great time watching the fandom's finest dancers battle for victory on the dance floor. Need an example? There's plenty to find online, such as this one right here.

Want to learn more about the event and its hosts? Click here to visit the event webpage.

Want to sign up for Floor Wars? Click here to access the "News" page for sign up links! 

Need to view the Rules & Battle Format? Click here to view the Floor Wars Rules & Battle Format.


Can I sign-up at the panel? Unfortunately no. Due to the popularity of the event as well as time constraints, we limit the sign up process to online only. This helps us gauge the size of the year's event, and plan accordingly.

How long can I sign-up online? Through this website link here. 

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Anthrocon 2016 Dance Competition Rules, FAQ, and Signups

With another Anthrocon comes another exciting edition of one of the most exciting events of the convention - the Fursuit Dance Competition!

Join Anthrocon and all the amazingly talented dancers as they take to the stage for the 7th edition of Anthrocon's Fursuit Dance Competition. With new and familiar faces alike looking to show their tail-shaking skills and make the crowds of Anthrocon cheer, we can't wait to see the amount of talent that this year brings. 

Interested in joining the Dance Competition? Click this link to view the full Dance Competition rules!

Want to sign-up online for the Dance Competition as a SOLO PERFORMER? Click here!

Want to sign-up online for the Dance Competition as a GROUP PERFORMANCE? Click here!


Can I sign-up at the panel? Yes, but sign-up for the preliminaries on Friday evening will only take place 30 minutes prior to the scheduled panel start time to the time that the panel starts. Once the scheduled start time begins, sign-ups will be closed.

How long can I sign-up online? Through the links above, or found within the Anthrocon 2016 Fursuit Dance Competition rules (also found above). 

I'm a minor - can I still sign up? Yes! Our event welcomes all competitors aged 13 and older.

Are props allowed? Yes, but there are certain limitations. See the "Restrictions" in our Rules.

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When Does Hotel Booking Close?

The last day to book hotel rooms for Anthrocon 2016 will be June 5th, 2016. The last day to make any name changes or date modifications to existing reservations through the PassKey system will be June 15th, 2016.

After booking closes, any hotel rooms will have to be booked directly with our partner hotels.

Any questions? Feel free to send us a note or let us know in the comments!

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Panel submissions cut off date is soon

Hello everyone!


This is a reminder that if you are wanting to host a panel at Anthrocon 2016, you need to submit a panel request prior to our cutoff date of April 21.

As that date is fast approaching, we would encourage you to contact the programming department as soon as possible if you are wanting to host a panel or event at the 20th Anthrocon!  You can use the suggest a panel link in our website menu, or you can email the programming department at  programming (at) anthrocon (dot) org with questions or information.


Thanks everyone and we look forward to seeing you at Anthrocon 2016!



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[Open Call] Video Game Tournament Hosts for 2016

Hi all, 

It's that time of year again! We have some of the old classics and some new offerings so far, but there's still plenty of space in the schedule for some more fun in the video Game Room. If you'd like to run a tournament in the video game room, drop me a line and we'll get the ball rolling. The deadline for submissions this year is 4/21, so the earlier I hear from you the better! So far, and in no particular order we have: Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros Melee, Mario Maker, Smash Bros WiiU, Stepmania and Pokemon X/Y. We'll also be featuring Rock Band 4 in the music corner and a choice of various DDR and Stepmania games in the pads corner. Keep your eyes peeled for Jousting, too!

We also always need you awesomely generous furs to bring some of your gear to help us have more diversity in the Video Game Room. Smaller CRTs or other screens with VGA inputs and any kind of party/fighter style games that you think people would like to play together are always welcome. Setup and drop off hours will liekly be our usual Thursday 4p-7p and Friday from 10a-12p or any time we're open. 

As always, open gaming runs from Noon-1a Friday, 10a-1a Saturday and 10a-4p Sunday. See you all there!


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Anthrocon 2016 Seeking Conbook Submissions!

Attention artists and writers! ANTHROCON 2016 is currently seeking submissions of artwork, stories, photography, poetry, and articles for its conbook!  

The conbook is available to all Anthrocon attendees and is a great way for artists and writers to show off their talents. To make contributing to the conbook easier, a file-uploading site is available. 

Anthrocon asks for non-exclusive print rights for submitted works. The artist or author may publish the submitted work in any other fashion; previously, at the same time, and after. 

While we welcome any submissions of most any nature, please be aware that priority may be given to those works that complements the theme of the convention, "ROARING TWENTY." All submissions should be in the 'G' to 'PG-13' rating.

Deadline for submissions is MAY 1, 2016.

For complete information and details, visit

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Fandom Track Panel Call

Hey there!

Preparations for Anthrocon 2016 are already in full swing, but we've still got some programming space left!  Fandom Track is looking for YOUR ideas for interest group panels, species panels, geographic meetup panels...whatever you think might work, we can certainly see about making it real!

If you have an idea for a panel, please feel free to suggest them at and I'll get back to you within about a week.

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Charity Auction/Raffle Donations Needed!

As you may have heard, Anthrocon's selected charity this year is The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, which strives to foster positive, lifelong connections between animals and people through exhibits, educational programs, and their many conservation projects. While cash donations made at the convention are great, the plurality of funds are raised via donations of artwork and merchandise to our Charity Auction and Raffle. We're looking for popular items and unique craftwork that will make people say, "I want that!"

While we must distribute items between the Raffle and Auction based on available space, time, and perceived and past value, here are some examples of donations that went big in past years...

Great examples from prior raffles: Crafts based on hot trends ("Toothless" Build-A-Bear plus - $381); Popular media (Sherlock Hound DVD set - $147); Art bought at prior convention art shows ("Wrath" art by Terrie Smith - $83); Giant, brand new plush of popular animals or characters (Border collie plush - $129); Merchandise based on popular fiction (Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver - $158)

Great examples from prior auctions: Fursuit costumes and commissions (Griffon fursuit head - $460); Rare convention memorabilia (Full set of all AC t-shirts since 1997 - $200); Professional sculpture (Softsculp poseable gryphon - $350); Unique opportunities (A speaking part in audio version of Diane Duane's "The Last Meow" - $500); Dorsai fursuit tags (Tag #1000 - $1600)

If you have an item you believe would be appropriate and would like to donate, please contact charity(at)!

Helpful links:

Charity Auction/Raffle FAQ -

Charity Auction/Raffle Rules -

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Announcing Tracy Butler as an Anthrocon 2016 Guest of Honor!

Originally from Massachusetts, illustrator and graphic designer Tracy Butler found herself living in a century-old house in St. Louis. Its history fascinated her, and as she delved into the stories that the old house had to tell, the world of Lackadaisy Cats began to grow in her imagination. Since 2006 she has been telling - and drawing - riveting tales of felines living and working (not always honestly) in the USA in the era of Prohibition. Her characters are masterfully developed: strong yet vulnerable, always endearing but sometimes downright scary. We hope that she will feel very much at home as Anthrocon itself takes a step back in time to celebrate "The Roaring Twenty."

Please join us in welcome Tracy Butler to Anthrocon 2016!

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