[VIDEO] Interactive Bird Encounters at the National Aviary

Here's a video of interactive bird encounters that our charity, the National Aviary offers:

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Charity Auction/Raffle donations needed!

As you may have heard, Anthrocon's selected charity this year is The National Aviary, the nation's only independent indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated to birds. While cash donations made at the convention are great, the majority of funds are raised via donations of artwork and merchandise to our Charity Auction and Charity Raffle. We're looking for popular items and unique craftwork that will make people say, "I want that!"

While we must distribute items between the Raffle and Auction based on available space, time, and perceived and past value, here are some examples of donations that went big in past years...

Great examples for the raffle: Crafts based on hot trends (Harry Potter handmade house scarves - $57); Large amounts of candy (5lb Hershey bar, 9.25lb Nestle Crunch bar - $70); Art bought at prior convention art shows ("Wrath" art by Terrie Smith - $83); Giant, brand new plush of popular characters (Large "Bolt" plush - $107); Merchandise based on popular fiction (Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver - $158)

Great examples for the auction: Fursuit costumes and commissions (Husky fursuit head - $160); Rare convention memorabilia (Full set of all AC t-shirts since 1997 - $200); Professional sculpture (Dragon statue - $225); Unique opportunities (A speaking part in audio version of Diane Duane's "The Last Meow" - $500); Dorsai fursuit tags (Tag #1000 - $1600)

If you have an item you believe would be appropriate and would like to donate, please contact charity-2014(at)anthrocon.org!

Helpful links:

Charity Auction/Raffle FAQ - http://www.anthrocon.org/charity

Charity Auction/Raffle Rules - http://www.anthrocon.org/rules-charity

The National Aviary - http://www.aviary.org/

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Maps of The Westin and DLCC

We now have maps of the Westin, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, and an interactive map of Downtown Pittsburgh available here.

The URL is:

Let us know if there are any questions or issues with the maps. Otherwise, enjoy!

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Lee Tockar: Anthrocon 2014's Guest of Honor

Anthrocon is please to announce its first Guest of Honor for the Anthrocon 2014 convention: Lee Tockar!

At the age of five, young Lee William Tockar told his mother he wanted to grow up to be a cartoon. Though he did not understand the concept of a cartoon when he made the statement, his uncanny knack of impersonating accents and people won Lee first place in a talent show at the age of 10, for his performances as Kermit the Frog and Bugs Bunny. Now, internationally recognized in the Animation world, Lee has lent his voice to over 100 well-loved animated characters on the big and small screens. You have heard is voice in episodes of My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, Street Sharks, Extreme Dinosaurs, and many others, along with countless video games and animated shorts.

Please join us in welcoming this world-renowned artist to our Furry world!

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The Dealer's Room is sold out! The Waitlist begins!

Yes indeed, the Dealer's Room is currently sold out. A revised Dealer List and map will be posted shortly. But potential dealers, all hope is not lost! We have a Waitlist. For 2014, we've revised our method of handling the waitlist, due to a more granular ability to put table types up for sale.

Instructions are below, taken from the freshly-revised Dealer's Packet. Interested Dealers, please read thoroughly!



Traditionally, we see a certain amount of attrition from dealers who discover scheduling conflicts or encounter other obstacles to attending Anthrocon. Dealers who are placed on the waiting list once the room sells out usually have a very good chance of getting a table. Tables are assigned on a first-applied, first-served basis. To get onto the waiting list you must first have both an Anthrocon Membership and a Pennsylvania sales tax license -- for that we are sorry, but it has become necessary due to past abuses by other dealers.

Once you have both of these, please email us at dealers(at)anthrocon.org with 'Waitlist 2014' in the subject line, as well as the following information:

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SURVEY: Your Anthrocon 2014 Hotel Reservation Experience

How was your hotel reservation experience this year?

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What to Expect When Hotels Open on Monday?

Fursuit Parade

Hi everyone, this is your friendly webmaster leopard here!

I'm sure there are lots of questions about what will happen when hotels open on Monday morning, and I'd like to go cover some of them in this post.

10 AM, Monday

Around this time, I will place the website into read-only mode. Any attempt to load a page from our website will instead show our hotel countdown page. The current countdown page can be seen here. The purpose behind the countdown page is to keep the website from falling over under the insane crush of traffic which is expected to hit at 11 AM. This level of traffic is greater than even during the convention itself.

11 AM, Monday

The hotel page goes live. This is an automated process handled by PHP code on the server side and requires no manual intervention on my part. This is important because with potentially thousands of inbound connections, my SSH connection may not be very responsive. Smiling

11:30 AM, Monday

If traffic levels last year were any indication, things usually calm down within 30 minutes. When that happens, I'll restore the regular version of the website and things will be back to normal here.

Now that I got a room, what do I do with it?

If you need roommates, we have room share forums for that.

But what if things go terribly wrong?

We hope this doesn't happen. But if it does, and our website completely falls over from the load and becomes unavailable, we have a backup plan. Also at 11 AM on Monday we will be posting the hotel reservations link to all of our social media presences. Here is the list:

If you're reading this before Monday, why not take the opportunity to bookmark these links?

You got questions? We got answers!

If this post didn't cover any outstanding questions, please let us know in the comments below or via email!

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UPDATED information for the Anthrocon hotel reservation process!

1)  All hotel reservations open at 11:00 AM (11:00 h) EST on Monday, February 3.  Emails to supersponsors will go out at 11:00 AM (11:00 h) EST on Friday, January 31.

2)  If you want to upgrade to supersponsor in order to take advantage of the early hotel reservation, you must do so before 9:00 PM (21:00 h) EST on Thursday, January 30.  That's tonight, and that's when the person who handles the upgrades goes to bed.  There will not be time or personnel to process upgrades the morning of the 31st.

3) ALL Anthrocon hotel reservations are made through VisitPittsburgh Housing Services using their online reservation system. DO NOT CALL THE HOTELS DIRECTLY.  They have no information on Anthrocon reservations and will not be able to help you. 

4)  Please do not contact Anthrocon if you have any questions on or technical issues with their online reservation system or about your hotel deposit.  We cannot help you.  Please direct your questions to housing(at)visitpittsburgh.com, or phone them at the number on the Passkey welcome page.  Please be reminded that if you make that call at 11:00 AM on February 3, you might have some trouble getting through.    

5)  The system is programmed to put a 10-minute hold on a room once you select it (similar to the process for purchasing concert tickets).  Do not, under ANY circumstances, use your browser's BACK button during the Passkey session.  That will break the hold on the room and it might be gone by the time you finish entering your credit card information.

6)  Charges to your credit card should show up approximately 2-3 weeks after the reservation is made.

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The Fursuit Track team is once again looking for panelists


Anthrocon 2014 is gaining faster than a shark on a seal! The Fursuit Track team is once again looking for panelists to donate their incredible skills to continue to make AC the best furry convention in the world. Our theme might be secret societies, but it is no secret that we have an incredible talent in this fandom, that needs to be shared with our attendees.

REMEMBER ANTHROCON IS YOUR CONVENTION. Its continued success depends on the support we get from our members. Running a panel can be a fun experience, with great rewards back to the fandom.

We are looking for animals that can run panel tracks in the following categories:


Do you like to build fursuits? Well, set a panel up and show others how much fun it can be. In the past we had people who did construction panels, workshops on specific types of design (eg. Electronics), cleaning and maintenance, and even basic sewing technique ones!


For those of us that have HAM in their blood stream and love to perform/work in fur suit, then this is for you!! What better way to show off all mad skills, then running a panel on how to correctly perform in public.

If you are ready to submit a panel idea, then please click on the AC fursuit track form (link below). All panel ideas MUST be submitted through it and approved.


We also vaule your input, if you have any ideas/suggestions on panels, please e mail them to:

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Anthrocon 2014 Charity: The National Aviary

Anthrocon has selected the National Aviary to be our beneficiary for 2014. As the nation's only independent indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated to birds, their mission is to inspire respect for nature through an appreciation of birds via educational programming, recreational experiences, endangered species preservation, avian research, and conservation ethics. They will be at the Charity Auction and will have a table in the Dealers' Room where you can meet them and peruse information about their organization.

More information about The National Aviary can be found at their website, www.aviary.org. If you have any questions regarding the National Aviary, they can be reached through the Contact page on their website or by phone at 412-323-7235.

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