Where to find the Anthrocon ZOO

Flux - over there

No, not the Pittsburgh Zoo.  "The Zoo" has been Anthrocon's traditional social-gathering spot since 1999.  Furries are very social creatures and thus the Zoo has always required an increasing amount of room.  With our growth past five thousand attendees (and rapidly approaching six thousand), this year we're trying an experimental move to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

During Anthrocon's core days (Friday morning through Sunday afternoon), the Zoo will be located in Hall D on the ground floor of the Convention Center. As is traditional, it will be open all 24 hours, and we are currently negotiating the ability to have food service available in the late-night hours. Before Friday morning, and on Sunday evening, the Zoo will return to its old location in the Allegheny Ballroom of the Westin Hotel.

This move gives us a number of advantages:  More room for folks to spread out; More usable programming space in the Westin; Late-night noms (we're working on that!). It is going to be a bit different in many ways, so we are holding our breaths to see how it goes.

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When can I start reserving hotel rooms for Anthrocon 2014?


That depends!

GENERAL hotel reservations will begin at 11:00 AM EST on Monday, February 3, 2014. We are aware (and are deeply apologetic) that this time is not the most convenient for everyone, but in our experience it is convenient for the majority of attendees. We will once again be using VisitPittsburgh's Housing Service as a one-stop source for hotel rooms. A non-refundable down payment equal to one night's room and tax will be charged to your credit card within two weeks of the time you make your reservation.

Hotel reservations for SUPERSPONSORS will begin at 11:00 AM EST on Friday, January 31, 2014. An email with instructions will be sent out to all pre-registered supersponsors 24 hours prior to that time, and a second will be sent out the following day to anyone who may have registered (or upgraded) as a supersponsor in the ensuing days.

WESTIN SUITE reservations will be taken starting in the first full week of January, 2014. Those must be requested directly from anthrocon.org. Further instructions will be published on this site at that time.

Please visit our HOTEL FAQ page where you can find the answers to most of the frequently-asked questions we get.

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Charity Suggestions - 2014 Edition


The Anthrocon Board will soon be deciding on the Charity to support for 2014. If you know of a charitable organization that you would like to recommend be added to the current candidate list, please suggest it here or as a followup to this post in Anthrocon's other forums by December 31st.

Criteria for candidacy:
- Must be animal-related
- Must be 501(c)3
- Must be based within approximately 60 miles of the Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan area
- Must be incorporated in Pennsylvania (can't be in Ohio or West Virginia)
- Must not be a charity we have already supported.

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Dealers Room Tables are available!


Dealers Room Tables are now open for booking for Anthrocon 2014! Once again, we feature the largest and most spacious Dealer's Room in anthropomorphic fandom. Becoming a dealer at Anthrocon invovles a three-step process most of our dealers are familiar with:

1. Obtain a PA Tax license, via http://www.pa100.state.pa.us/ .

2. Register at https://www.anthrocon.org/registration as a Dealer, Dealer+Sponsor, or Dealer+Supersponsor. (Dealer Assistants should NOT be registered as Dealers, to note.)

3. Make sure your Table type is available at https://www.anthrocon.org/dealers, and then book a table at https://www.anthrocon.org/node/16109/anthrocon-2014-dealer-table-reservations .

As a note: There have been some small changes to the Dealer's Room Rules for 2014, as may be viewed at https://www.anthrocon.org/dealerpack . Principally, clarifications and minor changes are made on restricted merchandise, and Dealers with a half-table are now permitted a Dealer Assistant. (It is not necessary that someone be made a dealer assitant to mind your table for brief periods; it is meant for those who will help a dealer load in and load out, or whom will spend at least half of Dealer's Room hours helping at a table.) Half-tables still only have one seat and room for one person at a time behind them.

The layout will be almost identical to last year, except there'll be no car.

Any questions? Ask here, by email to dealers(at)anthrocon.org, or to @AC_Dealers_Room on Twitter !


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Anthrocon 2014 Registration is now open!

MixedCandy gone crazy!

http://www.anthrocon.org/registration is the URL, that you all know and love so fondly by now. A few notes:

After keeping prices steady last year, we regretfully have to raise them across the board, due to a number of new expenses: shuttle costs, labor costs, increased convention space, new equipment. We've been able to keep the price rises low ($5) for Attending and Sponsor levels; Supersponsors are seeing a significant increase ($50). We had a 70% jump in Supersponsor numbers last year, driven in part by the new perk of advance hotel booking; we very much underestimated the response to that. We had to move the Supersponsor Luncheon to a different, more-expensive-to-reset room as well, which drove up our costs. Also rising is costs of the Artists and Dealers Social, which Supersponsors are invited to attend. We know that with the new pricing some attendees may decline to Supersponsor; we understand and quite frankly anticipate the Supersponsor numbers to decrease slightly (As they did the last time they were raised.)

Early bird prices are good through December 31st, so head over to http://www.anthrocon.org/registration!

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A Wild Anthrocon 2014 Website Appears!


It's been in the works for awhile now, so I give you the Anthrocon 2014 website!

Anthrocon 2014 will be held from July 3rd-6th, 2014 in downtown Pittsburgh, with the theme being Secret Societies. Hotels will be available in February. Registration will open by the end of October.

The 2014 website design was done by none other than Cuprohastes.

If anyone sees any issues with the website, do let me know.

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Volunteers needed OCTOBER 19-20, 2013, Chicagoland and North Pittsburgh!

Calling all Furries in the Chicago and Pittsburgh areas: Anthrocon needs strong backs!

Our colleagues at Midwest Furfest are transferring some of their no-longer-needed Art Show equipment to Anthrocon, a donation for which we are ever grateful, on Saturday, October 19. We are going to need volunteers who can help load the equipment in Des Plaines, IL, starting at about 10:00 AM that day.

We are also going to need additional volunteers to join us in the town of Etna, PA, on Sunday, October 20 at 10:00 AM to offload that same equipment at Anthrocon's storage facility there.

For their hard work, volunteers will be rewarded with a fine lunch and (provided they aren't too sweaty) a hug from the chairman himself, who will be on hand to help out.

If you are going to be available for at least 2 hours either of those days and in the appropriate location, please email the chairman directly at ceo(at)anthrocon.org.

tl;dr version:

OCTOBER 19, 10 AM, Des Plaines, IL: Lift heavy stuff, get free food!
OCTOBER 20, 10 AM, Etna, PA: Lift heavy stuff, get free food!
Email ceo(at)anthrocon.org for information!

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T-shirts will be on their way soon!

OMG shirts!

Anthrocon apologizes for having run out of T-shirts at the convention much earlier than we anticipated. It is always an interesting juggling act to try to guess what the demand will be. Obviously, this year we greatly underestimated. The good news is that we have printed a second run of T-shirts that have just arrived, and very shortly we will begin to send them out to those folks that turned in a slip at the con store (sponsors and supersponsors) or a volunteer slip at Operations. As you can see from the photo there are quite a few of them and it's going to take a bit of time to get them sorted and packaged up for shipment to our generous (super)sponsors and hard-working volunteers, but rest asssured that we are working as fast as we can to get them out the door...so that the chairman can actually get to his door.

If you have not sent in your t-shirt slip, please do so right away, because once we have mailed out the shirts that we owe to folks, we'll be making the rest available in the con store, and we can't guarantee that they'll last long there.

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Anthrocon 2014 Advertisement, now with 20% More Ponies!

This was part of an ad swap we did between our conbook and BronyCon's conbook this year:

As the advertisement implies, we will be attending BronyCon in just a few weeks, and will have a table in their Dealers Room. We hope to see you there!

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2014 DJ Selection and Audition Process

Hey, everyone!

Now that the dust has cleared from 2013, I'm just going to cover some minor changes to the selection/audition process that should make things easier for me.

What I've learned this year:

  • The new system works a lot better than the open free-for-all audition system.
  • Reaching out to people proactively leads to a lot of "I'm not planning on being there this year," which is a waste of everyone's time.
  • The process of requesting demos when I have questions is a little awkward, and feels wrong.

So here's what's going to happen as far as this year:

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