Anthrocon 2013 Fursuit Parade Group Photo

It's here, the Anthrocon 2013 Fursuit Parade Group Photo:

The full photo is 1,300 fursuiters.

Need a bigger version of the photo? Here is a 10,000 pixel wide version!

The full-size version is linked right here! It is large enough to break some browsers, so be warned.

Tis photo is courtesy of Kreggan/Kyreeth and Warphammer, who have also been nice enough to make the photo (and their other photos available for non-commercial use if you are in them.


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2013 Fursuit Photos by Dragonscales

Hello everyone!

The 2013 Dragonscales photos have been posted at with the fursuit parade group photo at


2013 Group Photo

As always, photos are licensed for noncommercial use if you are in them.

- Kreggan/Kyreeth and Warphammer


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LOST AND FOUND - if you lost it, we may have found it.

We have quite a lot of things in our lost and found this year, including cameras, photographic equipment, bags with merchandise in them, keys, fursuit parts and accessories, jewelry, glasses (all kinds), storage media such as SD cards and thumb drives, and many other things.

If you lost something in a hotel room, please contact the hotel directly and ask to speak to Housekeeping Services.  Anthrocon can not help you retrieve items that were left in hotel rooms.

If you lost something in Anthrocon function or public space, please send an email to ceo(at) with "LOST AND FOUND" prominently in the subject line, and include the following:

  • Your name and full mailing address (if you are not a registered resident of that address, please include a "care of" name).
  • A detailed description of the item.

We also have quite a lot of badges that were turned in.  If you lost an Anthrocon membership badge and would like it back, please contact us.  We cannot give refunds for any badge-replacement costs at this time -- sorry!  If you lost a character badge and you see it pictured below, please claim it.

Badges found at Anthrocon 2013



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Anthrocon 2013 Charity Event Followup

Hi, and welcome to the 2013 edition of the Anthrocon Charity Events Followup!

Anthrocon raised a new record total of $31,255 for Equine Angels Rescue, our supported charity this year. Thanks very much to Pam Vivirito, Annamaria Carrington, and all the volunteers from Equine Angels Rescue who came out to participate!

More special thanks are in order to the following groups and individuals:

* To all the donors who contributed artwork and merchandise to the auction and raffle, and to all those who both bid at the auction and bought raffle tickets.

* To the Dorsai Irregulars, Anthrocon's security contingent, who contributed the last fursuit slapband, the Elevator Golden Ticket for 2014, and raised additional funds at the elevators.

* To Dr. Samuel Conway and 2, the Ranting Gryphon, for their charity performance for which all ticket sales were donated to charity. Also, again to Dr. Conway for his annual auctioneering skills.

* To all the fursuiters and their handlers who volunteered their time for fursuit "bucket brigade" duties.

* To the Westin, Omni, and DoubleTree who each generously offered up a four-night stay during Anthrocon 2014.

* To all the attendees who bought merchandise and made cash donations to Equine Angel Rescue's donations jar at their table, which is always a large percentage of the total funds raised.

I would like to give thanks to my staff who helped conduct both the charity auction and raffle. None of this could've occurred without the assistance of Shaun "Stahi" Daugherty and Trevor "Mr. Mutt" Boyd. Also thanks to the volunteers who were able to spare some time to assist.

Unclaimed low-ticket raffle items were donated to Equine Angels Rescue for their use. Unclaimed high-ticket raffle items will be re-raffled next year.

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Anthrocon 2013 Wrapup


We had another amazing year at Anthrocon 2013! The details:

  • Total number of attendees at Anthrocon 2013: 5,577
  • Total number of fursuits in the Fursuit Parade: 1,300
  • We raised over $31,000 for our charity: Equine Angels Rescue. Great job, everybody!
  • Next year's Anthrocon will be held: July 3rd to 6th, 2014 The theme will be: "Secret Societies"
  • Have feedback? Please please take our survey and tell us what we did well, and what we can do better at.

Many thanks to staff at The Westin, The David L. Lawrence Convention Center, our staff and voluneers, and the City of Pittsburgh. Your efforts all helped make this event possible.

For those of you still at the convention, we hope you have a safe and happy evening. Convention Operations will be run out of the Crawford Room, located on the third floor of the Westin hotel for the rest of the evening.

Thank you all for joining us in Pittsburgh, and have a safe journey home!

We'll see you next year.

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The Return of the Anthrocon Operations Hotline

"Ring ring ring ring ring ring, Leopard Phone!"

Hi everyone,

Anthrocon 2013 is coming up in just a few days, and we will have the Convention Operations Hotline up and running again this year.

If you need to speak to someone on the Anthrocon staff with a question or a concern, the phone number is:


What sorts of things would you call ConOps for? More info can be found on our Con Ops page.

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Countdown to Anthrocon 2013!

Hi everyone,

With the con getting as close as it is, I created a real-time "countdown" page for the convention, which will count down until Opening Ceremonies, which is 11 AM on Friday July 5th.

The URL is:


(Fine print: sorry MSIE users, but it won't work in your browser. I'm not much of a front-end developer, so I'm not sure how to address/fix the problem. Anyone willing to lend a paw?)

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Fursuit Parade and Group Photo Guidelines for 2013: NOW CLARIFIED!

We (meaning the chairman) realized that our (meaning the chairman's) wording on the announcement about the Group Photo and Parade Guidelines left a lot to be desired, being both confusing and in places contradictory, so we (meaning people other than the chairman) have rearranged things into a form that hopefully will clear up any misunderstandings and answer any questions that may have arisen.  We (all of us) apologize for any confusion!

The following will be included in every registration bag for all attendees:

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DLCC Internet Connections (Dealers note!)

SmartCity, the Internet contractor for the DLCC will be offering some different services this year than in the past.  The following describes  the service levels and locations.

Exhibitor Internet -  $79.95 per day per device or you can purchase 3 days for $159.99 per device.  This is available anywhere in the center.  This is for the usual class of Exhibitor at major business conventions.  Bandwidth is up to 2Mbps up/down, but like any WiFi, the speed will be determined by number of people using it.   This service is likely NOT what any of our folks will want, but it's there if you're rich and desperate.  I mention it because you should be SURE about what service you're connecting to.

Instant Internet -  $12.95 per day per device.  This service normally has been available only in pre-function spaces (i.e. not the Exhibit Halls), but this year, they're extending coverage into Halls B and C for us to provide more affordable service for our dealers.  Bandwidth is up to 1Mbps down/256Kbps up.  This IS the likely one you want if you're depending on things like credit card validations and other required Internet access to support your business.  It should be the most affordable with (hopefully) minimum congestion.

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What if this website goes down?


HTTP 503: Husky Unavailable

While we do our best to keep this website up and all of the bytes flowing, downtime is an unfortunate reality of the webhosting business. The causes can be varied, but the end result is the same: the website and all of its content are unavailable. Downtime during the convention would suck more than usual, because our members might want to check up on say, our programming schedule or look for ways to get in touch with us and be unable to do so.

To keep the impact of such downtime to a minimum, I took the liberty of creating a read-only version of the website, hosted on a separate webhost. It's plain old HTML--no PHP, no MySQL, or anything else that might cause a scalability bottleneck. It has key information such as our schedule and ways to get in touch with us. That way, even if this website goes down, the spare should stay up and running.

The URL is:


Feel free to spread it around, thanks!

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