Anthrocon Artists' Alley

Artists' Alley 2015
  • On-line lottery dates:
    • Signups began: Sunday, May 17th, 2015 around noon (Link to form was posted here)
      Countdown page, and time zone converter
    • Lottery Signups are now closed as of Sunday, June 14th, 2015 23:59 Pittsburgh time (EDT)
    • Seating awards have been announced. Check the lottery page for official results (here's what 2014 looked like)
  • REMINDER: At the convention, spare seats will be made available to artists on a first-come first-served basis. It's been this way since 2012. Often there are seats available all day, but there is no guarantee.
  • You must be 18 years old as of Friday, July 10th, 2015 to be a part of Artists' Alley.

Updates from recent years:

  • 2014 changes
    • Old registers replaced with new POS systems!
    • Closing one hour earlier than Dealer's Room & Art Show. Friday: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM.
    • Faster payout, and limited early payout (details pending)
  • 2013 changes
    • Anthrocon now collects a 5% commission on sales from each artist at payout (deducted from payout at end of day).
    • Artists who are mailing out artwork after the convention must obtain proof of delivery.
  • 2012 changes
    • As of 2012, the lottery will not be held at the convention! The lottery will be held completely on-line ahead of the convention.
    • Signups for the lottery are held 2-6 weeks before the convention!
    • Only pre-registered Anthrocon members may sign up online.
  • Please read the following information carefully!

Anthrocon 2015 Artists' Alley Rules

By signing up for the Alley (or by applying for a standby position on-site) you agree to abide by the rules and regulations, and acknowledge that the interpretation by the Artists' Alley Staff of any given rule is considered final. Any violation of the rules or engaging in any form of "rules-lawyering" may result in temporary or permanent removal from the Alley and, if necessary, from the convention.

Anthropomorphics conventions are traditionally very art-intensive, and Anthrocon is no exception. In addition to our sizeable art show, each year we set aside a place for artists to show off their work, sell prints or just sit and draw in sketchbooks. Known as Artists' Alley, this area is available to all artists on a lottery basis. Space is limited, but we do our best to accommodate as many artists as possible. This year, Artists' Alley be sharing space with the Art Show Hall C of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

The Artists' Alley is not the Dealers Room. Important differences include:

  • Artists do not pay for seats in the Artists' Alley. However, Anthrocon will collect a 5% commission on all sales in the Alley. This commission will be assessed at end-of-day check-out.
  • Artists are not required to have a Pennsylvania Tax ID number—all sales are processed by Anthrocon Artists’ Alley staff.
  • Seats in Artists' Alley are chosen by lottery in advance of the convention. We try to give each person at least one day, but there are no guarantees.
  • You must sign up for a seat in the Alley lottery on-line. On-line signups open 2-6 weeks before the convention. See top of this page for details.
  • You must bring in your art materials/items to sell each day, and take them with you each evening.
  • There is no electrical power available in Artists' Alley.
  • Artists may only sell work of their own creation. Collaborations are disallowed.
  • Artists may not receive tips in the Artists’ Alley.
  • Space usage in the Alley is restricted.
Table of Contents

Artists' Alley operates on a “fair-as-possible” lottery system. The system is designed to give every artist the best chance at getting a table for at least one day, possibly two, and in rare instances, all three days of the convention. Much of the system involves the Artists’ Alley Command Center, which is located near the Artists’ Alley sales table in Hall C of the DHL Convention Center.

To obtain a seat in the Alley, follow these steps. Note that sign-ups are now handled online, ahead of the convention!

  1. Pre-register for the convention and note your registration number. This will also be provided in a confirmatory email and, unless you have opted out, a paper receipt which will be sent via U.S. Mail. You cannot sign up for the Alley until you have pre-registered for the convention.
  2. Sign up on the lottery list on-line. Use this form to signup. Signups will open and close on the dates shown at the top of this page, generally sometime in May until 2-3 weeks before the convention. Signing up costs nothing, and as the lottery is purely random, there is no need to be the first to put your name in. If you are not able to sign up before the signups close, please see the Stand-by section below.
  3. Check lottery results on-line. After signups close, a lottery will be conducted as transparently as possible, and results will be posted to the Alley website prior to the convention, depicting all lottery players and the day or days they have won seats. The lottery will be completly randomized; we cannot honor requests for specific days or seat locations. You should thus know before you arrive at the convention which days you will be in the Alley. The results will also be posted at the convention itself (locations to be announced). Details on how exactly the lottery will be run can be found here.
  4. At the convention, arrive promptly. On each day you have won a seat, you must show up and officially claim your seat. You must claim your seat no earlier than 2 hours prior to opening, and no later than 20 minutes prior to opening. The twenty-minute period prior to opening is necessary for the staff to undergo its final checklist. If you are late, you will not be able to claim your seat until after the Alley opens. If you are later than that, you may lose your seat to someone on the standby list.
  5. Check in with us. Check in at the mustering location near the Alley entrance. There you will be provided with a receipt book and a sheet of barcode stickers to use with that receipt book. It will help us accurately process your sales. Acceptance of these two items secures your seat in the Alley, and will serve as your pass into Hall C prior to business hours. Seats are not transferable! Don’t lose the receipt book or barcodes as we’ll be collecting them from you at the end of the day. And remember, if you do not show up on time to claim your seat, it may well be given to someone on the standby list.
  6. Claim your space. When you enter Hall C, you may select any seat that is still unoccupied. You may not save seats for other artists. If you wish to sit together with certain other artists, make sure to arrive together and claim your spots together.
  7. Record your location. Before we open for the day, but after you’ve settled in, come to the Artists’ Alley Command Center to help us make the day’s Alley map by recording your name and location on our map. We will then post that map where customers can find it.
  8. Profit! You may begin making sales when the Alley opens. Due to State and Local regulations and agreements with the City of Pittsburgh, while in the convention space you may not make sales direct with any customer, even if you have a Pennsylvania Sales Tax License. This means that while you are in the Lawrence Convention Center or the Westin Hotel, no cash may change hands between you and your customer. Reference Section IV for instructions on how the consignment system works at Anthrocon, using receipt books and barcode stickers.

At the convention: Stand-by! On any given day you did not get a seat, or if you did not sign up for the Alley lottery before online signups closed, you may still be able to get a seat at the convention if other artists fail to show up on time, or later in the day as some artists may choose to leave early. Below are the steps required to give you the best chance.

  1. "Take a number". Backfills into the Alley will be handled like a deli. Form a line in the designated area near the Artists’ Alley, and sign up using the on-siite "deli" system. We will start calling artists in the order they signed up approximately 30 minutes after the opening of the Alley. The system will date and time stamp each entry for accuracy. Entries are numbered, and the earliest entries are called first, so you will want to get signed up as early as possible. Be sure to enter enough contact information that we can contact you when your turn is up. Even if you are in the lottery system, you will still need to sign up for a chance to back-fill a table on any of the days you did not win a seat.
  2. Be available. When your turn comes up, you will have 10 minutes to get to the Alley and claim your table, or you will lose your turn for the day. If you decide you do not wish to claim your table, let us know and we’ll move on to the next stand-by.
  3. Watch postings for the current badge number. When a table becomes available, we will begin posting numbers. We’ll do this in several ways:
    • Text messages. We’ll send a text message to the phone number you submitted with your entry. We won’t be making phone calls since the Alley is often too noisy to hear.
    • Posting on a sign. We’ll post the current badge number on a sign and display it as visibly as possible at the Artists’ Alley Command Center.
    • Posting on Twitter. We will post numbers to @anthrocon_alley on Twitter with the hashtag #ACAlley2015.
  4. Come when your turn is up. When you receive your text message or when you see your badge number is posted, arrive at the Artists’ Alley Command Center and claim your seat as described above. Remember, once the postings in are made, you have 10 minutes to claim your table or you will lose your turn for the day. We are not responsible for slow communication services or other delays. The timer starts ticking from the moment we complete the postings. We apologize if this is not convenient for all artists, but with others waiting for a chance at a table it is the only way we can be fair.

Although Artists’ Alley tries to be as fair as possible to give everyone a chance to get a seat, we cannot guarantee everyone will get one. This is particularly true if you’re not at the con for the full weekend, if you do not enter the stand-by list for each day, or if we get more artists signing up than we have seats (with the current layout that’s 128 seats over 3 days, or 384 seats). If you require more certainty for your visit, we invite you to pursue one of our Dealers’ Room tables.

Summary: Artists’ Alley is for anthro artists to sell their own stuff at their own table. Guard your adult stuff against exposure to minors, stay at your table all day, keep your space tidy and clean up when you leave. Bring only a small amount of stuff. Be nice to your neighbors and customers. Let us handle all payments. Don’t do anything illegal or unsavory, and try to stay cool. Stick to all that, and we’ll be cool, too.

  1. Anthro theme. Items offered for sale in the Anthrocon Artists’ Alley should be related to the theme of the convention (i.e., anthropomorphics and related fields)
  2. Regarding mature/adult artwork. Items and artwork of an adult nature may be sold only if they are kept from public view. Such items must be covered or similarly shielded.
    • Censoring techniques. Artwork containing non-minor-friendly material may either be shielded by Post-It notes or similar covering, or ideally should be kept in a clearly-marked binder which must be kept closed by the artist when it is not being viewed by an adult customer. Binders or portfolios containing uncensored artwork must be separate from other binders. A tag or divider between "regular" and "adult" material is not sufficient.
    • Eye of the beholder. The decision regarding what is and what is not appropriate material for display will rest ultimately with the Artists’ Alley Manager, and their decision is final. Don't argue.
    • Public exposure. ARTISTS MUST BE AWARE THAT MEMBERS OF THE PRESS, CITY OFFICIALS, AND OTHER MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC MAY BE PRESENT IN THE HALL C DURING REGULAR HOURS. All signs, banners, standing displays, etc. must therefore, must abide by a strict "PG" or better rating. Any display that may be damaging to Anthrocon's public image is strictly forbidden.
    • Identifying minors. Minors will be clearly identified by their membership badges. Further information on how to recognize them will be available on site. Anthrocon holds each artist responsible to ensure that minors are not permitted to view, handle, or be otherwise exposed to adult materials. If you are in doubt, you can ask your client for identification before allowing him or her to view your wares.
    • Minor consequences. Artists who are found to be displaying adult-oriented items in such a fashion that they can be viewed by under-aged members will be afforded a single warning; further incidents will result in that artist being removed from the Artists’ Alley, and possible loss of Artists’ Alley privileges for future conventions. Please note that in the case of disagreement, the opinion of the Artists’ Alley Manager as to the suitability (or lack thereof) of wares for general display will be final.
  3. Space constraints. ARTISTS' ALLEY IS NOT A "CHEAP DEALER TABLE." It is for artists to create and sell artwork, not for merchandise vendors. Each artist is allotted approximately 36" x 30". In lieu of complex rules attempting to define the distinction between "art" that we’d like to see in the Artists’ Alley and "merchandise" better suited for the Dealers’ Room, we are implementing objective controls on the table space itself. If you have more material than will fit within these space constraints, or if you are counting on making more revenue than these conditions will allow, you should consider a Dealer Table instead of a presence in the Alley.
    • Do not move the tables. Ever. If there’s a table that needs to be moved, contact our staff, and we will get the Teamsters to take care of it, as is their duty.
    • No standing display taller than 15 inches on the table.
    • Items cannot be stacked higher than 15 inches.
    • No displays on the floors, at all.
    • No additional tables or trays.
    • Nothing may be kept on the floor, at all. Exceptions include:
      1. One small personal item, such as a purse, or a small backpack. This is similar to what the airlines refer to as “a small personal item”.
      2. Completely empty containers. E.g., small boxes, a milk crate or two, or a small carry-on suitcase. We understand you have to transport some stuff to the table, but everything you bring in those transports should be on the table. If you have so many things to sell that you need extra storage under or around your table, you may instead wish to consider getting a Dealer Table.
      3. Stacks of sketchbooks customers have given to you for commissions. Commissions are at the core of what Artists’ Alley values, and we hope you will sell lots of commissions. We understand many customers want the drawings they paid for to be done in their own sketchbook, so you can have as many of these at your table as you need.
    • No encroaching or overhanging. All items must remain in the space provided without encroaching on the spaces to either side of yours, and without hanging over the surface of the table. You may drape a sign in front of your table, but if you have so much stuff to sell that it won’t fit in the space, you may instead wish to consider getting a table in the Dealers’ Room.
    • No shelving or similar storage units are allowed on the table top.
    • Conditions for spreading out. 1 hour after opening, if the Alley has 6 or more open tables, artists may spread into any neighboring unoccupied table space, but they must be prepared to surrender that space at any time.
  4. Alley space is for Alley artists only. The only people who should be behind Artists’ Alley tables are artists who have participated in the Artists' Alley lottery and are approved to be attending the Alley that day. At no time is it permissible for others to be behind the tables. This means that you may not invite friends to sit behind the table with you.
  5. Show and Sell. Seats are available to artists wishing to display and sell artwork of their own creation. If you are not displaying and selling your own artwork, you must not occupy a spot in the Alley. Displays may be public, private, or a combination, consistent with the rules for minors.
  6. Your art only! Sales of anything other than artwork of the artist's own creation is prohibited in Artists' Alley. Examples include but are not limited to: collaborations, CDs containing art from multiple artists, calendars made by multiple artists, designer medium not designed by you, and so on. Art based on tracings with or without permission will be considered collaborations, and are thus disallowed.
  7. Not selling is not sitting. If you have nothing for sale, and you are not displaying any of your own artwork, you must forfeit your seat for the day. Please don’t claim a seat in the Alley if you are not intending to sell anything—it’s great to have artists exhibiting their work as they are created, but it is unfair to artists on stand-by who have things to sell.
  8. No Agent Smiths. We cannot accommodate people acting as agents for artists, or people reselling other people's art. Such items are for the Art Show, or Dealers’ Room, not for Artists’ Alley.
  9. Table presence. The table must be staffed by the artist for the entire time the table is held by that artist. We understand that artists, like other attendees, are here to enjoy the convention and need to eat, drink, and bio, but we also know that there are often more artists than seats, and so in fairness to those waiting for a seat to open, occupied seats should be as active as possible.
  10. It’s a sign! If you must leave briefly, please leave a sign behind indicating by when you expect to return. Use absolute times only—“back in 15 minutes” or “brb” is not helpful to the hopeful customer, but “back at 3:15pm” is. Vacancies exceeding 30 minutes are considered excessive, and will be considered a forfeit of your seat for the day. Inquiries will be made if we notice that a seat is repeatedly left vacant for long periods of time, or if a substitute is in place for longer than is reasonable. If a true emergency is pulling you away, try to let us or a Dorsai know what’s going on, on your way out.
  11. Too long. If you are gone too long and we must evict you from your seat in your absence, you will forfeit your seat for that day and any other days remaining in the weekend. Your possessions may be moved to the Artists’ Alley Command Center in the presence of a Dorsai, and your seat may be given to another artist in the "Stand-by" queue (see Section I : How to get into Artists’ Alley). In such cases, we will make every effort to secure your belongings, but we have no lockers, and of course we cannot be responsible for losses sustained while your table was unattended. To reduce your risk as much as possible, please help us avoid having to do this by keeping any absences short. If you really need the freedom to be away from your table for long periods of time, we encourage you to pursue a Dealer Table.
  12. Panelist claws. Exceptions will be made for panelists. We appreciate you providing our convention with content! If you are a panelist on a day you won a seat in the Alley, you must tell us as you check in precisely what panel you are conducting and when it is scheduled for. You will be allowed to vacate your seat for the panel, including reasonable travel time to and from the panel location, but we request that you limit your absence as much as possible.
  13. Leaving the Alley early
    • Take payment records! If any seated artist chooses to leave before the end of the day, they must remove all of the Artist's Copy receipts from their receipt book and turn in their receipt book to the Artists' Alley cashier. Note that we are unable to pay artists until the end of each day. Exceptions may be made in the event of emergencies.
    • One way exit. We will offer your vacated seat to the next person in line, per Section I : How to get into Artists’ Alley. Because of this, we cannot give you your seat back once you’ve left. This only applies to the day you left early—if you have won a seat on other days, those are handled as normal.
    • Take your stuff. All materials must be removed from the table when the artist checks out. Anthrocon accepts no responsibility for materials left unattended. This includes artwork, personal items, etc.
    • Clean up. We request artists to kindly to remove any garbage before leaving the area. Anthrocon is responsible for leaving the Convention Hall in a "broom clean" condition. We are assessed a steep fee if unreasonable amounts of garbage, empty boxes, etc. are left behind when the room is vacated. Trash receptacles will be provided, especially for teardown on Sunday. Any artist who leaves an excessive amount of waste behind in his or her area will be responsible for a $100 cleaning fee, payable to Anthrocon.
  14. No power. Electrical power for any reason is unavailable to artists in Artists’ Alley. This is because Anthrocon is charged for all usage of electrical power in the Convention Center. The power boxes in the floor under Artists’ Alley are disabled—please do not tamper with them.
  15. Quiet claws. Items generating an unacceptable noise (by volume or nuisance) are strongly discouraged. This includes portable stereos, computers, handheld game units, etc. Repeated complaints of excessive noise may result in loss of seat privileges.
  16. Limited carry. Due to union restrictions, artists may bring in only what you can carry on your own, or in a small 2-wheeled luggage case such as one sees in airports. As a general rule: if the case will fit in an airplane's overhead bin, it is acceptable. However, per the rule above, it must be completely emptied onto your table. If you have more material than this, you should consider a Dealer Table rather than a presence in Artists' Alley.
  17. No tips. Please note that because no money is permitted to change hands between artists and customers, tip jars are also not permitted in Artists' Alley.
  18. Work it out. Anthrocon does not and can not become involved in disputes between buyers and sellers in Artists' Alley. Anthrocon's role is limited exclusively to processing payments on consignment. It does not imply endorsement of or responsibility for any party. Due to past abuses by certain parties, it is your responsibility to obtain proof of delivery for any artwork that is to be mailed or delivered after the convention.
  19. Illegal arts. Items that are illegal in the United States or in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (firearms and other restricted weaponry, such as pornography involving minors, etc.,) may not be sold at any time in the Artists’ Alley.
  20. No Adult "things". Items of a distinctly adult nature whose primary purpose is functional rather than artistic are prohibited (if you do not know what that means, please contact us and we will explain).
  21. On Weapons. No weapons of any sort may be sold in the Alley. They are restricted to the Dealer's Room and are subject to the Dealers' Room Rules.
  22. Shineys and noisies. Flashing/rotating lights, sound generators or other excessively annoying displays will not be permitted. Video soundtracks or other audio need to be kept at such a volume that they do not annoy customers or other artists. The Artists’ Alley Manager and staff have the final authority on what does and what does not constitute an annoyance.
  23. No smokey! There is a strict NO SMOKING policy in Hall C. Due to Convention Center Rules, this policy now includes e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers. Furthermore, no items that generate an open flame or excessive heat may be employed.
  24. No horsey! There is to be no horseplay in the Artists’ Alley. This includes the use of any squirt guns, "Silly String" or any other projectile-type toy. Anthrocon is not responsible for injuries, breakage or loss incurred by or caused by any artist or attendee.
  25. Be chill. The Artists' Alley staff reserve the right to refuse service to any person or entity. If anyone is disruptive, ignores the rules, or harasses other persons and is not amenable to correction, Anthrocon will take the appropriate action, up to and including removing the offender from the convention. This includes artists and friends as well as customers/attendees. If Anthrocon's management and/or a David L Lawrence Convention Center official is forced to eject an artist or any other person due to violations of the rules, no refund will be given of any membership or table fees.
  26. Trademark claws. No items may be produced or sold that bear the name "Anthrocon" or the Anthrocon logo. "Anthrocon" and the Anthrocon logo are registered servicemarks of Anthrocon, Inc. Trademark law requires that we prohibit either of these from being used without being formally licensed by Anthrocon, Inc. Such a license agreement requires Anthrocon to request a licensing fee, and also that we pre-approve the use of our servicemarks before items bearing them are produced. Our concern is that to allow the use of our mark on an artist’s items will imply endorsement, which would inevitably lead to drama, and we would really rather avoid that.
  27. Invention. Anthrocon reserves the right to change, amend, or modify these rules at any time without prior notice. We try to save this as a last resort. From 2008-2011, we have not changed any rules without some months of notice, but “just in case”, this rule is here.
  28. Questions? If there are any questions about what items might be permissible, please contact the Artists' Alley Manager (see contact page). The Artists’ Alley Manager’s rulings may be appealed to the Convention Chairman, whose ruling shall be considered final.

Because artists may sit in Artists' Alley for varying lengths of time, it is incumbent upon the individual artist to maintain contact with his or her customer(s), and vice-versa. Artists' Alley staff and Anthrocon cannot be held responsible for communications between artists and customers (i.e. for returning sketchbooks, commissions, etc.). We provide a small bulletin board for notes between artists and customers, but ultimately the responsibility lies on the artists and customers. When possible, we may provide other tools to assist with artists keeping in touch with their customers, such as a contact exchange card.

Unless Artists' Alley is given explicit permission to directly give customers an artist's phone number, if artists leave their cell phone numbers with Artists' Alley staff, when a customer is seeking an artist, Artists’ Alley staff will make a reasonable attempt to contact the artist with the customer's contact information as time permits. Anthrocon's Artists' Alley staff will never give out an artists' contact information without express permission from the artist to do so. We respect your right to privacy, and will make every effort to keep your contact information private. Artists' Alley can often be fairly busy, even behind the counters, so there's often not much time to act as proxy contacts for customers and artists. Please do your best to track your customers, and supply them with a means to find you.

Ordinarily, each convention vendor (defined as a person collecting monies for the sale of merchandise or services—this includes your stuff) must have a Pennsylvania sales tax license, and additionally must be registered with the local authorities through the convention for a vendor's permit. The fees for these vendor's permits are charged to the convention and the permits are currently limited in number. There would not be enough for everyone, and the costs associated with obtaining additional permits to cover all Alley artists would be prohibitive. We could not conduct Artists’ Alley in the traditional fashion without charging exorbitant fees to the artists and compelling them to register for a license to collect sales tax. In order to allow for sales in Artists' Alley, we have implemented the following system. We apologize if it seems inconvenient, but the alternative is to require all artists to obtain sales tax licenses on their own, or to forbid any sales from taking place whatsoever.

Anthrocon will be the centralized consigner for the entirety of Artists' Alley, selling the items there on a consignment basis. We will collect the money and the necessary sales taxes, and will distribute the funds to the artists LESS A 5% COMMISSION ON NET SALES. Anthrocon is thus responsible for keeping the paperwork in order and for filing the tax forms, and everything is kept legal. The advantage to the artist is that Anthrocon is able to guarantee check payments, and is capable of accepting credit and debit cards for payment. At the end of each day, the artist walks away with cash in hand for all sales that day.


Due to the strictness of the local and state laws regarding our merchants, we absolutely cannot allow the direct exchange of cash for merchandise or services within the Artists’ Alley, or within any other area under the control of the convention. Anyone found in violation of this rule may be subject to losing Artists’ Alley seat privileges for a period of time. Further violations may result in expulsion from Artists’ Alley or from the entire convention. All decisions of this nature will be carried out by the Anthrocon Artists' Alley/Con Store Manager or Artists’ Alley Staff as designated by the Manager. Additionally, if such a violation occurs in the presence of a state or local official who has come to monitor our activities, the guilty party will be solely responsible for fines or other legal penalties that may be imposed.

The Sales Procedure, Step by Step:

1) After you are told you have a seat in the Alley, you will be issued a receipt book and a sheet of barcodes, all showing the same number – this is your artist #, unique to you for the weekend, which we will use to track your sales all weekend long. The book will be returned to us at the end of each day; do not lose the barcodes. Each receipt is in three parts -- white, yellow, and pink. There is a cardboard tab that you can place under each pink copy to keep the writing from going through to the next.

2) When a customer wishes to purchase a print or sketch, place a barcode sticker on the yellow AND pink copy (do not cover anything if possible), write out a receipt on the white copy, pressing hard enough to make sure the yellow and pink copies are made (make sure the cardboard separator is placed behind the first pink copy, so as not to mess up future receipts). Include YOUR NAME, the day of sale (top right), the title or number of the piece(s) (or some other way by which you can identify it) and the sale price. Do not total the sale, the register will do this. Tear off the yellow & pink copies. Keep the white one in the book and give the pink and yellow copies to the customer. Again, KEEP the white copy, GIVE the pink and yellow copies.

3) Send the customer to the cashier. We will total the purchase and add 7% sales tax. We will keep the pink slip and will give the customer a cash register sales slip. It will help to minimize lines if you suggest to the buyer that he make his rounds of the room and take all of his receipts to the sales table at one time.

4) The customer will give you the cash register receipt. The PAID stamp is your proof that the item was paid for. If they do not have a cash register receipt, DO NOT give the customer his merchandise - there is a chance that we do not have record of the sale, and you will not receive payment from us if we do not have proof of sale. Keep the cash register receipt along with the white copy of the receipt. Give the customer his art, letting him keep the yellow slip.

5) If you are taking a commission or are in any other way planning to deliver the artwork to the buyer after the convention, you must obtain proof of delivery! This will protect you in the event a buyer claims that the artwork was not received.

Now to get paid!

1) Payments to artists will be made at the end of each day immediately after Artists' Alley closes. If you wish to check out of the alley before that, you will have to wait until the end of the day to receive payment, although exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances; contact the Artists' Alley Manager if you have any questions. If you do check out early, we suggest that you check to make sure you have a "paid" sales slip for each white receipt; if not, you may still have a buyer waiting, which will cause payout discrepancies. No payments will be made in the 1-hour period prior to closing! Alley staff are extremely busy during that time.

2) At checkout, bring your receipt book to the sales table. We will compare our pink copies against your white ones. If we are missing a pink copy, your "paid" yellow sales slip or a matching register receipt is proof that payment was made to us from your customer. Once all of your sales are added up we will pay you in cash for the total, minus a 5% commission that will help to defray Anthrocon's costs. Return your receipt book at this time. Congratulations, you have successfully participated in Anthrocon's Artists’ Alley!

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