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Anthrocon 2014 was a fantastic convention, with attendance of 5,861, nearly 150 artists participating in the Art Show, and total sales of over $57,000. Notable changes in the information since last year are underlined.

General Information

On behalf of participating artists, the Anthrocon Art Show exhibits and sells original artworks of a science fiction, fantasy and/or fannish nature, especially relating to anthropomorphics. Artists offer works in various media, both flat (sketches, pen-and-ink drawings, paintings, etc.) and 3-dimensional (sculpture, masks, costumes, etc.) for display and sale.

If you are an artist, an information packet with the display rules and a space reservation form is now available for downloading:
Art Show Information/Reservation Packet - (631 KB)
To receive one by mail, please send your full (real) name and postal address to artshow AT

Although the deadline for guaranteed space (March 31) has passed, we are accepting late reservations -- there is panel space available in both the General and Mature Galleries, and some table space in the Mature Gallery. All the General Gallery table space is spoken for, but we always get cancellations so we'll accept some requests for that.

If you are interested in purchasing artwork at the Art Show, more information will be posted on the Anthrocon web site as the date of the convention approaches.

Areas of the Art Show

There are two distinct areas of the Art Show:

1. The "General Gallery" features original artwork depicting subjects suitable for all ages to view. This area will be open for silent (written) bidding during the day and early evening Friday and Saturday, and Sunday morning. If a piece receives enough written bids by noon Sunday, it will be sent to voice auction Sunday afternoon.

2. The "Mature Gallery" is for original artwork depicting mature subject matter. This area will be open during the same hours as the rest of the Art Show Friday and Saturday, and monitored to keep minors out. Pieces in this area which receive enough written bids by Saturday evening will be sent to a separate voice auction later that evening.

Since we provide artists the opportunity to get a Dealers Room table or a free table at Artist's Alley, Anthrocon does not offer a Print Shop in the Art Show for the sale of multiple-copy items. Many artists make arrangements to sell their work through a distributor such as The Rabbit Valley Comic Shop, who can make sales all year long instead of just at the con. Artists may still exhibit and sell single copies of prints to the highest bidder in the Art Show, as with original artwork.

Types Of Artworks

All entries of original art must be your own work. All entries of prints must be based on your own work. You may enter collaborative works for which you contributed a significant effort, as long as you have permission from all other involved artists, and credit them accordingly. If a work is based on commercially-available patterns, designs, stencils, etc., this must be stated in the "medium" description on the bid sheet.

Artwork for sale should depict your own original characters, unless: (a.) you have written permission from the character's owner, or (b.) the work is obviously a parody. Except for parodies, artwork depicting trademarked characters cannot be offered for sale because, as Anthrocon is the seller of record, we are not licensed to sell them. Works found to contain unauthorized depictions of others' intellectual property may be removed from display or marked "Not For Sale" by the Art Show Director upon request from rightsholders or their representatives.

All flat art should be matted and backed, framed, or otherwise mounted, ready to hang upon arrival. Framed works should have a wire for hanging, securely attached to the artwork. Glass mountings are not allowed. The idea is to protect the artwork and minimize the amount of fuss needed to display it. Contact the Art Show Director at artshow AT if you have questions or an unusual situation.

If you have small works (flat or three-dimensional), we recommend you provide a case to hold the items, the better to safeguard them from damage or theft.

Prints are defined as mechanically-reproduced photoprints, serigraphs, lithographs, photocopies, laserprints, or other multiple-copy items. (Hand-colored lithographs are considered original art.) Only single copies of prints will be allowed in the Art Show. As mentioned above, we do not offer a Print Shop for the sale of multiple copies of prints.

Any item created using a computer or other method which can be used to produce multiple copies (e.g., screen printing) must be indicated as a print in the "medium" description on the bid sheet unless accompanied by a notarized statement from the artist affirming that it is a unique work and that no further copies will be made.

Display Space

The display unit for flat art is the pegboard panel, 2 ft. wide by 4 ft. high (approx. 60 cm wide by 120 cm high). The display unit for 3-D art is the half-table, which is 3 ft. long by 30 inches deep (approx. 90 cm long by 75 cm deep). You must specifically reserve space for each area in which you wish to display work: General Gallery and Mature Gallery.

Please note that our panel units are smaller than those of many other cons. This is to avoid dealing with fractional reservations. Feel free to request two or three or more panels to get the amount of space you need.

When reserving your space, please keep in mind that you must allow space for mats, hanging hooks, adequate clearance, and for bid sheets around your pieces. Your artwork may not extend beyond the edge of any panel or table, and it may not interfere with any works displayed by any other artist. One panel will typically hold six 9" x 12" or A4-size (21 cm x 29.7 cm) matted pieces. Bid sheets are 4.25" wide x 5.5" high (10.8 cm x 14 cm, approx. A6-size). Allow 3" (8 cm) above the top of each piece for clips and hooks. The top 2" (5 cm) of each panel is unusable because of the panel supports; a sign for each artist is attached there.

Floor space for large free-standing artwork (e.g. sculpture or costumes, or works on easels you bring) must be arranged with the Art Show Director by the reservation deadline; please contact him and include all details about the piece(s) and supports (if any).

Agents and Mail-In Service

If you cannot attend Anthrocon, you may be represented by an agent at the convention. An agent is simply someone you authorize to act on your behalf in dealing with the Art Show at the convention. He or she will bring, hang and pick up your artwork, do your paperwork, etc. -- i.e., perform the normal duties and accept the responsibilities you would if you were present. Typically, an agent is an artist's friend or acquaintance who is attending the convention anyway. One person can act as an agent for several artists. There is no set limit to the number of artists an agent can represent, but remember, it takes time to hang the art and do the paperwork: it could take several hours for several artists.

We no longer offer mail-in service. We feel it best to devote our efforts to the artists and agents who invest the time and expense to attend the convention.

Fees and Commissions

Anthrocon is a registered not-for-profit organization, but we must collect a 15% commission on sales to cover the expenses of running the Art Show. (Neither Anthrocon nor its staff profit from this.) Those who paid for space in the Dealers Room receive a discount of 2.5 percentage points (i.e., a rate of 12.5%).

On a case-by-case basis, we may also pass along any expenses incurred in accommodating special requests. This may include such things as fees for electrical use, shipping expenses if you leave unsold artwork behind, etc.

Please be realistic in estimating how much space you'll need. We considered charging a hanging fee in an attempt to discourage people from requesting a lot of space and then canceling shortly before the con, or giving back much of it at the con, or simply not showing up without telling us. Last year 70 spaces ended up vacant (including 9 table spaces, which we have to pay for) which other artists might have reserved. We will not charge a hanging fee this year.

Union Labor Issues

Any convention facility large enough to house Anthrocon has a unionized work force. We are quite fortunate that the unions who are contracted by the David L. Lawrence Convention Center are reasonable and have been willing to work with us on many issues. It is important that artists understand the issues that pertain to the Art Show:

In general, artists may bring in only what they can carry by themselves in one trip. If you have too much to manage on your own, or if you must use a cart (your own or borrowed), Anthrocon will hire Union labor during the designated load-in and load-out times, at no additional cost to artists for this service. During the specific times the Union team is on duty, artists are allowed to use a small 2-wheeled luggage case (such as one sees in airports) to make one trip into the exhibition hall. If you have more than can be managed this way, you must bring your items to the loading dock area (if you have a car) or to the security desk in the West Lobby (if you are on foot) to be carted to the exhibition hall by the Union labor. The Union team will be available (tentatively) from 6-9 PM on Thursday and from 9 AM - noon on Friday to bring items in. Likewise, they will be available from 4-8 PM on Sunday to help bring items to the loading dock or convention center lobby. At any other times, no carts of any kind may be brought in. Anything that cannot be carried in by hand must be left at the door to be brought in by union personnel.

Large displays that require more than one person to assemble, or which require power tools, will have to be assembled with the help of Union labor. Please contact Anthrocon immediately to arrange for this specialized service.

We understand that this may be something new to some of our artists. Please bear in mind that this is standard practice for large venues such as this one. Only those artists with large, heavy artwork are likely to be impacted by this, and even those will incur no added cost.

It is important that Anthrocon maintain a strong and friendly working relationship with the local staff. If you have any disagreements or issues with any Union or Non-Union Convention Center employee, please do not argue with them. Bring your disagreement to the Art Show Director or to the Chairman.

Artists Expected to Participate
as of May 17, 2015
If your favorite artist isn't listed, complain to him or her, because we didn't receive a reservation!

693mer (via agent) Gypsy Cart (via agent) Rebeccah Ortiz
Ace Kirsten Victoria Harper ("Tidma") Laura Pearson
Aelius Harusuke (via agent) Porco (via agent)
Agent Elrond Hibbary Raimu (via agent)
AlectorFencer Hilock Twelve (via agent) Raven Timberwolf
Alice Alexia Bill Holbrook Red Dog
Anyare Hopeful Monster Studios RedCoatCat
AR.GI.BI. Creative Studio Ifus Sara Rubenstein ("TimeChaser")
ArughaSatoru (via agent) Imuhata Rukis
Aster (via agent) Ingi (via agent) SalonKitty
Ruben Avila Inked Fur Samoht Lion
Azuma (via agent) Ishaway Sandy Schreiber
Big Bad Bear Iwatobineko (via agent) Sandra SanTara (via agent)
Blitz Kangaroo Jess Hillard (via agent) Sarity
Blitzava Jim Zuck Satoko (via agent)
Lis Boriss ("Lizardbeth") Kacey Miyagami Scardy Kat
Renee Britton ("Zoroko") Kai Nimura Scurrow
Heather Bruton Keedot Theadeaus Shaffer ("Akira Shima")
BushyCat Daniel Keller ("Hoagiebot") (via agent) ShinigamiGirl
Captain Furry Nathan Kelly ShiroTora
Chance Parker Art Kenket Ellen Siergiej ("Kyote")
Chiobsidian Kijani Silent Ravyn
Chrysalis Leather Works (via agent) Kimba Snowpaw SirFox
Chumbasket Tina Klein-Lebbink Sirokoma (via agent)
Sarah Clemens (via agent) Kari L. Korthals (via agent) Skulldog
Coybeast Coey Kuhn ("COEY!") Stephanie Sopa
Crux Kurra Dragon Sparrow Rauda MMXIV (via agent)
CZGoldEdition & Feather Critter Lassie (via agent) SpartaDog
Danji Isthmus Michele Light Matthew Spencer ("CannedTalent")
Dark Natasha Little Gray Tiger (via agent) Sssage
Darren Waud & Bela Maróti ("Simul") LOBA Diana Harlan Stein
Dergish Lovewin / Divi Syndactyl Arts
Dinobutt Lucianthinus Tag Staggard
Holly Dowidat ("Claypaws") Brenda Lyons ("Windfalcon") Talenshi
E C Major Madaragi (via agent) TaniDaReal
Eidolun mala Tayuta (via agent)
EosFoxx (via agent) Mehndi Temperance
Anya R Ewing ("CZGoldEdition") Micheil T. Murray (aka Makoto) Tex Tubs
F is for Photography Mike-son Tygurstar
Timothy Fay ("Tim_Kangaroo") Jennifer Miller ("Nambroth") Tyrrlin
Feather Critter (via agent) Miss Oro Ursula Vernon
Feline Element Miyamoto Jiro Violet Neko
Floppybelly Moth Monarch Audrey Walker
Fol-ko (via agent) Mottenfest (via agent) WildOak (via agent)
Foxboy83 Myenia (via agent) Yiffmasters
Foxy Nakahira (via agent) Melanie Zellner
M K Frisby ("Mantis") Nightinglark Zhivago
Frothymess NightlineZ Zinfandel Van der Haar Stone
Steve A. Gallacci (via agent) Oosaki Eru (via agent) Zrcalo (via agent)
Christy Grandjean ("Goldenwolf") (via agent)

Any questions? Check the Art Show FAQs or e-mail us!

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