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Anthrocon 2015 was a fantastic convention, with attendance of over 6300 and more than 160 artists participating in the Art Show. Sales are now being tallied, and payment checks will be issued by August 24.

Unclaimed Artwork
Artist Payments Information
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Unclaimed Artwork
A number of people did not pick up and pay for their artwork at the con. In many cases, it was one or two pieces overlooked, which is understandable given the amount of artwork involved. Some people may have had to leave early because of travel arrangements. A small number of people may have decided they just didn't want to wait in line, in which case if they repeat such behavior, they will be unwelcome to bid in future Art Shows.

All of the unclaimed artwork is now in the possession of the Art Show Director, who will contact each buyer with details and payment options. If you receive such a notice, please respond promptly. We must settle the matter quickly and close the books before our fiscal year ends August 31. Carrying these over to next year's books is an accounting headache.

Artist Payments Information

When will I get my check?

Payments for sales are issued within 45 days of the end of the convention. For 2015, that is August 24. Of course, allow a few days' delivery time for your check actually to arrive. Payments outside the USA are sent by air mail. International Postal Money Orders can take as much as an extra week to obtain before mailing.

To tally the sales, the bid sheets for every item sold (over a thousand) are sorted by artist. When you checked out at the end of the Art Show, we made a note of how many pieces you've sold. Then we can tell, as we're sorting the bid sheets, when we've done all the bid sheets for your pieces, and we can compare the bid sheets with your Control Form to make sure all pieces are accounted for, calculate the payment amount, and write and send you your check.

However, if there is some irregularity in your paperwork, or if you did not sell all your artwork and neglected to check out, we can't figure out and solve the problem until all the bid sheets have been sorted, so you will be among the last paid. (In reality the "sorting" is all done on computer, but this describes the method -- and, in case of computer failure, it could all be done manually.)

How can I get paid faster?

Please notify us if your address changes, and (especially if you're sharing a residence with someone else) make sure you inform your local Post Office of your current address. Checks are sent by first class mail, which the Post Office may not deliver if they don't have the addressee's name on file as residing at the address indicated. (Unlike junk mail which gets delivered anyway, no matter to whom it's addressed.) Make sure there's a label with your name on your mailbox, too.

What if my check gets lost or destroyed?

If you haven't received your payment by September 1, please contact artshow (AT) Mail does get misdirected or delayed. Sometimes it gets returned marked "addressee unknown" for no apparent reason. That's why we ask for your phone number -- we'll never call except in critical situations such as this, when there's no other way to contact you.

If you do receive your check but the dog eats it, it goes through the laundry, etc. just let us know, we'll send you a replacement. Don't try to fool us and cash both of them, though -- that'll get you permanently banned, and we may file fraud charges.

Will I get paid faster if I complain to Kage, or in public, about it?

No. Kage has nothing to do with tallying up the Art Show sales. That's all done by the Art Show Director, Peter Kappesser (PeterCat), who runs his own business as well as having family obligations which must take precedence over Anthrocon matters. It takes as long as it takes to tally up the sales, and payments are issued as quickly as possible, balancing all the circumstances. Public comments only delay things, as time is spent responding to the comments instead of processing payments.

Will I find out the price each piece sold for, and who bought it?

Yes, with your payment check you will receive a sales report listing the price for each piece sold, when it sold (bid line or at auction), and the name and address of the buyer.

When will information for 2016 be available?

After payments are done, we'll be taking a few months off to recuperate. The artists' information packet with the display rules and a space reservation form will be available early next year. To receive one, please send your full (legal) name and postal address to artshow (AT) and you will be placed on our mailing list for the next Anthrocon.

Any other questions? Check the Art Show FAQs or email us!

Anthrocon 2015 Art Show Awards
Chairman Kage's Choice Rukis, "I Thought I Lost You"
Director PeterCat's Choice Frothymess, "Valkyrie"
Popular Choice Tex Tubs, "Furry Art"
Staff Choice Christy Grandjean ("Goldenwolf"), "Star Lord"
Honorable Mention
Awarded By Chairman Kage
AlectorFencer, "Are You There"
Honorable Mention
Awarded By Chairman Kage
Kenket, "Robin Hood"
Honorable Mention
Awarded By Chairman Kage
Jennifer Miller ("Nambroth"), "Touched by Flame"
Honorable Mention Lindsey Burcar ("Rhos"), "Forging the Iron Throne"
Honorable Mention Hrybyk, Lychgate, "Yeehaw Asshole"
Honorable Mention Sarity, "Canis Amorus"
Honorable Mention Syndactyl Arts, "Leather Pup Hood"
Honorable Mention Wayward Leather Design, "Burb the Phoenix"

Popular Choice and Staff Choice were selected by secret ballot of bidders and staff. The others were chosen by the individuals named. Honorable Mentions were the "strong second choices."

Participating Artists

Updated July 11, 2015

693mer (via agent) Kenket TaniDaReal
Hibbary ShiroTora Holly Dowidat ("Claypaws")
Porco (via agent) Lindsey Burcar ("Rhos") mala
Ace Keovi Tayuta (via agent)
Amber Hill ("Vantid") Ellen Siergiej ("Kyote") E C Major
Raimu (via agent) BushyCat Mehndi
Aelius Kijani Temperance
Hilock Twelve (via agent) Silent Ravyn Eidolun
Red Dog Captain Furry Micheil T. Murray (aka Makoto)
Agent Elrond Kimba Snowpaw Tex Tubs
Bill Holbrook Simul Anya R Ewing ("CZGoldEdition")
RedCoatCat Carousel Horse Lamp Michi
AlectorFencer Tina Klein-Lebbink Tygurstar
Hopeful Monster Studios SirFox F is for Photography
Rhia Chance Parker Art MidnightDraven
Alice Alexia Kristina Koch ("Sylvernight", "Night-eco") Tyrrlin
Hrybyk / Lychgate Sirokoma (via agent) Timothy Fay ("Tim_Kangaroo")
Rome (via agent) Chiobsidian Mike-son
Anteatr Kofu (via agent) Jessica Van Camp ("Sssage")
Ifus Skulldog Feather Critter (via agent)
Sara Rubenstein ("TimeChaser") Chrysalis Leather Works (via agent) Jennifer Miller ("Nambroth")
AR.GI.BI. Creative Studio Kari L. Korthals (via agent) Van-Weasel
Imuhata Slipstreme Feline Element
Rukis Chumbasket Miss Oro
ArughaSatoru (via agent) Coey Kuhn ("COEY!") Ursula Vernon
Ingi (via agent) Sparrow Rauda MMXIV (via agent) Firefeathers (via agent)
Samoht Lion Sarah Clemens (via agent) Miyamoto Jiro
Aster (via agent) Kurra Dragon Violet Neko
InkedFur SpartaDog Floppybelly
Sandy Schreiber Caitlin Como Moth Monarch
Athena's Wink Lassie (via agent) Audrey Walker
Ishaway Matthew Spencer ("CannedTalent") Fol-ko (via agent)
Sandra SanTara (via agent) Coybeast Mottenfest (via agent)
Ruben Avila Michele Light Wayward Leather Design
Jess Hillard (via agent) Diana Harlan Stein Foxy
Sarity Coyote Solitarius (via agent) Myenia (via agent)
Azuma (via agent) Little Gray Tiger (via agent) WildOak (via agent)
Jim Zuck Stevie McJigglemeats M K Frisby ("Mantis")
Satoko (via agent) Crux Nakahira (via agent)
Big Bad Bear LOBA (via agent) WoLf 2Tails
Kacey Miyagami Caitlin Stone ("Cissa") Frothymess
Scardy Kat CZGoldEdition & Feather Critter Nightinglark
Blitz Kangaroo Lovewin / Divi Yiffmasters
Kai Nimura Studio Cute Christy Grandjean ("Goldenwolf") (via agent)
Scriber Danji Isthmus (via agent) NightlineZ
Blitzava Lucianthinus Foxfeather R. Zenkova (via agent)
Keedot Syndactyl Arts Gypsy Cart (via agent)
Scurrow Dark Natasha Oosaki Eru (via agent)
Lis Boriss ("Lizardbeth") Brenda Lyons ("Windfalcon") Zhivago
Daniel Keller ("Hoagiebot") (via agent) Tag Staggard Kirsten Victoria Harper ("Tidma")
Theadeaus Shaffer ("Akira Shima") Dergish painteddog
Renee Britton ("Zoroko") Madaragi (via agent) Zinfandel Van der Haar Stone
Nathan Kelly Talenshi Harusuke (via agent)
ShinigamiGirl Dinobutt Laura Pearson
Heather Bruton Magical_HATz Zrcalo (via agent)

More questions? Check the Art Show FAQs or email us!
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