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The Anthrocon 2017 Art Show is the best in furrydom, with more than 130 artists participating! As always, it features some of the finest anthropomorphic art from all corners of the globe. Original artwork is sold by written bid, with a voice auction taking place Sunday, July 2 for those pieces which receive enough written bids. Auctioneer Dr. Samuel Conway ("Uncle Kage") returns once again to provide an event that is as much entertainment as it is commerce. We will also have a separate gallery for mature artwork, inaccessible to minors, with a separate voice auction Saturday night.

Art Show Hours
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Art Show Hours

Please check for late changes at the con!

The Art Show will take place in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Hall B/C (next to the Dealers Room and Artists' Alley).

Friday, June 30:
10am Artist check-in begins
2-6pm Art Show open to bidders
9-11pm Artists & Dealers Reception (by invitation only)

Saturday, July 1:
10am-6pm Art Show open to bidders
6pm Mature Gallery written bidding closes
11pm Mature Gallery voice auction begins (DLCC Room 413-415)

Sunday, July 2:
10am-Noon General Gallery open to bidders
Noon General Gallery written bidding closes
2pm General Gallery voice auction begins (DLCC Room 413-415)
2-5pm Sales, artist check-out

If you're interested in bidding on artwork:

  1. Sign up for a bidder number in the Art Show. (DLCC Hall C)
    • To save time at the con, the Bidding Rules and Info form is now available for downloading. Read over the rules, fill out and sign the form and bring it with you to the Art Show to get your bidder number.
    • Write your name, bidder number (not badge number) and amount of bid on the bid sheet.
      • Fill in the next open line from the top.
      • Bid only in whole dollar increments.
      • Keep in mind that 7% sales tax will be collected on all sales.
      • Be certain! A bid is a binding obligation to buy the item.
      • Do not cross out anything on the bid sheet.
    • Defend your bid - check on it several times before closing.
      • The Mature Gallery closes Saturday night at 6pm.
      • The General Gallery closes Sunday at noon.
    • Attend the closing of the Gallery.
      • The Art Show crew will begin clearing the room from the back.
      • Stay and defend your bids until the Art Show crew "wall" reaches your location.
      • You can go from piece to piece as needed ahead of the "wall."
      • This is the only way to find out if any of the pieces you're bidding on go to voice auction.
      • If any do, attend the voice auction, as someone can still outbid you there and win!
    • Pick up and pay for your art Sunday afternoon from 2-5pm.
      • If you don't, you will be charged for shipping in addition to the price of the piece (and sales tax).
      • If you will not be here Sunday, ask for a sales pickup authorization to allow someone else to pick up and pay.
      • A limited number of people with early departures may be allowed to pick up starting at 1 pm. Please inquire when signing up for your bidder number.

To reserve display space in the Art Show:

It's too late to send in an advance reservation, but there is usually some leftover space available as artists discover they are unable to fill all the space they reserved.

Artists without reservations may walk-in to claim leftover space at the con after noon on Friday, June 30. Download and read the rules, fill out the Space Reservation form included in the file and bring it with you -- don't mail it! You may also download the Con Forms file in the next section to familiarize yourself with the forms (or if you're really optimistic, to print and fill out your bid sheets -- but please understand there's no guarantee you'll be able to get any space, if enough others claim it all before you arrive).

If you've sent in a reservation for display space:

If you have not received any confirmation or paperwork, please contact the Art Show director immediately! by e-mail at artshow AT or by phone at 307-ARTYFUR (+1 307 278 9387).

If your reservation has been confirmed, you should have already received forms and instructions in the mail. You can also download them below, in PDF format. Important Note: The Control Form is a 3-part, no-carbon-required form, which provides copies for you when you check-in and check-out. If you don't need copies for your records, you may print 1 copy from the PDF to give to us. If you do want copies for your records, print 3 copies, or obtain the 3-part form at the con.

Bid Sheets are included in the big Con Forms file, but also available separately. In both files, the Bid Sheets are PDF forms -- you can type in the info about your pieces, and print! (Mac users: Sorry, some versions of Preview don't handle the form correctly. Please use Google Chrome if you experience difficulty.)

Sales Payments

Payments for sales are issued within 45 days of the end of the convention. For 2017, that is August 14. That represents a worst-case situation -- in many cases checks are sent much sooner. Of course, allow a few days' delivery time for the check actually to arrive. Payments outside the USA are sent by air mail. International Postal Money Orders can take as much as an extra week to obtain before mailing.

Artists Expected to Participate
as of June 21, 2017
If your favorite artist isn't listed, complain to him or her, because we didn't receive a reservation!

Aelius INKtiger RedCoatCat
Alastair Wildfire Ishaway Brian Rubenstein ("Skarlath ")
Michael Albers ("Scrolling Fantasy") Chelsea Ising ("SkyTea") Sara Rubenstein ("TimeChaser")
AR.GI.BI. Creative Studio Jim Zuck Rukis
Astaria Sasha R. Jones ("CaelanSky") Samoht Lion
Ruben Avila Kacey Miyagami Sandy Schreiber
Lis Boriss ("Lizardbeth") Kai Nimura Sandra SanTara (via agent)
Heather Bruton Kaysha Siemens Fine Art and Illustration SarahCat
BushyCat Daniel Keller ("Hoagiebot") (via agent) Sarity
BusinessWolf Keovi Scoot Moondog
Centradragon Kijani Scrapteeth
Chum Basket Kari L. Korthals (via agent) Scriber
Sarah Clemens (via agent) Coey Kuhn ("COEY!") Scurrow
CZGoldEdition Ellen "Kyote" Siergiej Jason Shaneyfelt ("Suits Fur The Soul (Brutis Longma)")
Dark Natasha Lady Distort ShinigamiGirl (via agent)
Denali Lobita LilShark Skulldog
DiZZiNESS Carrie Lindstrom Slipstreme
Malina Dowling ("voidbug") Liyoht Spaceweasel
Edgar Kingmaker LOBA (via agent) SpartaDog
ESion (via agent) Lock Meredith Staton ("Merebear")
Timothy Fay ("Tim_Kangaroo") LYCHGATE Diana Harlan Stein
Feather Critter (via agent) Brenda Lyons ("Windfalcon") Sabrina Stein
FelineElement Mala Stone Studios
Felix9 Malachyte Studio Cute
Izabela Feret ("FeretStudios") Mariposa Miniatures Surya Asura
Spain Fischer ("Sophie Cabra") Clair McEldowney ("Jaye Creations") Talenshi
Margaret Flanagan Mehndi TaniDaReal
Fol-ko (via agent) Mel Teiirka
Freckles Melissa Mendelson Art Katie Thierolf ("Rowkey")
Frothymess (via agent) Mer da (via agent) Toy Pony Studios
Laura Garabedian (via agent) Micheil T. Murray (aka Makoto) Trot L'Oeil
Gin no Ryuu Michelle Moss Two Tail Creations
Glittertooth Moth Monarch Tyrrlin
GoldenDruid Nakahira (via agent) Austin Vanderwilt ("Lucheek")
Christy Grandjean ("Goldenwolf") (via agent) NeonSlushie Violet Neko
Amber Hall ("Lucianthinus") NightlineZ VJCoon
Hibbary Pacific Autumn Vulturesong
Hibiscus Stitch painteddog whitewer
Mallory Hodgkin ("stablercake") The Pampurred Kitten Wolf-n-Cubs
Cristobal Jofré Hoffmann ("Negger") Stacey Pefferkorn ("Algy") WolfMaille Creations
Bill Holbrook Erika Pino Wolver Mustang
Hopeful Monster Studios Quack Quack Honk Designs Eric Zawrotny ("Sebastian")
Luis Huerta ("GamutFeathers") Raimu (via agent) Foxfeather R. Zenkova
Imuhata Raven Timberwolf Zyleeth
Ingi (via agent)

Any questions? Check the Art Show FAQs or e-mail the Art Show Director at artshow AT!

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