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Anthrocon 2010 Programming Schedule will be available in June

What's there to do at Anthrocon? Aside from meeting all those people you've been curious about, that is? Anthrocon provides a strong schedule of premiere anthropomorphics programming. That schedule will be finalized about 2-3 weeks before the convention so you can plan. To get an idea of what sort of things go on and when things happne, you can look at last year's schedule by clicking here. Below are some of the highlights of the programming fare we will be offering:

Representing scores of participating artists, the Anthrocon Art Show exhibits and sells original artworks of a science fiction, fantasy and/or fannish nature, especially those relating to anthropomorphics. Artists offer works in various media, both flat (sketches, pen-and-ink drawings, paintings, etc.) and 3-dimensional (sculpture, masks, costumes, etc.) for display and sale.

Artists Alley is a place for artists to sit and draw, to show off their artistic talents, and maybe even to sell a print or two. It complements the Art Show as a showcase for the amazing creativity found in the Anthropomorphics community.

Anthrocon hosts one of the largest dealers rooms of any Anthropomorphics convention in the world. A wide variety of anthropomorphic-related books and media as well as a plethora of art and other furry-related items are available throughout all three days of the con.

Each year Anthrocon picks a different charity for which the furry community can benefit via an auction. The charity for 2009 is the Animal Rescue League Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Learn more about them on our Charity Page!

Some of the larger social events are our dances which feature a wide variety of dance music as well as "fursuit-friendly" events. Check them out on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

The Anthrocon Masquerade is an event designed to provide amateur and professional costumers a showcase in which to combine the creativity of costume design with performance skills. If you are a costumer, the Masquerade is the prime location to express yourself through these particular talents while helping to provide a memorable entertainment experience for Anthrocon attendees.

Hundreds of fursuiters will gather for a grand march through the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. The event showcases the awesome talent of some of the fandom's finest costume designers. Have your camera ready and make sure the batteries are fresh!

Uncle Kage's Story Hour
UKSH has been a traditional feature at Anthrocon since its inception. Come listen to the tales, all of which Uncle Kage maintains are 100% true and unembellished.

2, the Ranting Gryphon
The finest comic talent in Furry Fandom and a fixture at Anthrocon. Join him for an hour (or more!) of laughs and razor-sharp wit!

And Much More!

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