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- Anthrocon 2014 - SECRET SOCIETY BADGES! -

Wed, 2014-04-16 17:46

Secret Society badges available for Anthrocon 2014. Want to show off something neat with this secret society design? Each badge is only $35.00 + shipping to those who will be attending Anthrocon. If you are not, you can still order one right now off the website at


About the badges!

Each society themed badge comes with the following customization options & features!

★ Unique ID# for Re-Ordering Badge in case it get's lost.
★ Badges are 2 1/2in x 4in with lamination
★ Pick your Secret Society ( ex: Dancerfurs )
★ Choose your badge color!
★ Each background paw-print will match it's species.
★ Qr Coded information really works! ( add whatever you want for scanning! )
★ Icon to match Qcode information also included on ID!
★ Customize words under barcode & next to photo to make it more personal! ( barcode is not a working code )
★ Specify your characters expression!
★ Back of badge matches badge color up front!
★ ID is laminated and sent with it's own badge clip!</span>

If you have any questions feel free to go to our website's contact page:


Thank you for any interest and we hope to make you a badge soon!

Happy Wolf Day Fire Wolf66

Tue, 2014-04-01 00:40
I would like to wish firewolf66 a happy firey wolf day and I do hope you enjoy your wolf day until you howl yourself into another year older.

Charity Auction/Raffle donations needed!

Fri, 2014-02-28 09:39
As you may have heard, Anthrocon's selected charity this year is The National Aviary, the nation's only independent indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated to birds. While cash donations made at the convention are great, the majority of funds are raised via donations of artwork and merchandise to our Charity Auction and Charity Raffle. We're looking for popular items and unique craftwork that will make people say, "I want that!"

While we must distribute items between the Raffle and Auction based on available space, time, and perceived and past value, here are some examples of donations that went big in past years...

Great examples for the raffle: Crafts based on hot trends (Harry Potter handmade house scarves - $57); Large amounts of candy (5lb Hershey bar, 9.25lb Nestle Crunch bar - $70); Art bought at prior convention art shows ("Wrath" art by Terrie Smith - $83); Giant, brand new plush of popular characters (Large "Bolt" plush - $107); Merchandise based on popular fiction (Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver - $158)

Great examples for the auction: Fursuit costumes and commissions (Husky fursuit head - $160); Rare convention memorabilia (Full set of all AC t-shirts since 1997 - $200); Professional sculpture (Dragon statue - $225); Unique opportunities (A speaking part in audio version of Diane Duane's "The Last Meow" - $500); Dorsai fursuit tags (Tag #1000 - $1600)

If you have an item you believe would be appropriate and would like to donate, please contact charity-2014(at)!

Helpful links:

Charity Auction/Raffle FAQ -

Charity Auction/Raffle Rules -

The National Aviary -