Anthrocon 2013 Charity Event Followup

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"Co-founder, Charity Director"
Posts: 409

Hi, and welcome to the 2013 edition of the Anthrocon Charity Events Followup!

Anthrocon raised a new record total of $31,255 for Equine Angels Rescue, our supported charity this year. Thanks very much to Pam Vivirito, Annamaria Carrington, and all the volunteers from Equine Angels Rescue who came out to participate!

More special thanks are in order to the following groups and individuals:

* To all the donors who contributed artwork and merchandise to the auction and raffle, and to all those who both bid at the auction and bought raffle tickets.

* To the Dorsai Irregulars, Anthrocon's security contingent, who contributed the last fursuit slapband, the Elevator Golden Ticket for 2014, and raised additional funds at the elevators.

* To Dr. Samuel Conway and 2, the Ranting Gryphon, for their charity performance for which all ticket sales were donated to charity. Also, again to Dr. Conway for his annual auctioneering skills.

* To all the fursuiters and their handlers who volunteered their time for fursuit "bucket brigade" duties.

* To the Westin, Omni, and DoubleTree who each generously offered up a four-night stay during Anthrocon 2014.

* To all the attendees who bought merchandise and made cash donations to Equine Angel Rescue's donations jar at their table, which is always a large percentage of the total funds raised.

I would like to give thanks to my staff who helped conduct both the charity auction and raffle. None of this could've occurred without the assistance of Shaun "Stahi" Daugherty and Trevor "Mr. Mutt" Boyd. Also thanks to the volunteers who were able to spare some time to assist.

Unclaimed low-ticket raffle items were donated to Equine Angels Rescue for their use. Unclaimed high-ticket raffle items will be re-raffled next year.

Results will be tentative for a month or two after publication of this summary to account for additional incoming donations and human error.

Finally, here are all the details.

Charity Auction (in no particular order) [donor - item - sale price]:

Windshear's Wares - Giant plush bear - $75
Animal - Wolf blanket - $80
Jake Stein - "Standing Proud" print #5 of 5 by Taurin Fox - $50
Rally & Ahzlon - VT Rally Team poster (x2) signed by Dave Higgins & Craid Drew - $30
Salem Wolf - My Little Pony Tales production cel & pencil sketches - $60
Leve - Melissa & Doug plush lion - $70
Anthrocon - 2013 fursuiter badges 069, 366, 666 - $300
RockitFox - Husky fursuit head - $160
Tony Ringtail - Printed photo of 2003 fursuit parade - $55
Omni William Penn - Four nights in Omni William Penn for Anthrocon 2014 - $1000
Anthrocon - Anthrocon city shirt - $65
Hopeful Monster Studios - Cruinn Drac Farms "boob-head" wyrm - $200
Animal - Dragon statue w/ light - $125
Anthrocon & Dragonscales Photography - Vinyl-printed 2013 fursuit photo - $500
Folkmanis - Signed Folkmanis puppet (choice of one) [set 1] - $75
Folkmanis - Signed Folkmanis puppet (choice of one) [set 2] - $85
Folkmanis - Signed Folkmanis puppet (2nd choice of one) [set 2] - $80
Diana Gladstone - KitchenAid Mixer & Food Grinder - $360
Anthrocon - 2013 fursuiter badges THX1138, 1200, 420 - $150
Larry Dixon - Conbook cover print for Anthrocon 2013 - $200
Salem Wolf - My Little Pony framed watercolor sketch cards by Katie Cook - $125
Dorsai Irregulars - Final fursuiter slapband #379 - $385
Folkmanis - Signed raccoon & sheepdog puppets - $110
Westin - Four nights in Westin for Anthrocon 2014 - $1500
Dorsai Irregulars - Golden Elevator Ticket - $350
Anthrocon - Giant fursuiter tag #1000000 - $3500
Sardyuon - Fursuit badge by Sardyuon - $400

Auction total: $10,090

Raffle (in no particular order) [donor - item - ticket sales @ $1 each]: - 4x color-change mugs from Furry Picnic 2013 - $52
Dr. Gerbasi - Russian wild canine nesting dolls - $144
Mercedes Lackey - Handmade necklaces - $77
Chantilly Cat - Border collie plush - $72
Anonymous - Lion paperweight sculpture - $20
Anonymous - "The Unscratchables" HC by Cornelius Kane - $4
Danruk - White tiger, big cat, giraffe 2XL t-shirts - $37
Brenda Lyons (Windfalcon) - "Shelter" painted feather, framed - $84
Anonymous - Tiger wall hanging - $18
Mosaic's Art Dolls - Art doll DIY kit - $11
Anonymous - Ty "Slush" Beanie-Boo - $18
Phantomwolf Apparel - Anthrocon unofficial XL polo - $18
Joatmon - My Little Pony Rainbow Dash belt, Derpy belt - $53
Ekim Flow - Beaver stuffing kit - $1
Windrunner - "Catspaw" signed & numbered print by KC Lancaster - $7
Heather Bruton - "Charity" original acrylic art - $74
Tiger Torre Art - Vintage horse art prints & 12 photo postcards - $7
Offworld Designs - "I Love BroNY" XL t-shirt - $7
Rain Oubliette - Crocheted pony scarf - $12
Robin Wahls - Hand-knitted horse purse - $6
Kasi Frost - 4x large t-shirts - $55
Anonymous - Pinky & the Brain snow globe - $24
Theresa Muth - My Little Pony crochet (Anthrocon ed.) - $19
Jim & Crystal Martin - Basket w/ plush ponies - $40
Anthrocon - Flashing Anthrocon promo cup - $68
Nimbus Wolf - Sealed Disney's "Robin Hood" VHS - $10
Joatmon - My Little Pony papercraft, enamel pins, keychain & mini-plush - $74
Danruk - Cheetah & wolf XL t-shirts - $30
Kasi Frost - 6x medium t-shirts - $52
Brenda Lyons (Windfalcon) - "Lord & Lady" original watercolor - $43
Joatmon - My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Build-A-Bear plush w/ shoes & gala dress - $109
Zach Lucas - Artisan "Destroyer" whole bean espresso - $42
Jim & Crystal Martin - Basket w/ plush panda, meerkat & wolf - $49
Theresa Muth - Angry Birds & Pig crochet - $7
DoubleTree - Four nights in DoubleTree for Anthrocon 2014 - $430
Mr. Mutt - Cameesa crowdfunded large "Fire Dog" t-shirt - $37
Anonymous - Wolf bobble-head - $20
Joatmon - My Little Pony 2XL t-shirts, socks - $61
Joatmon - Rainbow Dash wallets - $66
Folkmanis - Folkmanis mug - $2
Mephitis - Scrollsaw horse - $8
Chance Parker - "Carpe Diem" framed print - $84
Further Confusion - 2x Further Confusion 2014 Sponsor memberships - $84
Further Confusion - Further COnfusion 2014 Patron membership - $67
Ed Trachtenberg - Set of four luggage bag tags - $19
Tsuneko's Strapping Male Enterprises - Handcrafted ringmail keychain w/ bell - $8
Soba - Set of three books from Hermux Tantamoq adventure series - $3
Lis "Lizardbeth" Boriss - "Blazin Cheetah Float" original art w/ AC-exclusive Mix! card - $34
Weremagnus - "Kirin Warrior Girl" original art & stickers/charms - $59
Friends of - Two novels & one graphic novel - $40
Tess Cooper - "I Could Fork You" book & action figure - $7
Amaruq - Scrollsaw hawk artwork - $81
Phantomwolf Apparel - Anthrocon unofficial Large polo - $23
Hiasaki Kitsune - Ancient Mew Pokemon cards, promo book, 2x strategy guides - $34
Kyell Gold - Firebird logo medium t-shirt, art by Blotch, signed by Kyell Gold - $19
Agent Elrond - "Tigerhorse" print - $15
Anonymous - Pinky & the Brain "sludge mug" - $20

Raffle total: $2,565

Donations from Registration - $54

Dr. Gerbasi's Furry Survey donation - $100

There Ultra Lounge donation - $152

Tani Da Real Anthrocon city shirt donation - $300

Dorsai Irregulars security donation - $446

Fox Amoore performance - $583

F***YeahFursuiting donation - $750

Salem Wolf - A truckload of equine supplies worth $890

Charity Poker Tournament - $1,792

Fursuiter Bucket Brigade - $1,893

Cash donations - $5,720

2 & Kage's Comedy Show (tix @ $10) - $6,810

Convention total: $31,255

Thanks again for a great year and see you all in 2014!

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secret_wolf's picture
Location: Williams, AZ
""go west young man!" they said "have an adventure" they said "
Posts: 21

Speaking of which I checked said beaver stuffing kit at the art show and Didn't get it back Sad oops


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Rigel's picture
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"Co-founder, Charity Director"
Posts: 409

Contact lost & found, it's probably there.

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Crimson's picture
Location: Blacksburg, VA
Posts: 12

It was, in fact, in lost-and-found as of 0300 Monday.

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"Convention total: $31,255"


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"I Furry, therefore I am."
Posts: 277

I sent Rigel a list of what I donated to Equine Angels Rescue and he suggested I could repost that list as a reply to this thread, sooo.....


The Horse items you listed as "a truckload of equine supplies" by me was the following...


From Big Dee's Tack & Vet Supply (


40 Strongid Paste Wormer - 23.6g Single Dose Syringe By Zoetis - $6.99 each


40 Zimecterin Gold Dewormer By Merial - $9.95 each


1 Rechargable Cordless Horse Clippers/Trimmers Medium By Wahl - $57.95 each


From Tractor Supply (


25 DuMOR Equine Fly Spray, 1 Qt. - $4.99 each


2 Purina Dobbin's Delights Apple & Oat Flavored Horse Treats 20 lbs bag - $14.99 each
Online listing for the 3.5 lbs package - 20 lbs bag not listed online for some reason.

Total from Salem Wolf $890.28

The Paste Wormer is usually given once every sixty days, rotating between the Strongid Paste and Zimecterin Gold Dewormers; what I gave will cover 20 horses for an 8 month period each. I'm happy to know that the Cordless Horse Clippers were much needed and glad I included them in the donations. I'm sure the Dobbins Delights Horse Cookies will be enjoyed by all over there as well.


I would like to give a very big Thank You Very Nice to Pam and Equine Angels Rescue who mentioned me by name and the items I donated for their horses during the closing ceremonies. That was sooo unexpected and gave me such a warm and furry feelin'....oooh, gosh! Hug


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Salem Wolf Banner Anthrocon

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Location: Sterling, Massachusetts, USA
Posts: 182

This is fantastic! Good job to all!

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Pamiiruq Sorrell, your resident huskytaur

talonsaurn's picture
Location: The Burbs Of NYC, NY, USA
Posts: 195

Wow, the raffles did quite well, I knew the hotel would get alot, but lots of 20-50 lots as well.. good deal on the raffles everyone. Was lucky enough to get the Pinky and the Brain mug, will always remind me of AC 2013

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Rigel's picture
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"Co-founder, Charity Director"
Posts: 409

Yes, this was the best year for raffle proceeds, it brought in about 40-60% more than our previous highest year.

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Location: Columbia, Tennessee
"I Furry, therefore I am."
Posts: 277

I have a question on the Charity Auction, in particular on the number of people I saw there. Is that the usual number that attend the auctions?

This was my first time at Anthrocon so I really do not have an idea on how popular this is in the past compared to what I saw on July 7th. I was looking forward to the auction in part because I donated two items, so I had an incentive to seek it out. My worry is since this is the first year that Anthrocon used rooms on the 4th floor and the auction was held on that level, could this have possibly hurt the number who may have gone to it?

Uncle Kage said one of the most asked questions to him was "Where is the 4th floor?" which he then pointed his finger up as the answer. When I went to that level, it appeared to me that almost nothing was going on there looking at the hallways on that level. So that at least may have cut down on the number of people who may have been passing by and said "Lets see whats going on in there"; I don't recall if there was any big sign outside the room for the auction for people to see, but if no one was really walking around on the 4th level, they would not see such a sign anyway.

Again, this was my first con' and don't have a clue on how many usually shows up, but thought I mention this just in case what I observed may be useful in the future.


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Salem Wolf Banner Anthrocon

Ron Bauerle's picture
Location: Erie, PA
Posts: 1202

I didn't get a good luck at the crowd since I sat in the front row, but my impression was that it wasn't down that much from previous crowds. Whether being on the 4th floor and/or up against Rapid T. Rabbit's show had any effect, I don't know.

I put in my con feedback that I didn't think Room 407 (the Lecture Hall) was all that conducive to auctions though, between the goofy lighting that took some doing to get configured correctly, and the tiered seating that prevented the runners from actually, er, running. But nobody other than those at the Mature Auction the night before would've known about these issues before the Charity Auction.

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The long-term goal is to have an image of the items projected on a screen behind the auctioneer.  The room is ideally set up for that.

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"Co-founder, Charity Director"
Posts: 409

Attendance was approximately the same as previous years by my eyeball estimate.  Many people show up late, so the starting attendance is about half what the final attendance ends up being.

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