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This isn't anything that's integral to the core of the site, but I thought I'd install something "fun" for a change. Smiling

The module is called "Hall of Fame" and can be found at:


It simply prints up statistics of whom the most active users on the system are. Note that this refers to forum posts and pages that are created, but not comments. Page/forum topic creations are listed first, then users by the number of comments are listed further down the page. And the reason why there's a huge number next to my name is because it counted all of the webpages I've created for the site. Sticking out tongue

Anyway, comments are welcome on this module. If anyone finds it particularly useful, do let me know!

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Awesome! Something for

Awesome! Something for people to strive for! Sticking out tongue

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From my experience with

From my experience with other forums I have always seen something that gives a reward, in this case being listed on the Hall of Fame, to posters for posting in high amounts as a dangerous thing. Many may strive to be on it to the point of potentially spamming, or creating seperate topics for things that shouldn't have one.

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Any sort of reward system

Any sort of reward system will be abused. Forums are no exception.

That being the case, it's one of the reasons I implemented comment moderation. I'm also going to look into hacking on Hall of Fame so that the average score of a poster's comments is displayed.

Anyone who causes serious enough problems to get my personal attention will be dealt with in creative ways. Smiling

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