Anthrocon 2014 Charity Event Followup

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"Co-founder, Charity Director"
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Hi, and welcome to the 2014 edition of the Anthrocon Charity Events Followup!

Anthrocon raised a new record total of $32,372 for The National Aviary, our supported charity this year. Thanks very much to Desiree Wienand and all their volunteers from the Aviary who came out to participate - some of whom joined us as existing and new fans!

We also set new records for money raised in the Raffle, the Bucket Brigade, and 2 & Kage's Comedy Show!

More special thanks are in order to the following groups and individuals:

* To all the donors who contributed artwork and merchandise to the auction and raffle, and to all those who both bid at the auction and bought raffle tickets.

* To the Dorsai Irregulars, Anthrocon's security contingent, who contributed the Elevator Golden Ticket for 2015, raised additional funds at the elevators, and acted as the Aviary's security escorts.

* To Dr. Samuel Conway and 2, the Ranting Gryphon, for their charity performance for which all ticket sales were donated to charity. Also, again to Dr. Conway for his annual auctioneering skills.

* To all the fursuiters and their handlers who volunteered their time for fursuit "bucket brigade" duties.

* To the Westin, Omni, DoubleTree, and for the first time the Courtyard, who each generously offered up a four-night stay during Anthrocon 2015.

* To all the attendees who bought merchandise and made cash donations to The national Aviary's donations box at their table, which is always a large percentage of the total funds raised.

* To the sudden generosity of attendees at our Closing Ceremonies, who stepped up to sail us into the record books by donating over $2000 in additional cash in two minutes.

I would like to give thanks to my staff who helped conduct both the charity auction and raffle. None of this could've occurred without the assistance of Mike "Mrianti" Pierce and Trevor "Mr. Mutt" Boyd. This entire endeavor was orchestrated with the hard work of only three Anthrocon staff members!

Unclaimed high-ticket raffle items will be re-raffled next year.

Results will be tentative for a month or two after publication of this summary to account for
additional incoming donations and human error.

Finally, here are all the details.

Charity Auction (in no particular order) [donor - item - sale price]:

Salem Wolf - "Brother Bear" lobby display - $30
Big Paw - "Simba & Uncle Scar" 1994 ltd. ed. engraving etch - $60
Amaruq - Scrollsaw redtail hawk art - $100
Soba - "Street Sharks" prod. cel of Ripster w/ prod. bkg. - $55
Salem Wolf - Simba puppet plush w/ tags - $55
Stucat - "White Cloud Worlds" Vol. 2 signed by WETA Workshop artists - $130
Anthrocon - Macro fursuiter tag - $250
Salem Wolf - Blue & White griffin fursuit head by Sheevee's Fursuit - $460
Omni William Penn - Four nights at Omni William Penn for Anthrocon 2015 - $530
Micro Mascots - Handpaws & sockfeet - $95
Lèvé - Melissa & Doug tiger/white tiger plush set - $200
Dorsai Irregulars - Elevator Golden Ticket for Anthrocon 2015 - $400
Huntress Darkmoon - Rocket Raccoon plush from NYCC - $110
Salem Wolf - "Fox & the Hound" prod. cell w/ repro. bkg. - $650
Salem Wolf - Serabi plush w/ Simba cub finger puppet w/ tags - $60
Lee Tockar - Set of stills from "The Nighttime Alphabet," signed - $250
Salem Wolf - Ed, the Hyena plush signed by Jim Cummings - $175
Anthrocon - Anthrocon 2014 Fursuiter tag #1300 - $250
Westin - Four nights at Westin for Anthrocon 2015 - $960
The National Aviary - National Aviary Falconry Experience for four - $1000
Cissa - Soft-sculpture poseable gryphon - $350
Big Paw - 48" brown bear plush w/ Anthrocon XXL t-shirt - $100
Equidemon - Fox fursuit head w/ moveable jaw - $400
The National Aviary - National Aviary V.I.F. Experience - $250
Courtyard Mariott - Four nights at Courtyard for Anthrocon 2015 - $700
Anthrocon - Anthrocon 2014 Fursuiter tag #10,000 - $275
Kagemushi - Crumpled paper & tape ball signed by Uncle Kage - $100

Auction total: $7,995

Raffle (in no particular order) [donor - item - ticket sales @ $1 each]:

Dr. Gerbasi - Russian wild canine nesting dolls - $104
Mooncat - Chinese New Year MLP Pinkie Pie Toys-R-Us exclusive - $26
Mercedes Lackey - Handmade necklaces - $33
Myenia - "Time Traveller" art (gouache) - $48
Nonna Bunny (Confurgence 2015) - Haigh's bilby chocolates from Australia - $11
Matt & Darcy Sowers - Sherlock Hound DVD set - $147
Windfalcon - "Sea Eagles" art (acrylic on turkey feathers) - $97
Bill Holbrook - "Straight Outta Computers" paperback, signed - $11
Dr. Gerbasi - Laurel Birch canine canvas brief bag - $6
Agent Elrond - "Killer Penguins" art (photo print) - $9
Rally & Ahzlon - "Don't Worry Be Furry" gift basket - $91
Anthrocon - Set of Anthrocon "city" t-shirts - $73
Karmakat - "Due South" DVD set - $18
Mama Folkmanis - Folkmanis alpaca puppet, signed - $26
Joatmon - MLP Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash Christmas ornament - $7
Nyomi - "Dragonfly Post" art (watercolor & ink) - $20
Salem Wolf - WDW Animal Kingdom pre-opening 1998 license plate, sealed - $20
Kagemushi - Set of animal-themed Old Spice deoderants - $14
Static Claws - "Fantasia" deluxe laserdisc box set w/ "Fantasia" Mickey music box - $64
Dr. Gerbasi - Collection of animated animal pens - $7
Mystic Waboose - Boondock Saints & F-Bomb t-shirts - $5
Treesong - "Beastmorfs" & "The Unscratchables" books - $3
Tricia Noble - Toothless Build-A-Bear plush w/ poster - $381
Dr. Gerbasi - Solar-powered zoo animal collection - $30
Kagemushi - Various airline 1st-class kits - $14
Murkrowzy - Pillow stuffed with/ fursuit material - $10
Sanguine Moon - Parrot-feather head chain - $22
Tess Cooper - Calypso Forker toy - $3
Kraz - Lexmark S605 printer/copier/scanner - $23
Red Falcon - Embossed steampunk pouch - $31
Myenia - Steampunk folders w/ artwork by Myenia - $35
Kagemushi - Dragon & castle statue/music box - $13
The Gneech - Cameo role in Fall 2014 "Suburban Jungle" - $25
Joatmon - MLP Octavia plush - $41
Icepaws - Flashing Anthrocon cup - $23
Scrolling Fantasy - Hand-carved owl clock - $8
Matt & Darcy Sowers - Danger Mouse DVD set - $34
HugeWolf - "Safari" photicular book - $39
Pack Mule Express - Complete set of Ty Beanie MLP ponies - $86
Kagemushi - Commodore Vic-20 w/ orig. manual & peripherals - $68
Kraz - DJ Hero 2 X-Box game & deck - $14
Chantilly Cat - Border collie plush - $129
Anthrocon - Anthrocon 2014 fursuiter tag #366 - $68
Anthrocon - Anthrocon 2014 fursuiter tag #420 - $102
DoubleTree - Four nights in the DoubleTree for Anthrocon 2015 - $429
Joatmon - MLP Rainbow Dash scarf - $21
Anthrocon - Anthrocon 2014 fursuiter tag #69 - $132
Tails & Tactics - Full Tails & Tactics set of decks, posters, and art book - $96
Tiger Torre Art - Bronze cleavage cat by Honeck Sculpture - $27
Kraz - CD, DVD, game lot - $7
Kagemushi - Electric claw globe - $66
Coyoty - Fantasia Myths & Legends centaur & unicorn toys - $8
Furry Dakimura - Jun, the Fox plush - $31
Joatmon - MLP Derpy Hooves scarf - $19
Joatmon - MLP Rainbow Dash backpack/hoodie - $19
Joatmon - Welovefine canvas MLP bag from NYCC - $15 - Four color-change mugs from Furry Picnic 2013 - $30
Joatmon - MLP Mini-pony collector's guide - $8
Charles Groark - Set of four Vicky Wyman original dragon artwork - $52
Kagemushi - "Godzilla Awakening" Hardcover graphic novel - $34
Bazil & Skulldog - Kickstarter set of Battle Badges w/ character cards & prints - $54
Red Falcon - 8oz flask w/ holder - $44
The National Aviary - Bag of plush birds & bird masks - $63
Joatmon - MLP Derpy Hooves backpack/hoodie - $23
Mama Folkmanis - Gray wolf puppet, signed - $84
Talyn - Tex Avery "Les Dessins" French concept design book - $9
Tani Da Real - Exclusive Anthrocon "city" art luggage tags - $53
Dr. Gerbasi - Grumpy Cat window cling - $34
Salem Wolf - Breyer #1498 (2013) Lusitano stallion - $32
Coyoty - Comet: The Super Horse plush - $7

Raffle total: $3,436

Donations from Registration - $46

Dr. Gerbasi's Furry Survey donation - $140

Dorsai Irregulars elevator donation - $210

There Ultra Lounge donation - $560

Aviary merchandise sales - $1,422

Charity Poker Tournament - $1,720

Tani Da Real Anthrocon city shirt donation - $2,000

Fursuiter Bucket Brigade - $3,342

Cash donations - $4,151

2 & Kage's Comedy Show (tix @ $10) - $7,350

Convention total: $32,372

Thanks again for a great year and see you all in 2015!

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HuntressDarkmoon's picture
Location: Hampton, NH
Posts: 68

I'd love to see if the last minute "charity stage rush" becomes a yearly thing.  Despite it being a mass of furs converging on the stage, I think we all did a good job in keeping it safe and somewhat organized.

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"If only stupidity were painful..."
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And let's give a shout-out to the person who started the cash rush by handing the National Aviary's representative a twenty dollar bill (I believe): GOH Lee Tockar.

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Location: Whiteford, MD, USA
Posts: 25

Fantastic! Smiling

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-Orinth & Vlad

Darrigan's picture
Location: Buena Park, CA - USA
"In D1G1T4L"
Posts: 17

Thanks to everyone for their generous donations of time, money, and items this year!

I'm glad we started the tape ball gag, it had myself and many others in stitches. Perhaps we could auction more things off like the Chairman's badge (if he was willing) for last minute donations. Laugh

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As dusk settles on today, so also will opportunity's light shine upon tomorrow.

GlitchTheWolf's picture
Location: New Tripoli, Pa, USA
Posts: 2

Would it be possible for people to throw money to get anthrocon to stay opne an extra day?

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charlieg's picture
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Location: King of Prussia, PA
"If only stupidity were painful..."
Posts: 2368

If this is a serious question, the answer is no.  You can't extend contracts with the DLLCC at the last second like that.  GOH's have already made plans and appointments for their regular jobs.  (Jim Cummings wasn't at Closing Ceremonies because he had work on Monday.)  Board members, staff members and volunteers also have real-life places to be.  It would be next to impossible to extend hotel reservations at that time.  Nobody would have any panels scheduled.

While many people would like Anthrocon to be longer, it isn't possible to extend it at the last minute.

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Location: Norwich, CT
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If you throw one million dollars at us, we can probably make Anthrocon stay open an extra day.

Less than that, no.

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Rigel's picture
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"Co-founder, Charity Director"
Posts: 409

And by "us", that means the organizers, because we can't afford to do another day unless we start getting paid for this.

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Location: arizona
Posts: 845

*looks in wallet*  seems im about 999,900 or so dollars short

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Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
"Crafty like a fox!"
Posts: 1

I was so impressed with everyone's generosity on the Aviary's behalf - it was inspiring to be there all weekend as a rep for the charity instead of simply an attendee.  I hope to see a lot of furs at the Aviary next year too! If you see me at work at the Aviary, please stop and say hello and I'd love to chat!

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