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This is primarily a question for Jaime, however anyone who thinks they can answer this is welcome to try.

According to Kage’s “tips for con-gers” A hotel housekeeper should be offered $1 for each day of your stay. If she has granted any special requests, or seems to be in the spirit of the convention (such as arranging stuffed animals as though they are watching TV), you should certainly add a little extra.
However, with a hotel the size of the Westin, I imagine the person who does housekeeping for any particular room will change from day to day.
If this is true, then having a great housekeeper on day one, and subsequently leaving a larger tip on day two, would mean tipping the wrong person.

So my question would be,
Is there any way we could leave a tip/note regarding our thoughts on housekeeping, so they get back to whoever is in charge of them?
If someone does a fantastic job, such as described in the excerpt from kages guide, I would like to be able to tip them appropriately( and know the tip will get to them).
Also, I would like to let their supervisor know what a good job they are doing, even if I don’t know who the housekeeper is.
Alternately, if someone is doing a “less than stellar” job, I would want to make sure someone knows of any issues that may need to be corrected.

A small note card with “how would you rate our room service” and a few small selections would be fantastic. Also a place for the date, room number, additional note space, and maybe a sleeve or envelope to stick a tip in, would be good.
I think I have seen something like this before, but it wasn’t given until check-out, and was for rating the overall hotel rather than room service.
I know this seems like kind of a trivial little thing, but I believe that how a guest is treated by housekeeping makes a big difference in the overall experience they have staying at a hotel. Good service should be rewarded, and bad service should be corrected.

If you don’t quite understand what I mean by the note card, I could draw one up for you as an example.

If someone could let me know if this is possible, or have any other ideas to add, I would appreciate it.

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Making such things would be an expense and would take extra effort to sort through. Not sure if the Westin would think it practical just for us.

However, there is nothing at all wrong with noting the room number and the date and time, and dropping a note for "housekeeping manager" at the front desk.

I always leave a tip in the morning even though I'm never 100% certain who my housekeeper will be, because:

1) Housekeepers are likely to do the same rounds every day, so I have an increased chance of catching the same person, and

2) If someone gets a tip beforehand, that person might be more inclined to do little extra special things.

I always leave some money with a note that says HOUSEKEEPER on it, just so there is no mistaking that it is a tip. Every once in a while I get a note back. Sometimes it's in fractured English, such as "Bless you for tip for me!" but it's very sweet and I keep them all.

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