Dealers Room Layout 2013

The Anthrocon 2013 Dealers' Room:

This is the layout for the Dealer's Room for 2013, which you will notice will once again fill the entirety of Hall B. Note that the table locations will be denoted by a letter followed by a number (such as A15). This represents the row (A through O) and the table number in that row (1 through 20). Tables at the end of a row will be listed by both row numbers and the table number (such as D20E).

We are going to be providing power to specific table locations. Each table marked in RED in the diagram below will have one 120-V outlet (500 Watts maximum) available at the end of the table. Those marked in VIOLET will have the same, with the added convenience of wall space (airwall) behind the dealer's chair(s). The remaining tables will not have power available, although that may change depending on demand as the year progresses.

Tables against the walls are in higher demand and thus a little more expensive. The ones that do not have power supplied are marked in BLUE. Note that table O20 in the bottom right corner will have an Anthrocon banner behind it. We will not charge for wall space for this table.

Our Anthrocon 2013 Dealers (as of June 25):

The table below lists the dealers who are confirmed for the 2013 convention as of June 25, 2013. Note that the table locations are denoted by a letter followed by a number (such as A15). This represents the row (A through K) and the table number in that row (1 through 26). Tables at the end of a row are listed by both row numbers and the table number (such as D25E).

2 The Ranting Gryphon B05
Adventures at Green Apple Acres B18
Agent Elrond B04
Aisling Artworks (Alai Tallon) E03
Ajin Arts E09
AlectorFencer O12
Aliks Cosplay I06
Amethyst Valley D09
Angrboda Art and Design B16
Angry Viking Press M08/M09
Apricity Hats & Cosplay Wear G17
Art by Quaggy M05
Art of Lovewin L14
Aura Deva B11
B3Mascots C14
BadgeSafe N15
Beast Fantasia A05
BeastlyBahamut N09
Benjamin Rodriguez N05/N06
The Bedfellows N17
Bill Holbrook N18
birdheadedgirl K20
BlondeVelvet Arts L11
Blotch E05
Blue Harbor Mascots M20
Boneitis Industries L06
Brian & Tracy Reynolds K18
Bronycon K06
Bullyhole No No Bear M11
BushyCat C16
Cabbits Co. J16
CannedTalent Illustrations K05
Chakat Windshear M15
Chakat's Den M14
Chance Parker Art D04
Christina Yen/SixthLeafClover A12
Chromey M19
Club Stripes / Peaches and Cream K01
Cooner Arts! M01
Coryphaeus B10
Coyox Illustrations I02B
Custom Metal Collars D17
CZGoldEdition L04
D.Bruin's Art and Prints N04
Dani Cat Designs F18
Dare to Dream Creative Arts M03
Dark Natasha E18
Deadbeats: Skulls and Headphones L14
Diana Harlan Stein E17
Diana Sprinkle K19
Doirn L07
Draconas Creations O18/O19/O20
The Dragon's Lair A01/A02/A03/A04
Dreamkeepers F17
Dreamvision Creations N07/N08
Ebonyleopard's Crew E07
Egypt Urnash K07
Equine Angels Rescue (charity) H21J
Eryshé Inc. N16
Eye-Level Entertainment E04
Falcon Moon Studio (Windfalcon) D12
Fennec - YIP! D03
FireFeathers C02
Foam Brain Games I03
Fox Amoore O12
Foxboy83 D06
Foxloft Studios - Foxfeather J17
Frankenshoe B12
FurPlanet Productions A09/A10/A11
Further Confusion N14
Fuzumi (by RavenMoon) E01
The Garment Goddess O15
gBlazeWear D01
Gideon's Corral K03
The Gneech B19
Gold Star Anime & Games B00C/B01/C01
GuiltyFox Apparel D08
Guinn's Custom Creatures O05
Heather Bruton Illustration E19
Hello Bully D00E
Hibbary B09
Honeck Sculpture N12/N13
Hopeful Monster Studios D18
Houselion Studios and Darius Koopa K11
Ian Jay Super Comics L05
Icy Paw Productions C04
Illuminated Artists A06/A07
International Anthropomorphic Research Project L15
Ivory Dragon Studios L08
J3T D07
Jarlidium Press K13
Kadath C13
KaeMantis L12
Karate McDanger M05
Kaylii C13
Keovi // O06
Kgosi Arts L09
Kitt Mouri C08
Kitty Loves Monster O09/O10
Kjartan Arnorsson? N04
The Knotty Fox O01
Koh C11
Kopeskreations B20
KufKrafts L10
Kuroseishin L04
KV1NN4 A08
Kyote Illustrations F20
Lagarto Custom Leather I05
LapinBeau M07
Laura Garabedian D20
Legion Printing and Publishing K14/K15
Lemonbrat O02/O03/O04
LightBright Studios E15
Lithe-Fider Creatures M12
Little Forkers and Core Webcomic M00N
Lizard Lamination and Art J19
Lizardbeth D19
Look Left B16
M & T Comics and Cards N01/N02
Marci McAdam Illustrations E16
Mary Mouse E12
Massage Therapy A21
Matthew Ebel M19
Mbala J18
Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon K21L
MicroMascots O11
The Midsummer Knight's Dream C19/C20
Mike Kazaleh K00L
Mongoose Ink E10
Monstrously Sweet Creations D15
Moonrise Studio M18
Mothball Wombat Designs J20
Myenia I02A
Nambroth - Featherdust Studios K16
Netasha Johnson C12
Nightengale Needles E02
Nightwing Galleries C03
Northern Lights Studio E11
Northwest Furry Trading Company Ltd. M02
Nyomi Naomh B17
OffWorld Designs F15G/F16/G16
OMGPineapples B14
Opaque Fox A17
Otterly Amazing K09/K10
Owl's Mirror Studio D02
Owly B21C
P.Moss C10
PaintedDog K20
Pangolin Press A16
Patchwork Fursuits M10
PawPups A13
Peter Beagle M21N
The Photon Factory L19
Pipey Friends and More B06
PocketWolverine Deltastic Studios L13
Ponyboots M04
Positive Elegance Studios C11
Precocious N19
Pyxle Beads C17
Rabbi Tom N10
Rabbit Valley Comics O16
Rather Splashing E03
Red Dog D11
Red Falcon LLC I04
RedCoatCat L20
redrusker C09
Regal Pewter B02/B03
Ringtail Cafe Productions B07/B08
Rivercoon Arts E08
Robert Quill, Artist for Hire L01
Roco E03
Roz Gibson L02
RudeRoo Design K12
Rukis I02C
Ryan Mooney Photography O17
Ryan Smith N20
Sandy Schreiber E13
Sanguine Games D07
Sassy Pants M04
The Screaming North O13
Scriber D14
Scrolling Fantasy C18
Sebastian Silverfox B13
Seward Street Studios M16/M17
Shannon / Seanin B17
She-Jackal Arts & ECE Dragon Adoptables Game D10
ShinigamiGirl D16
Sidian I02D
Sigil K08
Silent Ravyn L03
Silverwind Studios F19
Skulldog Studios B15
Skullery N11
Sofawolf Press, Inc. I01
Sophie Cabra's Art E06
Space Cat Creations C05
Sparkle Kreations L16/L17/L18
Spelunker Sal & Dreamous - Roommates Crew D05
Spunky E04
Static Claws O07/O08
Stigmata N03
Studio Cute by Ponygirl K02
Studio Jazz N09
Studio Kitsu 014
Syndactyl Arts C15
Tail Kiss Studios by Seppel C06/C07
Tails And Tactics F21G
TaniDaReal K04
Tawnie Bow Studios A20
Technicolor Pie's Anthrocon Tablecon 2013 M07
Teeth By Dnash M06
Tentaclefriendly B19
That Bloodhound G18
Tiger Torre Art H15J
Tigsie's Red Rubies L07
Tinkerdarn M13
Tom Minton D21E
Toulouse N03
Toy Pony Studios G19/G20
Twilight316 Studios M18
Unlazy Studio of Savannah Zambrano L13
Ursula Vernon's Art E20
Vantid K17
Walt's Games A18/A19
Wildlion Art, Design, and Illustration C09
Wolfeh Works A14/A15
Yiffer's Dome E09

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