Reminder: Storing your bags before and after your hotel stay.

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For those of you who have never experienced this, I will explain.

This is a COURTESY commonly extended by hotels, and it should not be abused.

Let's say your room won't be ready until 3pm, but you arrived at 11am.
Rather than drag your luggage around, you can show up at the front desk,
confirm your reservation (so they connect you to the reservation and
confirm you're supposed to be there), and they will hold your luggage
FOR A FEW HOURS. This will allow you to go off, wash your face,
have lunch, and kill time without dragging all your bags everywhere.
When you're ready to check in, you can retrieve your bags at that
time. It is customary for the hotel to offer that service, and it
is customary for the guests to tip for that service.
(They're doing you a big favor.) Expected is $1 per bag, and some
of us tip that when dropping off AND picking up bags.
(Extra large bags should be a bigger tip since they are inconvenient
to store.)

Guests should remember that this is a COURTESY. Guests should remember
that this only applies for A FEW HOURS. (If you want them to store
your stuff overnight, they'll do it in the room you reserved and
paid for for that night...which means you need to reserve and pay.)

Likewise, if you check out and your departure is several hours later,
you can likewise ask them to hold it- ask when checking out so there's
no confusion- this courtesy is ONLY for people who already rented
a room there. (Remember it's for A FEW HOURS only and remember
to pay a tip as explained above.)

This should help some AC'ers who are worried about dragging their
suitcases around after checkout.

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