2012 Artists' Alley Lottery Results

The FINAL 2012 Artists' Alley lottery results are here!

Some interesting stats:

  • 17 of you won only 1 day (all 17 signed up for only 2 days).
  • 149 of you won 2 days (27 signed up for 2 days, 122 signed up for 3).
  • 19 of you won 3 days (all 19 signed up for 3 days, derp!).
  • 1 artist won no seats at all (that person only signed up for Friday, which has the most competition). I will send an email to that person to try to work something out.

Since this is the first year doing it this way, we have reserved 4 seats each day to deal with those who may be caught unawares. (EDIT) These will be raffled off informally at the Hall C entrance 15 minutes prior to opening.(/EDIT) These seats will be unavailable to those who have signed up for the lottery properly, but everyone--lottery participants and walk-ups--is invited to utilize the deli system to obtain seats during the day as they become available.

Friday Winners Saturday Winners Sunday Winners
404 404 50percentgrey
Albino-Kitsune 50percentgrey Albino-Kitsune
Alice Alexia Alice Alexia Angelyque's Trinkets
Ari Angelcub Angelyque's Trinkets Angrboda
Artful Dodger Angrboda Artimas
Atreya Ari Angelcub Autumn Sunrise
Autumn Sunrise Artful Dodger Avernakis
Avernakis Artimas Badger Ben
Axelsson Atreya Bae Bunny
Bae Bunny Autumn Sunrise batteryoperated, Pneumo
batteryoperated, Pneumo Axelsson Beerhorse
Beerhorse Badger Ben Bloodshot23
Blizzie Art Carrot Creations Bonk
Bloodshot23 CatFiddle box
Bonk Chibbutts Caltroplay
box ChowChow Carrot Creations
Caltroplay Chromey/reddogworks Cesarin The White DraGoN
CatFiddle Clementine Chibi-Marrow
Cesarin The White DraGoN Clockwork Chronidu Clementine
Chibbutts COEY! Cooper
Chibi-Marrow Cooper Custom Metal Collars
ChowChow Crux Cyberlinks Jewelry
Chromey/reddogworks Custom Metal Collars Danji/Miss Oro
Clockwork Chronidu CZGoldEdition Deerock-Gorilla
COEY! D.A.Q Dewclawpaw
Cooper Darkmoon Dinobutt/Baconsaur
Crux DCRabbit DiZZiNESS
Custom Metal Collars Dewclawpaw Doggy-Treat
Cyberlinks Jewelry Doggy-Treat dogteeth/mendes
CZGoldEdition Duo DrakonicKnight
D.A.Q EasySpark EasySpark
Danji/Miss Oro EighteenTwenty EighteenTwenty
Darkmoon Eltani ElfWolf Productions
DCRabbit EosFoxx Eltani
Deerock-Gorilla Fancy EosFoxx
Derranged Farore Nightclaw Fancy
Dinobutt/Baconsaur Fasttrack Farore Nightclaw
DiZZiNESS Fink Fasttrack
Doggy-Treat FluffKevlar Fink
dogteeth/mendes FlyingFire FluffKevlar
Dragon-chan Foxfairy FlyingFire
DrakonicKnight foxykin Gingerbeer
Duo gNAW - Ninja at Work Gravewalker
EighteenTwenty Greedo-Sama Greedo-Sama
ElfWolf Productions Grind Heartlessfang
Fancy GuNMouTH Iggi / Iggi Ink
Fasttrack Heartlessfang Jackie Moo
Foxfairy hizzie Jacolf
Gingerbeer JagKitty Jeto Calihan
gNAW - Ninja at Work Jerkcentral Kaiizree
Gravewalker Jirashi/Bones Kalida
Grind Joran Cara Kaycee/ AdventureCat
GuNMouTH Kaiizree Keida
hizzie Kalida Kelvin the Lion
Iggi / Iggi Ink Kamicheetah Keyoki
J. Summerset/Gen Rev Kaycee/ AdventureCat kkitty23
Jackie Moo KazeWolf Kurobis/Foo Fur
Jacolf Keida Lady Distort / Distortedgirl66
JagKitty Kelvin the Lion Lainenyah
Jerkcentral kkitty23 Lapin Beau
Jeto Calihan Konig Larathen
Jirashi/Bones Korth Larthan
Joran Cara Kurobis/Foo Fur LilyFoxie
Kamicheetah Kurra Dragon LoneWolf
KazeWolf Lady Distort / Distortedgirl66 Mabyn
Keida Lady Snakebite Malkavia
Keyoki Lapin Beau Maneater
Konig Larathen Max Blackrabbit
Korth Larthan MaybeMantis
Kurobis/Foo Fur LoneWolf Metal
Kurra Dragon Lycus Midekai
Lady Snakebite Maneater MidnightDraven
Lainenyah Max Blackrabbit Mike-son
Lapin Beau MaybeMantis Monkeycat
Larathen Meesabeast Moonxtal
LilyFoxie Metal Moosee
Lycus Midekai MythicFables
Mabyn MidnightDraven Nickwolf
Malkavia Mike-son Nivi
Mike-son Monkeycat Nyomi Naomh
MythicFables Moonxtal OddAardwolf
Nate Pyrokai Moosee PlagueRat
Nickwolf Nate Pyrokai Ransom
NightFell Nivi Rei
Nyomi Naomh Nyomi Naomh Reimori
OddAardwolf Obsidian Wolfess RevaDiehard
PlagueRat RailRide Rezzi
RailRide Ransom Ritts
Raven Timberwolf Raven Timberwolf Roco
Ritts Rei Roum
Roum Reimori RustyWoof/ToxicDog Studios
Ryan-SilverFox RevaDiehard Ryoku7
Ryoku7 Rezzi SarusTreeleafWolf
RyuuYouki RhinoAsura Scappo
Saiya Roco Severus Coil
Sammy Fox Roum Shanniecat
Samoht-Lion RustyWoof/ToxicDog Studios Shiro
SarusTreeleafWolf Saiya shy
Shanniecat Samoht-Lion Skaifox
Shiro Sazume Sporky
shy Scappo Star Forger Fox
Sporky Severus Coil Tasogare
Spyn Skaifox Tent
Squeeji Squeeji Thrashing Werewolf
Tent Star Forger Fox Tim_Kangaroo
Thrashing Werewolf Strype TimeChaser
Tim_Kangaroo Tasogare Toay_k/Rupert Rodney
TimeChaser Tempered Tojo The Thief
Tivadu Tivadu Tommi Cat
Toay_k/Rupert Rodney Toradoshi Toradoshi
Tojo The Thief Tyrnn Eaveranth Toulouse/Zeba
Tommi Cat Unyko TSUNEKO!
Toradoshi Vallhund Tyrnn Eaveranth
Toulouse/Zeba Vera Unyko
TSUNEKO! VoodooWolf Vera
Vallhund Witchiebunny Vicky Wyman
Vera Xtrasis VoodooWolf
Vicky Wyman Yanikitty Witchiebunny
Witchiebunny YukiKitty Wolf in the Walls
Wolf in the Walls Zelaphas Xtrasis
Zelaphas Zharr J.Wolf Yanikitty
Zharr J.Wolf Zippiner YukiKitty
Zippiner Zraya Zippiner
Zraya Zyraxus Zraya

The 2012 Artists' Alley list of artists who signed up, posted here for review. The chronological list will be used for the randomization, filtered appropriately for each day so that Friday-only artists don't end up on the Saturday list, and so forth.

Non-selectees from Friday who also signed up for Saturday are randomized for the Saturday winners list, and then Friday winners are randomized and then appended (fed into random.org's list randomizer). For Sunday, anyone who was not selected both Friday AND Saturday and signed up for Sunday is randomized for Sunday (no one met this criteria this year). Anyone who won one day Friday or Saturday is then randomized and appended to the winners list for Sunday. And finally, anyone who had a table both Friday and Saturday is randomized and appended to what's left of the Sunday winner's list. I will post the relevant lists later this week, so that the process can be repeated by interested parties, and my work can be checked. We shall attempt to remedy any mistakes individually, but we will NOT be running the lottery a second time. These results are final. You can read more about the selection process here.

There are 186 entries (was 193, but there were duplicates that have been removed).

Artist Name (sorted) Artist Name (chronological)
404 Vallhund
50percentgrey Albino-Kitsune
Albino-Kitsune Lady Snakebite
Alice Alexia Nyomi Naomh
Angelyque's Trinkets Fancy
Angrboda Carrot Creations
Ari Angelcub Cesarin The White DraGoN
Artful Dodger Samoht-Lion
Artimas Ryan-SilverFox
Atreya 50percentgrey
Autumn Sunrise Korth
Avernakis Jirashi/Bones
Axelsson NightFell
Badger Ben Mike-son
Bae Bunny kkitty23
batteryoperated, Pneumo Toradoshi
Beerhorse Roum
Blizzie Art Obsidian Wolfess
Bloodshot23 Sazume
Bonk Konig
box Caltroplay
Caltroplay Scappo
Carrot Creations Autumn Sunrise
CatFiddle Wolf in the Walls
Cesarin The White DraGoN Clementine
Chibbutts Vicky Wyman
Chibi-Marrow Thrashing Werewolf
ChowChow Yanikitty
Chromey/reddogworks Witchiebunny
Clementine Iggi / Iggi Ink
Clockwork Chronidu Bae Bunny
COEY! Meesabeast
Cooper Darkmoon
Crux Tivadu
Custom Metal Collars Sporky
Cyberlinks Jewelry Spyn
CZGoldEdition Shiro
D.A.Q Tempered
Danji/Miss Oro Zyraxus
Darkmoon Custom Metal Collars
DCRabbit Chromey/reddogworks
Deerock-Gorilla RustyWoof/ToxicDog Studios
Derranged Grind
Dewclawpaw Axelsson
Dinobutt/Baconsaur Danji/Miss Oro
DiZZiNESS LilyFoxie
Doggy-Treat Jackie Moo
dogteeth/mendes Zippiner
Dragon-chan Nate Pyrokai
DrakonicKnight Nivi
Duo Jacolf
EasySpark COEY!
EighteenTwenty shy
ElfWolf Productions VoodooWolf
Eltani Chibbutts
EosFoxx Heartlessfang
Fancy D.A.Q
Farore Nightclaw dogteeth/mendes
Fasttrack Rezzi
Fink Toay_k/Rupert Rodney
FluffKevlar Beerhorse
FlyingFire Deerock-Gorilla
Foxfairy Zelaphas
foxykin 404
Gingerbeer Blizzie Art
gNAW - Ninja at Work Ransom
Gravewalker Ari Angelcub
Greedo-Sama Keyoki
Grind Jeto Calihan
GuNMouTH Tyrnn Eaveranth
Heartlessfang Moosee
hizzie Larthan
Iggi / Iggi Ink Dinobutt/Baconsaur
J. Summerset/Gen Rev Angelyque's Trinkets
Jackie Moo Moonxtal
Jacolf Derranged
JagKitty Bonk
Jerkcentral Strype
Jeto Calihan Cooper
Jirashi/Bones Vera
Joran Cara Atreya
Kaiizree Sammy Fox
Kalida batteryoperated, Pneumo
Kamicheetah Kelvin the Lion
Kaycee/ AdventureCat Roco
KazeWolf Malkavia
Keida RailRide
Kelvin the Lion DiZZiNESS
Keyoki Tommi Cat
kkitty23 EighteenTwenty
Konig Fasttrack
Korth Keida
Kurobis/Foo Fur Kamicheetah
Kurra Dragon GuNMouTH
Lady Distort / Distortedgirl66 Zharr J.Wolf
Lady Snakebite RyuuYouki
Lainenyah MidnightDraven
Lapin Beau Ritts
Larathen Greedo-Sama
Larthan Saiya
LilyFoxie Zraya
LoneWolf MaybeMantis
Lycus SarusTreeleafWolf
Mabyn PlagueRat
Malkavia Avernakis
Maneater Toulouse/Zeba
Max Blackrabbit Shanniecat
MaybeMantis Squeeji
Meesabeast TSUNEKO!
Metal TimeChaser
Midekai Slickpuppy / Kevin J. Mulder
MidnightDraven foxykin
Mike-son Angrboda
Monkeycat Lainenyah
Moonxtal Joran Cara
Moosee EosFoxx
MythicFables Dragon-chan
Nate Pyrokai Monkeycat
Nickwolf Jerkcentral
NightFell gNAW - Ninja at Work
Nivi Max Blackrabbit
Nyomi Naomh Xtrasis
Obsidian Wolfess Farore Nightclaw
OddAardwolf Badger Ben
PlagueRat LoneWolf
RailRide Chibi-Marrow
Ransom Cyberlinks Jewelry
Raven Timberwolf Crux
Rei Kaiizree
Reimori YukiKitty
RevaDiehard Raven Timberwolf
Rezzi Kurra Dragon
RhinoAsura Gravewalker
Ritts Lady Distort / Distortedgirl66
Roco ElfWolf Productions
Roum Mabyn
RustyWoof/ToxicDog Studios DCRabbit
Ryan-SilverFox Kalida
Ryoku7 CatFiddle
RyuuYouki RevaDiehard
Saiya Dewclawpaw
Sammy Fox Alice Alexia
Samoht-Lion Larathen
SarusTreeleafWolf MythicFables
Sazume Bloodshot23
Scappo Midekai
Severus Coil Kaycee/ AdventureCat
Shanniecat Fink
Shiro Duo
shy Tim_Kangaroo
Skaifox EasySpark
Slickpuppy / Kevin J. Mulder Lycus
Sporky RhinoAsura
Spyn CZGoldEdition
Squeeji Severus Coil
Star Forger Fox DrakonicKnight
Strype ChowChow
Tasogare Reimori
Tempered box
Tent hizzie
Thrashing Werewolf Foxfairy
Tim_Kangaroo FlyingFire
TimeChaser KazeWolf
Tivadu Tojo The Thief
Toay_k/Rupert Rodney J. Summerset/Gen Rev
Tojo The Thief Lapin Beau
Tommi Cat Doggy-Treat
Toradoshi Nickwolf
Toulouse/Zeba Eltani
TSUNEKO! Star Forger Fox
Tyrnn Eaveranth Maneater
Unyko Metal
Vallhund Tasogare
Vera Unyko
Vicky Wyman Rei
VoodooWolf Skaifox
Witchiebunny OddAardwolf
Wolf in the Walls Tent
Xtrasis FluffKevlar
Yanikitty Kurobis/Foo Fur
YukiKitty Clockwork Chronidu
Zelaphas Ryoku7
Zharr J.Wolf Gingerbeer
Zippiner JagKitty
Zraya Artimas
Zyraxus Artful Dodger

Interesting statistics as of 5/28/2012 23:09 MDT (note: these changed slightly, as a small handful of artists adjusted their day-selection during the review period; new statistics will be posted later this week).

# of signups so far 139
Friday 171
Saturday 176
Sunday 153
Ok to share email to customers? 75%
Ok to share cell phone w/customers? 36%
Ok to share website w/customers? 80%

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