People who live in West Virginia

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I came out a human,I shall die a furry
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Sengorn Leopardae
In pursuit of knowledge and happiness.
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Erik Kellogg
100% grade A venison
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Nova Galactic
Sure, I can smile, but really I'm dead and I have no emotions whatsoever, and I've mentally deteriorated completely.
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Sgat the wolf
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Edodrian White
Nothin but Brown Noise
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Tsunam Ray
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Wolfie wolf
Loves music
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Nanashi Kokoro
Got fur?
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Wanna cuddle?
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Shy and random
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Bartholomeo Bernard
Pawslut Audiophile Extraordinaire
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Apollo Wolfmaster
Imma wuffy *barks*
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I'm a silly monster :)
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Vod Kuam