The following is the sales record for the AAC98 Charity Auction.  It is as close to the order of sale as I remember it.  I'm including notes about fun stuff that happened at the Charity Auction.

"Sirah Proto" artwork (Antti Remes) - $27
Huzzah #16 (Roz Gibson) - $34
Carspeckan "Katerian Chocolate Puff" artwork/recipe (Petercat) - $150
McKinley "Daniel" (Lance Rund) - $80
Dragon puppet (Marc Lacouciere) - $47
Inherit The Earth PC CD-ROM game (David Piccola) - $55
Untitled artwork (Cecil) - $30
Kagemushi's Story Hour Card (Dr Samuel Conway) - $60 + $60 matching
Feral! Registration (Dan Markey) - $60
CF9 artjam (Paul Salivar) - $99
MS Sidewinder Force-Feedback Pro joystick & game bundle (Paul Seid) - $100
Electronic "Rumble & Roar" Power Blast Godzilla (Dr. Samuel Conway) - $20
Untitled artwork (Ted Sheppard) - $30
Signed print (David Wong) - $40
Worlds of Wonder Animated Mickey Mouse (Snuggems & Wolfcub) - $30
MS Flight Simulator '98 (Paul Seid) - $45
Five (5) Chipmunk 45 vinyl albums (Gary Akins) - $48
Russian historical anthropomorphized history book (Mejeep) - $75
Signed copy of Shandaverse Encyclopedia 4th Ed. (Mike Curtis) - $50
27" Sharp TV (Roger Wilbur) - $280

For the above sale, nearly all the members of the audience contributed $5 to buy the tv for the convention.  This is the kind of magical thing I see now and then that makes me proud to be a member of this community.

Feivel doll (Snuggems & Wolfcub) - $30
Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin/Grubby combo (Snuggems & Wolfcub) - $50

During the sale of the above item, Jim Groat arrived and announced that he would annihilate the pair for the highest bid in his favor.  Unfortunately or fortunately Jim lost out to a pair of collectors who had the most horrified expressions on their faces when Jim Groat made his announcement and fought valiantly to save poor TR's life.

"Pride of Place" artwork (Mary Hanson-Roberts) - $35
Two boxes of assorted plush (Snuggems & Wolfcub) - $50
MS Age of Empires game - $55
Custom raccoon costume tail by Calypso (Snuggems & Wolfcub) - $35
Fievel backpack (Snuggems & Wolfcub) - $20

For the life of me, I still get the giggles when I remember Kagemushi announcing, upon seeing it for the first time: "My God, roadkill!" cos Fievel looked flat as a pancake...  :)

Kodak KB-10 camera (Petercat) - $50
"Rock a Doodle" unused animation cell (Karri Aronen) - $70
Art print (Jim Pigtain) - $30
Krause's Chocolate Gift Basket (Roger Wilbur) - $75
"Star-Cat Atsuko" artwork (Erik Paul) - $30
6ft. Inflatable Godzilla (Dr. Samuel Conway) - $15
McDonald's Teeny Beenie Babies #6,8-11 (Roger Wilbur) - $30
AAC97 Prototype t-shirt (Roger Wilbur) - $50
Footrot Flats Weekender #8 (Grant Preston) - $50
Artwork commission (Ken Sample) - $175
Artwork commission (Lisa Jennings) - $130
2 Original art comic panels (Jim Groat) - $120
MS Publisher '98 (Paul Seid) - $55
"Associated Student Bodies" artwork (John Barrett) - $200
"Vulpine Curiosity" artwork (Paul Mason) - $75
Unlock Kagemushi - $40

The above involved our trusty head of security handcuffing Uncle Kage and hauling him off, offering the key to free him to the highest bidder. Needless to say, the resulting bidding was like a Three Stooges cartoon with bidders screaming out what they -really- wanted to do with Uncle Kage locked up and Uncle Kage running frantically around the room with the Keystone Cops chasing him.

Biography of Ronald J. Avenger (Scott Brouillette) - $25
"Buck" artwork (Sara Palmer) - $25
Red Shetland quickie sketch (Jim Groat) - $10

Kagemushi had managed to abscond from Jim Groat with a Red Shetland 5- second scribble.

Sketch of Beatrix Farmer as Rocky, the Squirrel (Taral Wayne) - $40
"Smile!" artwork (Shannon Stuart) - $80
"Getting in Shape" artwork (Bryon Havranek) - $25

various monetary donations - approx. $80

Total charity raised: $3092

-- Rigel