Hi, all! For those who either donated to or purchased items from the Charity Auction, our deepest thanks for making this our second biggest year. Great thanks to our charity, Support Our Shelters (SOS), as well for providing us with a panel on their ferrets and their organization. They're already talking and networking about who they can help, asking the shelters they know and which shelters they have heard are in the most need. Put in terms of how much help they can give to the ferrets who live in shelters, the money you raised can pay for 30-50 major surgeries which can extend the lives and increase the quality of life for 30-50 ferrets!

I'd also like to thank Anthrocon's esteemed chairman, Dr. Samuel Conway, also known as Kagemushi, for his assistance in auctioneering. He is an accomplished speaker and helpful friend and talented auctioneer.

Last and certainly not least, I wish to thank my staff who worked diligently as table guards, movers, and runners throughout Friday, Saturday, and the Auction itself: Tango, AlaskanWolf, Galen, Mrianti, P.Pardus, Tet Solfire, creature, JBadger, and Trixi with additional help from Windsinger and Ka Crow. I would also like to thank Triggur and his tech staff for their photo broadcasting equipment that allowed us to see every item on the big screen on stage. That saves us a lot of effort.

In 2002, we auctioned a total of 90 items. This year, we received even more items (114) and raised $8348! I can't thank enough the generosity of those who purchased and donated cash during the Charity Auction. I also can't thank the donors enough, who selflessly provide us with material to raise money for such worthy causes year after year.

Finally, below is the breakdown of donors, items, and their sale price for the Anthrocon 2003 Charity Auction.

24" Meeko raccoon plush (Po Shan Cheah) $30
"Water Sports" sign (Geemo) $5
Plush Bunny (Julie Miyamoto) $10
Wyvern statue (Mark "Skywise" Filetti) $30
Cartoon artwork (Plushdragon) $30
Complete "Ask Arty" book (Tet & Trixi of YNA) $35
Associated Student Bodies collection (PunkTiger) $250
Plush IKEA fox, Baloo, Speedy Gonzales, Balto, backpack (Mejeep) $100
Godzilla board game (Mejeep) $5
Artwork commission (Thaily Brimstone) $80
Long sword (J-Kougar) $130
Handmade "Lions & Tigers & Bears" soaps basket (Amy M. Cott PhD & Joseph Sude) $15
Ten lbs Nutella (Smrgol) $45
Acrylic wolf artwork arrowhead (Amaruq) $50
Sabrina Online #1, signed (Dragon Magic) $25
Three-Headed wolf statue (Alphawolf) $20
Wolf Park photo throw rug (Amaruq) $110
Two oz. silver commemorative coin (Amaruq) $250
Leopard wall hanging (Gwyn McVay) $65
Plush bear & cub (Anonymous) $130
Omaha the Cat Dancer cards, #1, LP (Killjoy) $200
Three beanie plushes (Nightsky Bluewyrm) $20
Two jars of "Yif" peanut butter & framed label (LilPup) $20
Kagemushi's kidney stone (Kagemushi) $110
"Patchwork" t-shirt (Phil Da Feline) $25
"Circles" shower curtain (Runtt Wah) $140
Chieftec "Matrix" mid-tower custom art computer case (Neil Weber) $400
Meeko plush (Nduli) $80
Two chests of coins (Plushdragon) $75
Set of Lion King collectibles (Graysoul) $35
Plush paw slippers (Mejeep) $50
Set of 4 Mythical Legends clocks (Killjoy) $120
Set of two MegaBlocks toys (Cyril Jackal) $35
Bag of plush toys (Po Shan Cheah, Opal aka Melody Martin) $10
Lab coat (Sym) $61
"Sabrina's Last Love" print (Philip Eggerding "Cirrel") $150
Chinese Zodiac Scroll (Tony Ringtail) $100
Moby Lick toy (Mejeep) $5
Sake china set (Nightsky Bluewyrm) $100
Set of StarFox Adventures promo items (Fenris & Masamune) $50
Suburban Jungle cameo (John "The Gneech" Robey) $200
Ironclaw "Rinaldi" supplement (Sanguine Productions) $40
2, the Ranting Gryphon CD (2) $222
Plush bunny (Roland "Wags" Wagner) $20
Cowardly lion costume pattern (Whiffert) $5
"The Art of Herbie" book w/ original illustration (Sofawolf Press, Herbie Bearclaw) $250
Bubble-blowing ceramic dragon (Nightsky Bluewyrm) $25
Framed art jam from Mach's butt from Pawpet Megaplex (Susandeer, RoxiKat) $110
"Happiness is a Warm Cookie" mousepad (Arctic Snow) $30
Six-pack of UK Virgin Soda (Ra Ka Kakahn) $30
Original art by Lunarnia Driftwind & Pixie (Fox In Boots) $15
Wolf cel-phone holder (Snap-E-Tiger) $20
Sigmund Freud action figure (Jouva Moufette) $40
"Skim" artwork (Chris Goodwin) $75
Inherit the Earth PC game (Anonymous) $50
Six RCFM t-shirts & mugs (Rocket City Furmeet) $35
Gaming Guardians cameo (Graveyard Greg) $100
Original artwork (Vince Suzukawa) $200
"You're Not A Puppy" original artwork (David Gough) $100
"Yiff the Cook" apron (Killjoy) $70
Sylvester & Tweety stapler (Anthrocon Art Show) $30
Herbie Bearclaw Anthrocon conbook artwork "Gargoyle" (Herbie Bearclaw) $215
"Brown & Eselman" print (Chris Goodwin) $100
Hamtaro pasta (Bleis) $15
"Tick" print (Chris Goodwin) $25
Three sets of Animaniacs plush (KTurtle) $30
"Daffy Duck For President" book (Annette & Brian Miller) $35
Wall shark (Sharky) $15
"DanceHappyFingerChime" artwork (Chris Goodwin) $35
Strathmore sketchbook & prismacolor pens (Amaruq) $35
Set of 4 "Island of Misfit Toys figures (Graysoul, Killjoy) $50
"The HeeHaw Club" artwork (Chris Goodwin) $75
130x original artwork folder (Lunarwolf Moonphaser) $230
Soccer slippers (Mejeep) $10
Original sponsor print artwork (Guy Gilchrist) $300
Blinkey raver watch (Mejeep) $20
2x college pennants (Mejeep) $15
Further Confusion 2004 membership & DVD (Further Confusion) $50
Oakpaw artwork (Jenna Woginrich) $50
Wolfhead figurine (Flain) $20
"Navarro's Eyes" Wolf Park photo (Wolf Park) $20
Midwest Furfest sponsorship (Midwest Furfest) $40
Miller Holiday Stein, Roary beanie baby, Ferris the Ferret plush (Nitro, Janethorse, Arctic Snow) $30
"Space Pirate!" artwork (Chris Goodwin) $35
"Midnight Sun" HC book (Anonymous) $35
2x Anthrocon 2003 unofficial t-shirts (Plushdragon) $10
"Cheetah Shield" original artwork (Terrie Smith) $40
Sunday Brunch & Weekend Stay at Adam's Mark (Adam's Mark Hotel) $225
20gig I-Pod (Support Our Shelters) $230
"Moonbasking" laserprint (Lonnie Dinello "Dalia") $20
"Mad Scientist" print (Philip Eggerding "Cirrel") $125
Anthrocon 2002 t-shirt original art (Sara "Caribou" Palmer) $50
Set of 4 fuzzy-art (Miscellaneous Mouse) $5
"Cross Smash" artwork (Chris Goodwin) $20
"Mikeneko" digital print (Chris Goodwin) $25
"Life of Pi" CD audiobook (Clinton Barnes) $20
"Promise of a New World" Franklin Mint collector's plate (???) $50
"Jerboa Shield" original art (Terrie Smith) $10
2x E-Book Adventures (Annete & Brian Miller) $20
"Cara" print by C. Berdoz, "Love" & "Anniversary" by Lunarnia Driftwind & Pixie (Fox In Boots) $15
Mephit Furmeet Sponsor Membership (Mephit Furmeet) $35
"The Fairy Maker" print (James Weidman) $10
"The Guide", "The Dance" prints (David Gough) $5
"Dinnertime" artwork (The Furry Store) $5
Sterling silver & carnelian ferret earrings (Rochndil aka Alan Martin) $25
"Transformed Fate" set of three art panels (Tygermoon Foxx) $10
Film & video magazines, Firestorm Six art CD (Matt J. McCullar, ???) $15
8x10 print of Lynn DeVeroux (Kim Kirkdorfer) $5
"Fun With Keys" artwork (W. Michael Dooley, Wolfie's Pack Productions) $51
Set of two prints (SkylerFox) $10
Signed Dick Durock print (Show Me Con) $5

Cash Donations - $984

Total - $8348

Thanks again,

- Rigel