AnthroCon 2006 FurShoot Photo Shoot is up!

Anthrocon 2006 FurSuit Photoshoot pictures are now online.

  • The copyright on the pictures is © 2006 Monoceros Media and AnthroCon, Inc.
  • The photography work and picture distribution were provided free of charge, as a service to AnthroCon and the anthropomorphic fandom community at large.
  • For any photo that you or a suit you own is in, you have the right to copy, display and use the photo in any non-commercial fashion. If you wish to use the photos for your business or a commercial opportunity, please contact Monoceros Media so that they can send you the rights to do so.
  • For any photo that you or a suit you own is in, you have the right to request it is removed from this archive and promotional use. Please notify Monoceros Media immediately and they will take the photos down, no worries.

For these and any other requests, please contact Monoceros Media at .

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2007 Pre-registration is open.

It's never too early to register for the con! While everyone is talking and thinking about it, why not go ahead and get yourself squared away for next year? The con will be July 5-8, 2007 and in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Get it out of the way now! Attending memberships are available for an early-bird discount of $40.00!

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Take our post-convention survey!

If you attended Anthrocon 2006, we would like to hear your feedback on it. We would like to ask that each of our attendees take 5 minutes to complete the following post-convention survey:


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