On behalf of participating artists, Anthrocon’s Art Show exhibits and sells original artworks of a science fiction, fantasy and/or fannish nature, especially relating to anthropomorphics. It shares the 127,600-square-foot Halls B and C of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA with the Dealers Room and Artists Alley.

Artists offer works in various media, both flat (sketches, pen-and-ink drawings, paintings, etc.) and 3-dimensional (sculpture, masks, costumes, etc.) for display and sale. Artwork is sold by written bid, with a voice auction taking place Sunday for those pieces which receive enough written bids. We will also have a separate area for mature artwork, inaccessible to minors, with a separate voice auction Saturday night.


Friday, July 6:

10 AM: Artist check-in begins
2-6 PM: Art Show open to bidders
9-11 PM: Artists & Dealers Reception (by invitation only)

Saturday, July 7:

10 AM-6PM: Art Show open to bidders
6 PM: Mature Gallery written bidding closes
11 PM: Mature Gallery voice auction begins (DLCC 413-415)

Sunday, July 8:

10 AM-Noon: General Gallery open to bidders
Noon: General Gallery written bidding closes
2 PM: General Gallery voice auction begins (DLCC 413-415)
2-5 PM: Sales, artist check-out

For Artists

If you've submitted a reservation for display space:

If you have never received any e-mail acknowledgment, please contact the Art Show director immediately by e-mail at artshow@anthrocon.org or by phone at 307-ARTYFUR (+1 307-278-9387).

If your reservation has been confirmed, you will be receiving forms and instructions in the mail. You can also download them below, in PDF format. Important Note: The Control Form is a 3-part, no-carbon-required form, which provides copies for you when you check-in and check-out. If you don't need copies for your records, you may print 1 copy from the PDF to give to us. If you do want copies for your records, print 3 copies, or obtain the 3-part form at the con. Bid Sheets are included in the big Con Forms file, but also available separately. In both files, the Bid Sheets are PDF forms -- you can type in the info about your pieces, and print! (Mac users: Sorry, some versions of Preview don't handle the form correctly. Please use Google Chrome if you experience difficulty.)

If you have not already reserved display space: It's too late to send in an advance reservation, but there is usually some leftover space available as artists discover they are unable to fill all the space they reserved. Artists without reservations may walk-in to claim leftover space at the con after noon on Friday, July 6. Please read the Art Show Reservations Information Packet (ASRIP), which includes the display rules and a link to the online reservation form. Submit your reservation info online to save time at the con. You may also download the Con Forms file above to familiarize yourself with the forms (or if you're really optimistic, to print and fill out your bid sheets -- but please understand there's no guarantee you'll be able to get any space, if enough others claim it all before you arrive).

For Bidders

Read over our friendly Art Show Bidder’s Guide here!

List of Artists Expected to Participate


Reserve by April 30th, 2018 for guaranteed space!

Reservation Fee: None!

Panel Size: 2′ wide × 4′ high (60 cm wide × 120 cm high)
Please note that our panel units are smaller than those of many other cons. This is to avoid dealing with fractional spaces.

Bids to Go to Voice Auction: 8

Sales Commission: 15% (12.5% for those who paid for space in the Dealers Room)

Payment Timeline: 45 days after the con (mid-August)


Answers to many common questions are on the Art Show Frequently Asked Questions page. Other inquiries may be sent to artshow@anthrocon.org, phone +1 307 278 9387 (307-ARTYFUR), or by postal mail to:

Anthrocon Art Show
PO Box 6095
Syracuse, NY  13217-6095