The Art Show Reservations Information Packet (aka the ASRIP) contains rules, instructions, and important information for artists who want to participate in the Art Show. Please read it carefully.

Last year more than 130 artists displayed more than 1500 pieces with sales of almost $55,000. Because of this, we have no need to charge a fee in advance for space reservations, but we do collect a commission of 15% of sales to cover the expenses of running the Art Show. (Anthrocon is a registered not-for-profit organization—neither Anthrocon nor its staff profit from this.)

Please be realistic in estimating how much space you’ll need. We considered charging a hanging fee in an attempt to deter people from requesting a lot of space and then giving back much of it at the con, or canceling shortly before the con. Last year dozens of spaces ended up vacant which other artists might have reserved. We will not charge a hanging fee this year.

If you cannot attend Anthrocon, you may enlist a friend or acquaintance to act as an agent on your behalf, but he or she must register for a membership in order to be admitted to the con. We no longer offer mail–in service: as our convention has grown, dealing with mail–in artwork has demanded more and more staff time that we feel should be directed to meeting the needs of attending artists, who have invested a considerable amount of time and expense to be present at the con.

If you are on a tablet or mobile device or otherwise prefer to view the document directly, you may do so in Google Drive.