I'm not an artist—can I resell previously-purchased artwork in the Art Show?

The Art Show is intended for artists to sell their own artwork, not as a marketplace for the resale of previously-purchased art, so we don't allow third-party sales in the Art Show except in special cases such as charity fundraising.

If I submit art for the Art Show, is there the same requirement for tax registration as there is for dealers?

No, since the convention handles the sales.

Will there be any art there that is not appropriate for younger attendees?

Anthrocon does not believe in restricting the artistic freedom of its attendees (unless that artistic freedom conflicts with Pennsylvania state law). We will, however, confine any artwork deemed to be unsuitable for a general audience to specific areas that will be restricted to adults.


Do you have a jury for the Art Show?

We don’t have a jury for the Art Show; all artists are welcome to participate.

Does the Art Show have a Print Shop?

No, only single copies of prints are allowed in the Art Show, and must be clearly marked as such on the bid sheet. If you wish to sell multiple copies of prints, you may get a table in Artist Alley, or contact a distributor, who would sell your work year—round instead of only at the con.

Are mats or frames required? Can I use glass frames?

Your artwork must be protected in some way because, if it goes to auction, crew members must remove it from the panel and transport it to the auction room, and show it to bidders during the auction. Matting is preferred. If you’re really on a budget, you can use plastic art envelopes or print protectors. Please do not use glass-faced frames! We allowed this on a trial basis in the past, but had several instances of breakage.

I don’t want my space to be next to Artist x, or Please put me next to Artist y.

We’ll certainly try to accommodate such requests; please tell us what you want in the “Comments” area of the reservation form. However, we can’t guarantee we’ll succeed. As the Art Show fills up, it’s possible the only available space would make it impossible.

You don’t offer fractional spaces, but my works are small. I can’t fill a whole space.

There’s no rule that requires you to pack your (single) space, although it’s not fair to others for you to book 3 whole panels to display only 3 small items.

If I can’t fill all my space, can I share with another artist I know who has only a few works, and can’t come to the con? I’d act as their agent.

That’s fine! If your friend will want us to send them a separate payment check, we’ll need a separate reservation for them, so make sure they request or download the info packet or make a reservation using the online form. Then, both of you fill out the reservations and in the “Comments” area of each, explain that you want to share the same space assignment with the other. If mailing in the reservations form, send both reservations back in the same envelope if possible.

If the other artist doesn’t make a reservation of their own, you’ll need a letter from them stating you have permission to show and sell their artwork. If anything of theirs sells, the payment will be included in your check, so you’ll be responsible for forwarding their share.

I would like to post a picture on my panel of a huge artwork that I’ve done. People wouldn’t be bidding on the picture, but the work itself.

Sorry, we can’t allow that. People must be able to see exactly what they’re bidding on, not a photo of it—that’s part of the attraction of going to a convention, otherwise they might just as well use an online auction site. There’s also the logistical problem of getting the actual item to them when they come to pick it up.

Is fan art allowed? What about pastiches or parodies?

Fan art of trademarked characters may be entered in the Art Show only if you don’t offer it for sale; as Anthrocon is the seller of record, we do not have permission (a license) to sell them. Artwork done in the “style” of someone else’s milieu is usually ok, as long as it’s not a direct rendition of a copyrighted or trademarked character or scene. If it meets the tests for a parody (detailed in the Art Show rules), it’s usually ok. However, in the face of objections from rightsholders or their representatives, the Art Show Director retains the right to remove any disputed piece from display, or set it “not for sale.”

What about collaborations? I produce (glassware, woodwork, needlework, etc.) using other artists’ designs (with their permission).

We do allow collaborations, but you have to make a significant artistic contribution to the finished piece. For example, if you’re just pasting another artist’s print onto a clock face from a kit, that’s not enough. If you’re using another artist’s design to paint or woodburn a clock face, that’s allowable.

Why don’t you offer mail–in service any more?

As our convention has grown, dealing with mail–in artwork has demanded more and more staff time that we feel should be directed to meeting the needs of attending artists, who have invested a considerable amount of time and expense to be present at the con.

How can I find an agent? Can you recommend someone?

Unfortunately, we’re not in a position to make recommendations. The thing is, the person has to be absolutely trustworthy—you’re sending them your valuable artwork, after all, and it would be all too easy for a dishonest person to claim they never received it. Even if they are honest, they do have to follow through with the responsibility of hanging the artwork, completing the paperwork, then picking up any unsold art after the con and shipping it back to you.

We suggest asking (online or at furmeets or conventions) for people who’d be willing to represent you. You should get to know them well enough that you can trust them with your artwork.

The deadline’s almost here, but I’m still looking for an agent. Do you need the agent info right now?

Not right away, but we will need to know before the convention who your agent is so that we know they are authorized to have your artwork and represent you. Please tell us by May 15 if possible, or if your plans change later, contact us with the updated information.