Dealers Room Applications for 2019 are Closed.

Anthrocon 2019's Dealers Room will be held in the  David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. It will be located in the spacious Hall B, with 82,450 square feet of room. Our tables are a full eight feet in length, with plenty of space behind each table and large aisle widths for customers to navigate.

Electric power is now included with all tables (except row P). Please be certain to review changes to the layout, and please note the pricing structure listed below. Prices  have changed for 2019!

Dealers: You must read and understand the Dealers Room Information Packet (DRIP) and Standards Of Conduct (SOC) before registering as a dealer. Should you have any questions not answered by the DRIP or SOC, please contact us at or at @AnthroconDealer on Twitter.

Applications for the 2019 Dealers Room ARE NO LONGER BEING TAKEN. This includes our waitlist. If you still wish to vend at Anthrocon, you may wish to consider the Artists Alley or Art Show is a suitable option.
Applications for the 2020 Dealers Room will be accepted in October of 2019.

Click here for the Anthrocon 2019 Dealers Room Information Packet
(aka the DRIP! Rules, instructions and important information for Dealers)

You will need your PA sales tax license number to vend at Anthrocon..
Click here to apply for a PA Sales Tax License
(Important information will be available in the DRIP)

The Passcode for RegFox for Dealer Assistants is: 2019ACDealer

Apply, or Register Dealer Assistants, at :

Additional information:

Pricing for 2019

Standard tables:

  • Half Table (4'x30"): $80

  • Single Table (8'x30"): $175

  • Single+Half Table (12'x30"): $275

  • Double Table (16'x30"): $425

  • Triple Table (24'x30"): $675

  • Quad Table (32'x30"): $925

Endcap tables:

  • Full Table (8'x30"): $250

  • Triple Table (24'x30"): $750


  • Island (four 8'x30" tables): $1300

Note: these prices are for Table space only, and do NOT INCLUDE a Dealer Membership!
Dealer Memberships are the same cost as Attending memberships, and you may purchase upgrades to Dealer+Sponsor or Dealer+Supersponsor.

You may purchase Dealer Assistant Memberships immediately, or Assistants may purchase their own Memberships and be named as Assistants later. We STRONGLY recommend Dealer Assistants be named before the close of Pre-registration; handling them On-Site is slower for us, you, and them.

AC DR 2019 v5.png

Inquiries may be sent to, on Twitter to @AnthroconDealer, or by postal mail to: Anthrocon, Inc., 150 Wrenn Drive Unit 759, Cary, NC 27512