An Escape Room is like a real life video game puzzle room - teams of up to 8 people will solve puzzles and unlock prized containers by using clues, hints, and tools that everyone finds around the room before the 60-minute timer runs out!

This year's theme: Your team is a party of heroes looking to be able to advance through a gauntlet of puzzles with an ultimate goal of defeating the skull king while it has been locked down in this reality! You only have one hour before the entrance to your quest crumbles to rubble and the skull king flees to another dimension! Do you have what it takes to win?

To sign up in advance of the con, please fill out the below form. Entry fee is $20 per person a portion of the ticket sales will go to our charity, PEARL Parrot Rescue. Questions? Just email fuzzylogicescaperoom@gmail.com.

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