Len Simon

Born in Toronto (Brampton), Ontario, Canada, Len Simon began his artistic career at the early age of 14. Creating T-shirt designs for sporting events and clothing companies, Len began to attract larger clients such as Black Label and Budweiser. At the age of 17 he taught drawing classes at a local night school. The following year, inspired by his older brother Mark Simon, Len attended Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario" to pursue his passion for animation.

After completing his first year of college, Len was recruited by Sullivan/Bluth Studios Ireland, where he was rapidly promoted to Directing Animator. From Ireland, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1994 and was one of the original staff of Fox Animation Studios. While at Fox, Len was one of the main leads on Anastasia and was promoted to Animation Director in charge of all the character animation on Bartok the Magnificent and Titan AE. With Fox Animation’s closure in 2000, Len established his own studio with his business partner James Stoyanof. Len has worked on more than a dozen classically animated feature films to include Prince of Egypt, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and Curious George. His experience also includes television work, internet games, casino games, animated shorts, commercials and animated pilots.

Len’s ability has progressed to encompass all aspects of animation from storyboard and development to post production. His hands-on style of management has made Len one of the most accomplished figures in animation. In his spare time, Len enjoys illustrating children’s books and sculpting, as well as developing original stories for print and film. Anthrocon is excited to welcome such a diversely talented animator as our Guest of Honor!

Ursula Vernon

Growing up the daughter of an artist in Oregon and Arizona, Ursula Vernon spent most of her youth attempting to rebel against the arts, eventually being drawn in by the “siren’s song of paint.” It was while earning her anthropology degree from Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota that she first began her art classes.

She is perhaps most widely known for her Hugo Award (2012) and Mythopoeic Award (2013) winning webcomic Digger and her book series “Dragonbreath” which won the Sequoyah Book Award for Children’s Literature. Her short story “Jackalope Wives” won the Nebula Award for Best Short Story, the Cóyotl Award, and the WSFA Small Press Award (2015). Her stand-alone novel “Castle Hangnail” won the Mythopoeic Award for Children’s Literature in 2016 and her novelette “The Tomato Thief” won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 2017.

Ursula’s works have also been nominated for the Eisner Award, World Fantasy Award, and the British Science Fiction Award. Her works have also garnered many Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards, a mention in the New York Times, and enough Junior Library Guild Selections to allow her to cosplay as a six-star general.

Ursula currently resides in Pittsboro, North Carolina, where she works full-time as an artist and creator of oddities. Along with her husband Kevin, she lives with their two Coonhounds and a small collection of cats and chickens!

Her current project is the “Hamster Princess” series of books for kids which has been nominated for the Texas Bluebonnet Award and made the Amelia Bloomer List for feminist children’s literature. She also writes for adults under the name T. Kingfisher.

Anthrocon is excited to welcome such a wonderfully talented author, artist, and illustrator as our Guest of Honor!

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