Anthrocon's Hotels: Please read before reserving!

Important Information Regarding Hotel Reservations
Hotel reservations OPEN NOW!
Courtyard, Drury, Westin, Hampton: FULL
Homewood, Omni, Doubletree: FULL
Marriott CC, Renaissance, Wyndham: Available!

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A one-night deposit (room and tax) will be required for all hotel bookings; it will be charged soon after you make the reservation. That deposit will not be refundable if a reservation is canceled. Anthrocon strongly recommends that its members not book a room until they are reasonably certain that their plans will not change. The box to the right lists the hotels that have agreed to a special discounted rate for Anthrocon attendees. Note that this page is for information only, so you can see what you get for your money. A link will be provided for making reservations on February 2. Note that due to the volume of initial reservations, the charge may not appear on your credit card statement for several weeks!

To reserve a hotel room:

After you reserve, please consider taking our: Hotel Reservation Experience Survey

"When Does Hotel Booking Close?"

IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR HOTEL LISTED WHEN YOU TRY TO RESERVE, TRY SHORTENING YOUR STAY! We often run out of rooms on early and late days, but often we can add rooms to those nights that will allow you to stretch an existing reservation. It's not guaranteed, but we've had good luck in the past. You can inquire about extending your stay by emailing Visit Pittsburgh Housing Services at housing(at) and providing your Passkey booking reference number.

If you are going to have roommates but do not yet know who they are, please leave the fields blank: If you know the true names of your roommates,of course you can enter them, and if you have your roommates’ email addresses, enter them in the email field and your roommates will receive a copy of the reservation acknowledgment. If you do not know the true names of your roommates at the time of booking, please do not add fake names or generic names such as Guest #2, Guest #3. You will have the opportunity to add guest names at a later date. It is fine to leave a leave the those fields empty. You may also email housing(at) with roommate names. They will edit your reservation and send you notification once your roommates have been added to your reservation. This request comes in because in previous years, people have still had "John Doe" and "Guest #1" listed on their reservations even on the day they arrived.

Special Note For All Hotel Guests: Our kind hosts at all of our hotels remind us that even if a room is not to be made up, the housekeepers must nonetheless make entry to each room every day to ensure that it is up to standards. This caused some concern in previous years when attendees left their "do not disturb" signs posted for the entire weekend. If you intend to stay in any Anthrocon-contracted hotel, you MUST agree to the following policy, which is repeated in the Anthrocon Standards of Conduct: Housekeepers will not begin their rounds until 10:00 AM each day. Thereafter they will initially bypass rooms with "do not disturb" signs on the doors, but at the end of their rounds they must return to those rooms and will have to knock on the door. Attendees must allow housekeeping staff access to the room at that time. If you do not agree to this policy, then you should not book a room.

An explanation as to why this policy has been enacted can be found here.

Note: There is at this time no mechanism by which a deposit for a particular room can be transferred from one person to another. If you must cancel your hotel room, you must assume all responsibility for arranging how the finances will be handled. There are many potential dangers in transferring pre-paid registrations, particularly to someone you do not know. Again, we cannot stress it enough: do not reserve a room until you are reasonably certain that you will be attending!

The last day to book hotel rooms for Anthrocon 2017 will be June 2nd, 2017. The last day to make any name changes or date modifications to existing reservations through the PassKey system will be June 12th, 2017.

After booking closes, any hotel rooms will have to be booked directly with our partner hotels.

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