Dealers Room 2020: Important Updates!

As we get closer to opening up Dealer Registrations for 2020, we’d like to bring you up to speed on a few things that will be new or different next year.  Don’t worry, it’s good news!

  • In 2020 the Dealers Room, along with the Art Show, Artists Alley, and Con Store will be moving to Halls A and B, with the main entrance via Concourse A.  The Dealers Room has quite a few new tables, including more endcaps. However, with this new arrangement, Wall Space is no longer available. A list of table types and prices is at!

  • The Convention Center reports that some rules on load-in and load-out have changed:

    • Beginning in 2020, dealers will be allowed to use two or four wheeled non-motorized carts.

    • Dealers can now clean their own areas with their own equipment.  (Note that Anthrocon’s own rules on noise, fumes, and strong odors still apply.)

    • There will be no limit on the number of trips Dealers and Dealer Assistants can make during load-in or load-out.

    • With these changes, there should be no need for Teamster help at the Concourse A entrance. Teamster help is still required at the loading dock.

  • We are no longer offering Islands; instead we will have Booths. The Small Booth is the same size as the old Islands at 16’x16’, and cost $1300; a Large Booth will be 20’ wide x 24’ deep and cost $1600. Booths include tables, chairs, and electrical power; and will have pipe and drape on two (corner booths) or three (inner booths) sides. Additional chairs, tables, or other features can be ordered directly from our decorating service. We will have five Small Booths and four Large Booths available.

  • The Dealers Room will for the first time feature a Mature Dealers Section, located to the far east side of Hall A.  This section will be draped off, and is only for attendees 18 and above. We’re still working out the final details of this section.

  • There will be a small Headless Lounge, currently referred to as The Headless Hideaway, located near the Mature Dealers Section.  Again, final details to be determined.

That covers the major new features for 2020.  Dealer Registration is expected to open on October 5th alongside regular registration, and stay open until October 31st.  Curation will begin shortly afterwards, and we plan to have dealers notified by Early December.

As always, if you have any questions, need clarification, or just want to send a comment, you can reach us on Twitter (@AnthroconDealer), Telegram ( or email ( There may be some other announcements as time goes on, so keep your eyes and ears open. Looking forward to the convention already!

Anthrocon 2019 Wrapup

The Pittsburgh City Paper also became “ The Pittsburgh Furry Paper ” for the week. ( Read it online here )

The Pittsburgh City Paper also became “The Pittsburgh Furry Paper” for the week. (Read it online here)

Let’s start with some numbers on how Anthrocon 2019 went:

  • 290 events

  • 16 DJs over 3 nights of dances

  • 101,300 watts of sound at said dances

  • 250+ Floor Wars/Dance Comp signups

  • 2,400 fursuit badges

  • 9,358 awesome attendees

  • $45,852 raised for PEARL Parrot Rescue

  • 246 hard working staff members

  • Numerous volunteers

  • ...and one AMAZING HOST CITY.

Now that we're back home and unpacking, we have gone through the Lost and Found items that have been turned in. Did you lose something? Please fill out this form, and we'll follow up with you.

Looking for the Fursuit Group Photo? Here it is. A high-resolution 15701 x 4265 pixel version of that photo can be found over here. (Credit: Andy Oxenreider of Dragonscales)

The entire city was talking about us. We got plenty of news coverage:

Many thanks to our attendees, our staff, and the city of Pittsburgh for being such a hospitable host city!

Do you have more thoughts or feedback to share with us?  Please take our post-con survey!

Anthrocon 2020 will be held July 2 - July 5, 2020 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and the theme will be "Aesop's Fables".  We’ll see you then.

Anthrocon 2019 Media Coverage

Need Help? Last Stop Before Anthrocon!

In just a few days, many of our staff will be on their way to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA!  That means we won't be able to answer emails like we could during any other time of the year.  Instead, we've put together some resources you might find helpful while on the road or at the convention

Need help during the convention? 

Here is how to get in touch with us:

  • Visit Operations in Room 309 in the DLCC

  • Visit Security in the Crawford Room in the Westin or Room 308 in the DLCC.

  • Call the Anthrocon Operations Hotline at 832-FUR-OPS-1 (832-387-6771) Hours are:

    • Thursday: 10 AM to 10 PM

    • Friday: 9 AM to 10 PM

    • Saturday: 9 AM to 10 PM

    • Sunday: 9 AM to 5 PM

  • DM @Anthrocon or @AnthroconHelp on Twitter

After the convention, please consider sharing your photos on either:

Finally, we like to hear how we're doing, what you liked, and how we can do better.  Please consider taking our post-con survey after the convention.

Journalists/Members of the Press

Looking for photos?  Check out our Fursuit Group Photo.  Please credit the photo to "Andy Oxenreider of Dragonscales".  We also have thousands of photos from past Anthrocon conventions in our Flickr group.  Please credit those photos to their individual authors.

See you in Pittsburgh,

The Anthrocon Staff





Don't Forget, Dance Competition Signups End Soon!

We have two dance competitions this year that offer signups before the convention!

First is the Fursuit Dance Competition! Looking to compete with the best of the best at Anthrocon’s fursuit dance competition? Sign-ups are now open for individuals and teams. There are no separate categories – all competitors will compete in the same division. Online signups will be available until July 4th. There will be NO in-person sign-ups.

Second is Floor Wars! This year’s Floor Wars at Anthrocon 2019 will be 1-versus-1 with Non-suit and Fursuit Division (two categories). This year, we will be starting to implement a “Floor Wars Qualifier” event that ALL dancers must attend in order to qualify for the main event. The Qualifier will take place the same day as the Fursuit Dance Competition preliminaries, in the same panel room. The Qualifier will follow the same battle format and rules as the main event. Online signups for Floor Wars end soon!

To sign up for either or both of these dance competitions, just go here to get started!

Keep on dancin’.

Anthrocon 2019 Fursuit Badges, Photo, Parade, and Guidelines

Are you interested in a being in the Group Photo, the Annual Anthrocon Fursuit Parade, or in a Meet-And-Greet after the convention?

Please find below a copy of the fursuit parade map, as well as a copy of the guidelines.

Fursuit Parade map.
Click to enlarge.



The suit must represent an "anthro" character. Character representations of non-anthro characters, human characters, and spandex bodysuits do not count. At minimum, a headpiece, hand-paws, and a tail (if applicable by species); if using latex and makeup, it must completely cover exposed surfaces. Skin must not be visible when the costume is worn, to complete the illusion of an anthropomorphic creature. Remember, we have only a limited number of badges, which will be available outside of Operations, which is in Room 309 of the convention center.

Fursuit Badges will be given out at the following times:

  • Friday: 10:30 AM to 1 PM

  • Saturday: 10AM to Noon and 3 PM to 5 PM

  • Sunday: 10 AM to Noon and 3 PM to 5 PM


Character representations of non-anthro characters, human characters, spandex bodysuits, etc. are politely requested not to join in the group photo. Handlers are permitted for suits that require them, and for persons of limited mobility. You must drink at least one full glass of water before joining the parade! This is for your safety, and our sanity. You may begin to line up for the parade in Hall A of the convention center as early as 1:00 PM. The parade itself begins immediately after the group photo is taken, which will be at precisely 2:00 PM. Please allow yourself plenty of time to get there. Remember, the elevators cannot be trusted to get you there on time!

  • Water will be available. Make liberal use of it!

  • If you are very tall, or have tall ears or antlers, please stay to the rear of the group.

  • Please line up with toes (or claws) on the tape lines that will be on the floor.

  • No showboating! This photo is for everyone, not just for you. Stay with the group.

  • Non-costumers must not try to “photobomb” the photo. Your membership may be suspended if you do.

  • Handlers, please get out of camera shot while the photo is being taken

  • Hands must be kept down.

  • No flags, signs, or other items that may block the photo are permitted.

  • A portion of the front row is reserved for VIPS, young children and the physically challenged.

  • Remember, if you cannot see the camera, it cannot see you.

  • After the photo, if you are more than 2 rows from the front, you may wish to take off your head for a breath of air.


You must have an Anthrocon membership badge to participate. Please be aware that members of the public will be watching, so if you participate, you are representing not only Anthrocon, but Furry Fandom as a whole to the folks who have welcomed us so warmly to their city. The parade is intended as a showpiece for fursuit design and performance; it is not an opportunity for political statements or grandstanding. Any costume or accessory that is inappropriate for public view or is likely to cause shock or dismay to the good people of Pittsburgh will not be permitted to participate in the parade.

The bulk of the parade will take place outdoors and involves a circuit of 10th Street underneath the Convention Center. This is to provide maximum protection for our fursuiters from inclement weather or blazing-hot sunshine.

  • Do not stop! KEEP MOVING! If the person ahead of you stops, feel free to go around them.

  • If someone wants a picture, do not stop to pose. There will be a meet-and-greet afterward for photos. If you must stop, please step out of line so as not to impede the parade.

HERE IS WHERE THINGS ARE DIFFERENT FROM LAST YEAR: The parade will not proceed upstairs after entering the west lobby. It is simply too taxing on fursuiters, and on our resources. Instead, the parade will proceed into Hall E of the convention center, where it will end. Water will be available there.

On the opposite side of the airwall, in Hall D, the public will be invited in for a meet-and-greet with the fursuiters. You are not required to take part in the meet-and-greet of course, if you are not up to it. We strongly recommend that if you do take part, you arrange for a handler to meet you in there just to help keep an eye on things. If you need to take a break, you need only return to Hall E, which will not be accessible to non-fursuiters. The meet-and-greet is expected to last until approximately 4:00 PM.

Anthrocon 2019 Shuttle Schedules and Routes

This year, we will be running three separate shuttles, each with its own route. The routes are as follows:

  • Red Route: AC Hotel, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, DLCC

  • Blue Route: Omni, Doubletree, Drury, DLCC

  • Green Route: Renaissance, Embassy Suites, DLCC

If a wheelchair-accessible bus is required, please call 412-527-5844 one hour or more in advance.

We recommend saving copies of the map and schedule below to your phone: