Hello world!

New year, new con, new website.

Thanks to the efforts of our webmaster leopard Giza and our (mostly) tame graphics artist Cuprohastes, we have a thrilling new website to show off!

Why a new site if the old one works? The old one works... kind of.

Essentially it was getting harder to maintain, and with the rise in mobile web browsing was starting to become unwieldy and fall behind.

With over half of all internet activity performed on phones or tablets, the existing website was re-evaluated: The old website on a 1080x1920 display is at the bottom of this post.

Internet use

Internet use by device Sept 2016 - Sept 2017

The old site: Functional but not elegant.

As you can see... it had some unfortunate layout problems.

By comparison, the new site allows for reactive layout which allows us to work on a Tablet, a phone... or a laptop/desktop... full screen or in a window. Even in a side-bar!

If you're wondering what happened to the forums, those live on at http://forums.anthrocon.org/