What To Expect When Hotels Open

NOTE: Hotel opening will be delayed 1 hour, to 12 Noon EST. Treacherous weather in Pittsburgh is making it difficult for Visit Pittsburgh Housing Services employees to get to work, and we are not about to put them at risk trying to hurry into the office. We apologize if this inconveniences anyone, but we need to have to the Visit Pittsburgh staff on hand to help keep things running smoothly for everyone.

On Friday, February 1st, 2019 general hotel reservations will open at 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time (GMT -0500). 

Shortly after 11 AM EST (as shown by the service at https://time.is/), the link to reserve hotel rooms will be posted in the following places, in order:

...in the event that one service is down or otherwise unreachable, we will move onto the next service.   

If you wish to receive alerts and are on Twitter or Telegram, you can configure your client to alert you when a tweet is posted on our Twitter account or a message posted in our Telegram channel.

As room types and hotels sell out, we will post updates to our Twitter feed.

After about an hour or two, once things have calmed down, we will then update our hotel page with details on each hotel's remaining inventory.


  • From PassKey: "We recommend that you only have one browser window open. Using multiple browsers/multiple windows at the same time may cause problems."

  • If you don’t see your first choice for a hotel, you can try shortening your stay, it may only be sold out the first night. You can try adding another night later.

  • From VisitPittsburgh Housing Services:  "If you know the legal names of your roommates when you make your booking, of course you can enter them, and if you have your roommates’ email addresses, enter them in the email field and your roommates will receive a copy of the reservation acknowledgment. If you do not know the true names of your roommates at the time of booking, please do not add fake names or generic names such as Guest #2, Guest #3.  Instead, leave those names blank and then reach out to Visit Pittsburgh as described in the next step...

  • If you need assistance after your reservation is made or need to add/change guests, please email housing(at)visitpittsburgh.com for assistance.  Replies may be delayed for a day or two after reservations open due to volume.

  • While we will try to post updates when a particular hotel sells out, your best bet is the PassKey website itself.  If a hotel is not listed, then it is very likely not available.


First, please visit our Anthrocon 2019 Hotel Reservation Experience Survey and let us know your thoughts on the reservation experience.

Next, make travel plans!

Finally, if you need roommates, you could ask on our Facebook Room Share Group or perhaps on #roomshare on our Discord server.


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