Dealers Room 2020: Important Updates!

As we get closer to opening up Dealer Registrations for 2020, we’d like to bring you up to speed on a few things that will be new or different next year.  Don’t worry, it’s good news!

  • In 2020 the Dealers Room, along with the Art Show, Artists Alley, and Con Store will be moving to Halls A and B, with the main entrance via Concourse A.  The Dealers Room has quite a few new tables, including more endcaps. However, with this new arrangement, Wall Space is no longer available. A list of table types and prices is at!

  • The Convention Center reports that some rules on load-in and load-out have changed:

    • Beginning in 2020, dealers will be allowed to use two or four wheeled non-motorized carts.

    • Dealers can now clean their own areas with their own equipment.  (Note that Anthrocon’s own rules on noise, fumes, and strong odors still apply.)

    • There will be no limit on the number of trips Dealers and Dealer Assistants can make during load-in or load-out.

    • With these changes, there should be no need for Teamster help at the Concourse A entrance. Teamster help is still required at the loading dock.

  • We are no longer offering Islands; instead we will have Booths. The Small Booth is the same size as the old Islands at 16’x16’, and cost $1300; a Large Booth will be 20’ wide x 24’ deep and cost $1600. Booths include tables, chairs, and electrical power; and will have pipe and drape on two (corner booths) or three (inner booths) sides. Additional chairs, tables, or other features can be ordered directly from our decorating service. We will have five Small Booths and four Large Booths available.

  • The Dealers Room will for the first time feature a Mature Dealers Section, located to the far east side of Hall A.  This section will be draped off, and is only for attendees 18 and above. We’re still working out the final details of this section.

  • There will be a small Headless Lounge, currently referred to as The Headless Hideaway, located near the Mature Dealers Section.  Again, final details to be determined.

That covers the major new features for 2020.  Dealer Registration is expected to open on October 5th alongside regular registration, and stay open until October 31st.  Curation will begin shortly afterwards, and we plan to have dealers notified by Early December.

As always, if you have any questions, need clarification, or just want to send a comment, you can reach us on Twitter (@AnthroconDealer), Telegram ( or email ( There may be some other announcements as time goes on, so keep your eyes and ears open. Looking forward to the convention already!