DLCC Rooftop Closure

The David L. Lawrence Convention Center has been forced to commence renovation of the building’s roof earlier than was planned.  It was found that the water leaks, which you may have noticed last year, have done far more damage than was originally believed. Please accept their apologies, and ours, but the rooftop will not be available for Anthrocon 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this include the 3rd floor terrace overlooking the parade?  

A: Yes, unfortunately, it does.

Q: What about that big crane we've seen?  

A: The crane is going to be parked at the entrance to the water feature, which unfortunately will also not be accessible.  We checked, and it is not practical to remove the crane for the duration of our convention. The Riverfront plaza will be available via the stairs or ramp at Fort Dusquene boulevard.

Q: Will the Fursuit Parade be affected?

A: We do not anticipate any disruption to the Parade.

Q: Will construction be ongoing during the convention?  

A: No. Work will stop on Wednesday, July 3rd, and will not start again until Monday, July 8th.

Q: Why did they decide to do it now?  

A: They did not decide.  Preliminary work that was done to prepare for planned renovations to the roof revealed extensive water damage that had gone undetected.  It was necessary to begin repairs immediately in order to complete the renovations before Winter sets in.

Q: What's involved with the renovations?  

A: You'll see.  You're going to love it!

Q: Can we go on the roof at all?  

A: No, sadly.  The entire roof is considered an active construction site and there can be no unauthorized people up there.

Q: What about the fireworks?  

A: You can still view the fireworks from the riverfront, or from along Fort Duquesne Blvd, or even from your hotel room windows if they happen to face PNC Park.