Don't Forget, Dance Competition Signups End Soon!

We have two dance competitions this year that offer signups before the convention!

First is the Fursuit Dance Competition! Looking to compete with the best of the best at Anthrocon’s fursuit dance competition? Sign-ups are now open for individuals and teams. There are no separate categories – all competitors will compete in the same division. Online signups will be available until July 4th. There will be NO in-person sign-ups.

Second is Floor Wars! This year’s Floor Wars at Anthrocon 2019 will be 1-versus-1 with Non-suit and Fursuit Division (two categories). This year, we will be starting to implement a “Floor Wars Qualifier” event that ALL dancers must attend in order to qualify for the main event. The Qualifier will take place the same day as the Fursuit Dance Competition preliminaries, in the same panel room. The Qualifier will follow the same battle format and rules as the main event. Online signups for Floor Wars end soon!

To sign up for either or both of these dance competitions, just go here to get started!

Keep on dancin’.