Anthrocon 2018 Wrapup!

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There's no question about it, Anthrocon 2018 was an amazing success in downtown Pittsburgh this year!  Eight Thousand Four Hundred and Seven of you made Pittsburgh a little brighter this weekend.  We raised over $42,051 for our charity, South Hills Pet Rescue.  1,980 of you participated in the Annual Fursuit Parade and got to showcase Anthrocon to all to Pittsburgh!  For one weekend, we made Pittsburgh just a little brighter and friendlier.  Crime dropped. We played Asteroids. Cops loved us.  

And then there was the Tiki Bar.

Now that we're back home and unpacking, we have gone through the Lost and Found items that have been turned in. Did you lose something? Please fill out this form, and we'll follow up with you.

Looking for the Fursuit Group Photo? Here it is. A high-resolution 14,920 x 4,077 pixel version of that photo can be found over here.

Want to see some news coverage?  Here's what we've found so far:

Many thanks to our attendees, our staff, and the city of Pittsburgh for being such a hospitable host city!

Do you have more thoughts or feedback to share with us?  Please take our post-con survey!

Anthrocon 2019 will be held July 4-July 7, 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and the theme will be "Surf Pacific".  Pack your wetsuits and surfboards!  We’ll see you then.


Need Help? Last Stop Before Anthrocon!

In just a few days, many of our staff will be on their way to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA!  That means we won't be able to answer emails like we could during any other time of the year.  Instead, we've put together some resources you might find helpful while on the road or at the convention

Need help during the convention? 

Here is how to get in touch with us:

  • Visit Operations in Room 309 in the DLCC
  • Visit Security in the Crawford Room in the Westin or Room 312 in the DLCC.
  • Call the Anthrocon Operations Hotline at 832-FUR-OPS-1 (832-387-6771) Hours are:
    • Thursday: 10 AM to 10 PM
    • Friday: 9 AM to 10 PM
    • Saturday: 9 AM to 10 PM
    • Sunday: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • DM @Anthrocon or @AnthroconHelp on Twitter

After the convention, please consider sharing your photos on either:

Finally, we like to hear how we're doing, what you liked, and how we can do better.  Please consider taking our post-con survey after the convention.

Journalists/Members of the Press

Looking for photos?  Check out our Fursuit Group Photo.  Please credit the photo to "Andy Oxenreider of Dragonscales".  We also have thousands of photos from past Anthrocon conventions in our Flickr group.  Please credit those photos to their individual authors.

See you in Pittsburgh,

The Anthrocon Staff





Anthrocon 2018 Fursuit Badges, Photo, and Guidelines

Are you interested in a Fursuit Badge, being in the Group Photo, the Annual Anthrocon Fursuit Parade, or in a Meet-And-Greet after the convention?

Please find below a copy of the fursuit parade map, as well as a copy of the guidelines for each event.

Fursuit Badges will be handed out in the following locations/times:

  • In front of DLCC 309:
    • Friday: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, 4:30 PM to 6 PM
    • Saturday: 10 AM to Noon, 3:30 to 5 PM
    • Sunday: Noon to 5 PM
  • Overflow location: Con Store: During Normal Open Hours (While supplies last)
  • Overflow location: Programming (Crawford West in Westin): When the office door is open (While supplies last)

Anthrocon 2018 Shuttle Schedules and Routes

This year, we will be running two separate shuttles, each with its own route.

The Red Route will cover the following hotels: Wyndham, Renaissance, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, and the DLCC.

The Blue Route will cover the following hotels, Omni, Marriott, Doubletree, Drury, and the DLCC.

We recommend saving copies of the map and schedule below to your phone:

Wireless Internet Access in the DLCC


Looking for wireless Internet Access for your laptop or tablet at the David L. Lawrence Convention center?  We got you covered!

Anthrocon has worked out a deal with showNets, the Internet provider for the DLCC.  Wireless service will be available for all attendees for $6.95 per device per day, or $12.95 per device for the entire convention.  This wireless service will be available anywhere in the DLCC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is covered for Dealers?

A: Our deal (which we’ll just call “The Anthrocon Special” from here on out because it sounds cooler) will be the only service offered this year.  It is available throughout the building, and pricing is the same as any other Anthrocon attendee.

Q: How long will The Anthrocon Special rate be good for?

A: From the first day of convention setup until tear-down.  So that will be Tuesday July 3rd through Sunday July 8th.

Q: I have a laptop and tablet.  Can I connect both?

A: Sure, but the cost will be per device.

Q: Can my device be a router for my devices to share?

A: Clever idea, but unfortunately, no.  That is not allowed as per showNets.

Q: I have a personal Wi-Fi hotspot that uses its own data lan.  Can I use that?

A: Yep!  You may use your own data plan as you see fit.

Q: Are personal hotspots or cellphone signals blocked?

A: Nope!  That is illegal.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: You can do so on-site.  Select a “DLCC/SHOWNETS” access point.  Launch your browser if it does not launch automatically, select The Anthrocon Special, and follow the online instructions.  You may use a credit card as payment.

Q: What hours of the day are covered?

A: If you sign up for a single day, the connection is good for 24 hours from time of purchase. If you sign up for the entire convention, then you’ll have use of the conneciton for the entire convention.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Hotel Room Reservations Close on June 12th!

Need a hotel room for Anthrocon?  All double rooms are sold out except for Marriott and Wyndham Grand.  Room blocks close on June 12th, reserve your hotel room now! 

Head on over to our hotel page to get started!

Just as we did last year, we will also have a shuttle service running between overflow hotels and the DLCC this year every half hour.  Schedules will be finalized and posted closer to the con.


Anthrocon Tonight Auditions are Open

Photo Credit: Barton Fox

The Programming Team is proud to announce a change to Anthrocon Tonight, formerly the Masquerade. In previous years we have held auditions on Saturday morning. Well we are still going to offer that; however, we want to give you the opportunity to audition early! There will still be some time for auditions on Saturday morning but take this opportunity to be the early bird. Just fill out this form and let us know what you want to do for Anthrocon Tonight 2018.

Anthrocon Tonight Audition Form:


Charity Auction/Raffle Donations Needed For 2018 Fundraising!

As you may have heard, Anthrocon's selected charity this year is South Hills Pet Rescue. While cash donations made at the convention are great, the plurality of funds are raised via donations of artwork and merchandise to our Charity Auction and Raffle. We're looking for popular items and unique craftwork that will make people say, "I want that!"

Here are some examples of donations that went big in past years...

Great examples from prior raffles: Crafts based on hot trends ("Toothless" Build-A-Bear plus - $381); Popular media (Sherlock Hound DVD set - $147); Art bought at prior convention art shows ("Wrath" art by Terrie Smith - $83); Giant, brand new plush of popular animals or characters (Border collie plush - $129); Merchandise based on popular fiction (Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver - $158); Gift cards (Amazon $100 gift card - $305).

Great examples from prior auctions: Fursuit costumes and commissions (Griffon fursuit head - $460); Rare convention memorabilia (Full set of all AC t-shirts since 1997 - $200); Professional sculpture (Softsculp poseable gryphon - $350); Unique opportunities (A speaking part in audio version of Diane Duane's "The Last Meow" - $500); Dorsai fursuit tags (Tag #1000 - $1600); Contemporary culture ("Zootropolis" movie poster - $300).

If you have an item you believe would be appropriate and would like to donate, please contact charity(at)!

Helpful links:

* Donations are distributed between the Raffle and Auction based on available space, time, and perceived and past value.

Anthrocon 2018 Fursuit-Friendly Cruises

Anthrocon 2018 Fursuit-Friendly Cruises

In conjunction with the Gateway Clipper Fleet, Anthrocon is once again offering two Fursuit-Friendly Cruises.

  • An Afternoon cruise will be offered on Thursday, July 5th.
  • A Sunset cruise will be offered on Friday, Jul 6th.
  • Boarding will take place at the Convention Center Riverfront Plaza.
  •  Ticket prices will be $19.99 each and space will be limited.
  • A complimentary bottle of water will be offered to all passengers and long straws will be supplied for use by fursuiters.
  • The boats have both open decks and closed air conditioned decks so the cruises will be sailing rain or shine.
  • You do not need a con badge to board the cruise. However, you will need your cruise tickets for boarding, whether it be in hard copy or electronic format.

Thursday, July 5th Afternoon Fursuit-Friendly Cruise

  • Sailing on the Gateway Clipper Fleet Duchess
  • Boarding begins at 2:30 PM EDT Thursday July 5th
  • Ship sails at 3:00 PM EDT
  •  Returns to the dock at 4:00 PM EDT
  • Capacity: 175

Friday, July 6th Sunset Fursuit-Friendly Cruise

  • The Friday Sunset Cruise is currently sold out.  Tickets will be made available if there are any cancellations.
  • Sailing on the Gateway Clipper Fleet Duchess
  • Boarding begins at 7:30 PM EDT Friday July 6th
  • Ship sails at 8:00 PM EDT
  •  Sunset at 8:54 PM EDT
  • Returns to the dock at 9:00 PM EDT
  • Capacity: 175

The sunset cruise will be sailing past PNC Park during the Pirates game.  Perhaps we can get noticed and put up on the Jumbotron!!!

Don't wait, click here to buy your tickets today!

Fursuit-Friendly Cruise Refund Policy

  • The deadline to request a refund for the Fursuit-Friendly cruise is June 17th, 2018 at 11:59pm EDT. Refund requests after this time will not be granted.
  • The cruises will set sail rain or shine. If conditions on the river itself prevent a safe departure and the cruise is cancelled, refunds will be issued for that cruise.
  • Refunds will not be issued if you miss the boarding time for your cruise.
  •  Refund requests must made by email to  We need your LEGAL NAME, EMAIL USED FOR PURCHASE, CRUISE THAT TICKETS WERE PURCHASED FOR and NUMBER OF TICKETS PURCHASED to properly identify you for a refund. We cannot accept refund requests made by PM on the website, by Twitter, by Facebook/G+ posts, or other methods.
  • Refunds must be approved/requested by the person who purchased the tickets.


Introducing our Second Guest of Honor: Ursula Vernon

Our next Guest of Honor is a two-time Hugo Award Winner, and a Nebula Award Winner: Ursula Vernon!  Her credits improve Mythopoeic Award (2013) winning webcomic Digger and her book series “Dragonbreath” which won the Sequoyah Book Award for Children’s Literature. Her short story “Jackalope Wives” won the Nebula Award for Best Short Story,

You can read more about her on our Guest of Honor page.