Anthrocon 2015 Conbook Seeking Artwork and Stories

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Attention artists and writers! ANTHROCON 2015 is currently seeking submissions of artwork, stories, photography, poetry, and articles for its conbook!  

The conbook offers a great forum for artists and writers to showcase their talents to Anthrocon attendees. To make contributing to the conbook easier, a file-uploading site is available. 

Anthrocon asks for non-exclusive print rights for submitted works. The artist or author may publish the submitted work in any other fashion; previously, at the same time, and after. 

While we welcome any submissions of most any nature, please be aware that priority may be given to those works that complements the theme of the convention, "VIKING INVASION." All submissions should be in the 'G' to 'PG-13' rating.

Deadline for submissions is MAY 1, 2015.

For complete information and details, visit

We look forward to hearing from you! 


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Karl Xydexx Jorgensen
Publications Director
Anthrocon, Inc.

Visit the Furry Fandom Infocenter at!

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I want you all to know what i learned from all the furry conventions so far.


1. Furry End of the World - How to survive and appriciate MREs (military rations)

2. Anthrocon 2013 - Healthy Diet and how to start a Clean Slate

3. FA United 6 - What people go through

4. FurFright 2013 - How to save everyone from themselves

5. Game of Con Chairs - Why I must never get drunk

6. Anthrocon - What is going on in the real world

7. FA United 7 (on twitter) - What i can do to help my family

8. Furpocalypse - How i can be a better person for everyone


I wanna write some articles on how i learned from the furry cons because they helped me to be a better person for everyone. I will send each article to you and the staff so you can see what is appropriate for the conbook.

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I will always let my street adress be known to you loving sweethearts and furries. Feel free to check the address on my profile. My name is Jacob Dale Cleary.

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Aha! I had almost forgotten about the call for conbook art! I'll see if I can contribute a doodle or two! ;w;

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