Dealers Room Layout 2017

This is the layout for the Dealer\'s Room for 2017, which you will notice will once again fill the entirety of Hall B. Note that the table locations will be denoted by a letter followed by a number (such as A15). This represents the row (A through P) and the table number in that row (1 through 25). Tables at the end of a row will be listed by both row numbers and the table number (such as D21E).

Our Anthrocon 2017 Dealers (as of June 19th, 2017):

The table below lists the dealers who are confirmed for the 2017 convention as of June 19th, 2017. Note that the table locations are denoted by a letter followed by a number (such as A15). This represents the row (A through P) and the table number in that row (1 through 25). Tables at the end of a row are listed by both row numbers and the table number (such as B00C or D21E). TABLES MAY CHANGE BEFORE THE CONVENTION!

Dealer Name Location
4th Dimension Entertainment I02
A True Blue Artist E20
Agent Elrond B21C
Ailurucanis Studios K18
Aisu Art N17
Amber Jennings' Art C03
Angry Dragon / Takesu B14
Animal Skull Masks K00L
Apricity Hats & Cosplay Wear B05
AR.GI.BI Creative Studio M12
Art by Rabbi Tom C06
Art by Sandy Schreiber D16
Art of Lovewin K17
Art of Ursula Vernon C18
ArtKour B17
B3 Mascots N13/N14
Bill Holbrook L01
BlindCoyote Studios D13
Boneitis Industries E02/E03
Brian & Tracy Reynolds E19
BushyCat E14/E15
Buttered Buns Studios O06/O07
Cabbits Co. L10
Candyfoxy N11
Caribou Ink B20
Carpet Shark Studio J18
Carrion Cupcake A08
Cesar O09
Chakat Windshear\'s Wares D14/D15
Chance & SkippyLynn N01
Charity - Hope Haven H21J
Charity Auction & Information H16-H20
Chantal Moosher B12
Chocolate Pony K16
Claypaws Studios M05
Club Stripes / Peaches and Cream K01/K02
Coey & Shy M13/M14
Cooner Arts! L02
Crazdude Art & Design O16
Crion's Customs A14
Cross's Critters L16
Cryptovolans M04
CT Suits A21
Dagger Leonelli C16
Dark Natasha B18
Dead Dragon Designs C17
Diana Stein D20
DreamVision Creations M20/M21N/N20
Dutch M03
EbonyLeopard & Kayla-Na D11
EZCooldown G20
Fancy Rat Creations M02
Fay V. O17
Feather Kitty Creations G18
FeretStudios E04
Flinters K11/K12
Fox Amoore / Pepper Coyote N11
Fox Spirit Crafts D12
Foxloft Studios K14/K15
Fur The More C07
FurPlanet Productions A09/A10/A11
Furry Dakimakura N04/N05
FurScience Concourse B D08/D09
Furvilla A06
FuzziMutt Creations L09
gBlazeWear, LLC C12/C13
Guest Of Honor - Charlie Adler F21G
Gideon's Corral K05
Goal Publications F19
Gold Star Anime and Games D00E/D01/E01
GoldenDruid L09
Heather Bruton D19
Hibbary O17
Hibiscus Stitch L19
Honeck Sculpture C14/C15
Hopeful Monster Studios D17
Humane Animal Rescue N18
Hyena Agenda O01/O02
Icy Paw Productions M06/M07
Industrial Disease Toys O12/O13
Infierna D02
INKtiger A13
Ishaway M15
Jarlidium Press K12/K13
Jenner L01
Joshiah's Written Works E14
Kacey Miyagami E08
Kadath M16
Kaylii M16
Kaysha Siemens Illustration L13
Keedot O11
Kiriska N16
Kirsten "Tidma" Fugett B09
Kizzneth N17
Kyote B13
Lagarto Custom Leather I05
Lar deSouza A19
Lemonbrat Studios A07
Lepus Studio E02
Likeshine D21R
Lightbright Studios B19
Littlerock's Hatchery A22
Lizard Lamination I05
Lizardbeth K19
LobitaWorks C02
Lock & Key Curiosities M10
LostGamers Studio L08
Lucheek L18
Lydiarts and Crafts M01
M & T Comics O04/O05
Made Fur You, Inc A15
Mallory Hodgkin Art + Illustration B02
Majikcraft A05
Mango Island L11
Mango Wolf Works O08/O09
Marci McAdam C19
Mariposa Miniatures L06
Mary Mouse - Certified Tags E11
Massage Therapy - Paws And Relax P02
Matthew Ebel G19
Merebear Market B14
Mink Works E06/E07
Misc Etc N09/N10
MissRaptor K16
Mitch DLG E10
Moth Monarch C20
Naomi Romero B08
NightlineZ F18
Northwest Furry Trading Company Ltd. L03
Nova Synthetics C05
OffWorld Designs B01/B00C/C01
OkamiArt And Design B06
Otterly Amazing I06
Pacific Autumn M18
Padmabhujaga - The Art of SoulsPoison E16
PaintedDog K20
Panda Fuzz M00N
Pawesomecostumes D05
Pinku Shika Art M08/M09
Pipey Friends and More E17
Pixel And The Wolf F20
Pixel Visions B16
Plaguerat's Baubles C16
Pocket Sushi N15
Pocket Wolverine Del Borovic L14
PookatDino Crafts B03
Positive Elegance Studios C11
Princess Rei K10
Quack Quack Honk Designs G17
Rabbit Valley Comics O15
RedCoatCat A12
Ringtail Cafe Productions C08/C09/C10
Roz Gibson F17
Rukis O19/O20
Rysingson Accessories B11
S.Radcid A23
Sanguine Games C04
Sasha R. Jones Illustration L12
Sassypants M17
Scotty Arsenault E18
Scrolling Fantasy L20
Sebastian Silverfox L15
Seward Street Studios K06/K07/K08
Shenanigan L04
Shottsy Arts N06
Silverwind Studios O13/O14
Skulldog Studio B10
Skullery M11
SnooZzoo I04
Snow Leopard ArtsEntertainment D03
Snow Paws L07
Snuggle Trumpet Designer Vinylwear D10
Sofawolf Press, Inc I01
Space Cat Creations A19/A20
Sparkle Kreations I03
SpartaDog O10
Spoonful of Cats N19
Starlock M04
Static Claws F15G/F16/G16
Stone Studios O03
Stormfire's Eyrie E09
Story of the Door E12/E13
Studio Cute K03/K04
Sugar Bunny Shop A24/A25
Tag Staggard L17
Talenshi Illustration & Design E05
TaniDaReal L05
Tartii N12
Teaberry Workshop G19
Tentaclefriendly A16
The Bead Shoppe P01
The Black Bazaar A17/A18
The Dragon's Lair A01/A02/A03/A04
The Gneech A16
The Knotty Fox D06/D07
The Silver Dragon Jewelry J19/J20
Tiger Torre Art H15J
Toy Pony Studios J16/J17
TUMI Designs B04
Victoria Kope K21L
Voidbug B07
Warhorse Workshop N07/N08
Wayward Leather Design N02/N03
Whinges M19
WhiskyWhisker K09
Windfalcon D04

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