Anthrocon Fursuit Dance Competition Rules

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_DSC5441Hello everyone!


I'd like to announce the release of the rules for the Anthrocon 2012 Fursuit Dance Competition. Please see the document below from dropbox:

The document above includes important rules for competitors to keep in mind (including a max showcase length of 3 minutes) as well as details on the judging formats and potential songs to be played during the freestyle preliminaries and semi-finals. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Jibba ([email protected]), JD Puppy ([email protected]), and Theome ([email protected]).

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Frontpaged this for ya.

BTW, Google Docs is great for sharing things like this. (you can also edit the document in place there...)


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Just wanted to contribute. Here's a Grooveshark playlist of everything on the song list at the end.

Note: There are three songs that are not available on Grooveshark. They are listed below. I've included youtube links for those videos in the playlist description if you can get to it.

Boots and Cats - Robert Clouth

Guitars are Overrated - The Robot Disaster

Out of Control - Chemical Brothers

Note to admins: Feel free to delete this post if I'm getting into a legal gray area by offering the playlist. (Grooveshark does not allow downloading songs, but it is currently existing in a legal gray area due to royalty payment issues)

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Every time I click the link, it says, "Error 404, page not found" so coyld you copy and paste it onto google docs or something else.

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This thread is for Anthrocon 2012.  No statement of the rules for 2013 has been made yet, AFAIK.  There will probably be a new thread made when they are available.  Last year's post appears to have been made about a month before the con, so the rules may not be posted until early in June, assuming they keep to the same schedule.


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