As much as we hope everyone planning to come to Anthrocon can attend, we understand that people have events in their life that make them unable to attend even after they have registered as Members. Anthrocon has the following policies in place for Membership refunds, including when we can and cannot grant them:

  • There is a refund deadline every year for Memberships, at the close of Pre-registration. For 2019, that date is June 16th, 2019 at 11:59pm EDT. Refund requests after this time will not be granted. Memberships cannot be transferred after the refund deadline.

  • For those who find that they will be unable to attend the convention after the refund deadline you may request that your membership be deferred to the following year. Deferred memberships have no cash value, cannot be refunded at any time, and will only be good for the following convention year. Deferred memberships cannot be downgraded to another membership type. If the deferred membership is not used the following year it will be forfeit. Requests for deferral must be received from the time pre-registration closes until the Tuesday before the convention. For 2019 that date is July 1st, 2019 at 11:59pm EDT. Deferral requests after this time will not be granted.

  • Refund and deferral requests must made either by email to, or by postal mail to our main address. We need your LEGAL NAME, BADGE NAME, and E-MAIL USED TO REGISTER to properly identify you for a refund. We cannot accept refund requests made by PM on the website, by Twitter, by Facebook/G+ posts, or other methods.

  • Refunds and deferrals must be approved by the person who holds the Membership. If you purchase a Membership for someone else, it belongs to them, and they have the right to decide if and how they wish their Membership refunded or transferred, subject to Anthrocon rules.

  • Anthrocon will generally attempt to refund a Membership in the manner it was paid for. Due to the policies of credit card companies, any refund requests received 120 days or more after payment cannot be refunded by credit cards. Anthrocon will mail a check in these instances.

  • You may request a transfer of Membership, before the refund deadline. We will need the following information about the new Member to complete a transfer: Legal Name, Badge Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Postal Address, and Date of Birth. Once transferred, the Membership is the property of the Member for whose name it is now in.

  • Memberships may be downgraded (Supersponsor to Sponsor, for example) if this request is made before the refund deadline. However, this method may not be used to 'game' the Early Hotel Booking benefit of Supersponsors. Any Supersponsor who books their hotel before General Availability, and then downgrades or cancels their membership later, will have their hotel room reservation cancelled.

  • Refunds for Dealership Tables must be handled via the Dealers Room Director, and follow the guidelines expressed in the Dealers Room Information Packet. Dealer and Dealer Assistant Membership Refunds must also be relayed to the Dealers Room Director at .