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Hello everyone, I'm Sylvia Ice, or more commonly known as Icy. I'm a 26-year-old female ice wolf, with two-toned blue fur, white hair frosted with purple coloring, white ear tips, purple hooked markings beneath my eyes, three tails, and a set of angel-like feathered wings that are white and blue as well. Despite my feminism, I enjoy playing games, especially fantasy MMO's and games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. I've been around this site since around August of 2011, half because I wanna run circles around a drunken Kage ;3 and the other half unknown <.< Haha, anyway, I'm easy to get along with, so feel free to message me here, or even friend-request me. I almost never turn a request down ^^ And I look forward to seeing any and everyfur at AC!

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