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Comment:"A hunter lives among the stars...."
Hobbies:Reading both clean and dirty stuff, poetry and writing, video games, chatting and socializing, making friends, going out there and having good time ^*^
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Meaning of Hirosaki - Hiro is a masculine Japanese given name with multiple meanings, dependent on the characters used. 裕 means "abundant". 寛 means "generous, tolerant" and 浩 means "prosperous"

Welder and fabrication knowledgeable thanks to my grandfather but it seems the information he gave me is somewhat out of date SO im soon to go to school to get refreshed and get my certs. Spare time is spent, hanging out with friends, gaming online, preferably multi-player of course. Also spend some of that time writing poetry and working on a few story/fan fiction, most of which is posted on my FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/wolfixfireheart/ .

....not sure what else to put here for now other than I love these conventions and that the fandom means alot to me, course im sure im not the only one who has said this =^*^=

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