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Name:Verona Da Laska
Location:The Da Laska Estate, New York
Comment:"“With foxes we must play the fox...With Verona..Err..""
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Well, This is the part where I talk, Isn't it? Hrm. Well, Alright then. I can get a bit boring at times.. and a bit nutty. Fair warning. I was born in a log cabin in 18-... What? You wanted a short Biography? Oh. Sorry. Well then... I can try? Err. I was born some time, somewhere and now I'm here! Hi! ... Longer then that? Oh, alright.

Hi there, You've stumbled onto my biography. I'm Verona Da Laska. Verona for short, or Miss Da Laska, if you fancy that. I am a fox, if you have yet to guess that at this point in time. But how can this be? Just an ordinary vixen to be lost in the crowd forever? Well, I certainly hope not and it pleases me to inform you that I'm not Just a Vixen... I think there might be some sort of big cat thrown into the fondue pot as well. What sort? No clue! But the important thing is that.. I forgot. Anyways, moving on!

I was born to two other Foxes. A male and a female, crazy, right?! And they play the role of the boring parents in this universal manifestation of performance you fine folks call life. I call it entertaining. Save for the boring parents. They aren't that great.

Over the years of growing up on the Da Laska Estate I was exposed to a deadly form of radiation called the Internet and I have subsequently gone considerably insane. Neat, yeah? I spend most of my time on this "Internet" and I pride myself in..well.. Being a furry! I write, I role play, I (try) to draw and eventually I hope to pay a visit to the esteemed Anthrocon I hear so much about these days!

And to the issue of relationships, just to be straight, I am not looking for a relationship at this point in time! Though I like to tease! Don't feel too bad if I do, O.K?
Besides, there are surprises under the skirt of my favorite sexy teacher outfit that might make you feel inferior, if you catch my drift! Eheh..heh..

And That's Verona, or at least Verona rambling on about what she thinks she is! (Third person is fun!)

Feel free to message me!

Forum Signature:"..With Verona.. We.. Have to.. Buy her a new dress or something?"
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