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Comment:"And now I see clearly all these times I simply stepped aside. I watched but never really listened as the whole world passed me by. All this time I've watched from the outside, never understood what was wrong or what was right. I apologize."
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I now return for the 2017 Anthrocon season

My name is Thorfax, or as some people call me, Thor for short.

Character Info: Thorfax Goldwings is a medium-sized European dragon. His entire body is a red color, with a few darker red marks on his face and spines running down his back of the same color. His eyes and horns are both a sapphire blue color. Perhaps the most impressive part of his appearance are his wings, which is also his namesake. His wings, which are considerably larger than average for a dragon of his size, are a bright, lustrous golden color. Thorfax is largely a solitary dragon, being perfectly okay with spending his time either relaxing in his cave with his treasure hoard, or going out to hunt or explore, though he secretly imagines what it would be like to find a mate. Personality wise, Thorfax is very dignified, if not a little naive when it comes to things he doesn't know about. He's able to keep calm in most situations, but if angered or if otherwise necessary, he can get vicious. Otherwise, he can be very friendly to those he meets, although he can be a bit awkward socially.

Personal Info: In real life, I am a 6 foot tall, 22 year old guy with longish brown hair and brown eyes. My clothing style generally involves me wearing dark, usually black, clothes. Personality wise, I'm usually pretty quiet and I tend to keep to myself until I get to know someone. Once I get to know someone a bit, I'll usually open up, and become a lot more outgoing. I'm a pretty nice guy, but I can get mean if someone's mean to me first, sort of like my character. A few other things about me: My favorite band is Three Days Grace, my favorite song is I Don't Care by Apocalyptica, and I usually spend a lot of time online chatting with friends and finding ways to keep myself busy.

As for my role in Anthrocon, I am currently a senior staff member for Registration, after having gone for several years and being staff for actually a majority of those years.

If you have any desire to talk to me, you're free to PM me, but if you do PM me, please try to have some conversation topics in mind, because I'd have a hard time initiating a conversation myself, especially if I don't know you.

You can also add me on Skype or Steam.
My Skype is Thorfax11
My Steam account name is thorfaxgoldwings
If you do try to add me on either of those, make sure you let me know who you are first, or else I'll probably decline your request to add me.

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Good. I finally have your attention.
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