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My name is Reshay but you are welcome to call me by any of my character's names. It doesn't matter to me so long as you do it with a smile :3

I'm a fursuit builder.
Here is my FA:
My web site:
I'm also an artist but what furry isn't?

I'm open and kind and willing to make friends with anyone. I'm married to the best man in the world and very happy. I can be talkative, I'm known to get int long conversations about things that interest me but I'm pretty good at knowing when to stop. I'm not a prude but I don't really like having people's sexuality pushed on me. I have traveled many circles of the fandom and am open and accepting of almost everyone.

I do not follow cliques, ever, I am friends with anyone who wants to have a good time. It does not matter who made your suit or your interests so long as you respect the word “no” and are just looking for fun like I am.

As a fursuiter:
I'm very happy to be able to fursuit and proud to say I made all my own suits. I have 2 at the moment which are “Luka” the lioness and “Rio” another feline of my own style and make. Both are female as I am. I do play some what flirtatious characters but please bear in mind it's all acting and just pretend.
If you see me at a con please feel free to come up and talk to me, I do talk in suit but only at a convention so long as there are no children around, I usually do not talk in suit. I give hugs, hand shakes, snuggles and nose boops. Please don't try and “test” if anything is real, as a female suiter I have been groped a few times and I will go to con ops.

Simple reminders.
Please don't pick me up without asking, I'm small and it hurts.
Please, clean hands only, one of my suit cost thousands in just materials alone.
Please do not grab my tail and don't touch my face.
DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, grab my collar or try and put one on me, leash or otherwise put me in bondage.

I look forward to seeing you at Anthrocon!

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