Thank you for your interest in helping out with Anthrocon. We depend on our small but dedicated army of volunteers to help with the thousands of things that need to be done. While we cannot pay our volunteers for their unselfish service, we can at least try to make their efforts worthwhile. As you work, we will ask you to keep track of your hours on a form that we will give to you. 

You will be given a timesheet and a fabulous ribbon when you sign up. Once you work six (6) hours during the convention, we will give you a a small token of our appreciation TBD. If you work for twelve (12) hours during the convention, we will give you a free Anthrocon T-shirt! If you work more than eighteen (18) hours, we will give you a complimentary membership to Anthrocon next year.

As time draws closer to the convention, you will be able to sign up as a volunteer and see requests for volunteers.