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Ways to get in touch with us: If you would like to email us, please choose an email address listed below:
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  • Buy ads in the Anthrocon convention book
  • Sponsor events at the convention
  • Distribute flyers to attendees
  • Otherwise get our name known
advertising AT Xydexx
alley AT Shadow D Wolf
  • Request space in the Art Show
  • Ask a question how bidding works in the Art Show
artshow AT Petercat
  • Submit art or stories to the conbook
  • Speak to someone from the Publications department.
book AT Xydexx
charity AT Rigel
  • Ask a question about the dances
  • Ask a question about A/V resources or acceptable media formats
dance AT Gen. Talon
dealers AT Chiaroscuro
masquerade AT K.P.
  • Want to do a news article, film, or story about Anthrocon
media-liaison AT UncleKage
  • Ask questions about fursuit photography
photo AT Chiaroscuro
  • Ask a question about events and panels
  • Run an event or panel
  • Suggest an event or panel
programming AT K.P.
  • Help promote Anthrocon
  • Contribute art or other media
  • Recommend an advertising channel for Anthrocon
promo AT UncleKage
  • Ask a question about buying a membership
  • Have questions about on-site registration at the convention
registration AT Chiaroscuro or Nicona
  • Ask a question about refunds.
refunds AT Chiaroscuro or Nicona
  • Ask a question about security
  • Discuss a security concern
security AT Sgt. Steve or Renegade
  • Suggest a Guest of Honor
  • Speak to someone from VIP Reations
vipr AT Chiaroscuro or Giza
volunteer AT Zebranky or Giza
  • Ask a question about this website
  • Report a problem on the website
webmaster AT Giza or UncleKage
operations AT Zebranky
  • Speak to someone about our Social Media presence (Twitter, Facbook, etc.)
social-media AT Giza or Haybuck
  • Ask a question not on this list
anthrocon AT Giza or Zebranky
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